101 things that make me happy

So, it really is not very hard to make me happy. I’m pretty easy going and appreciate the small things. But there are some things that I really really LOVE! In fact, I came up with a list of 101 things I love that make me very happy! Now that I have them written down, whenever I get them, it will be that much sweeter cause they are on my “Happy List!” My friend Ronda recently inspired me to do this, because she did it and loves it. We were laughing at ourselves last night because about 50% of ours lists are food! Haha!! But anyway, I encourage you to do this! It’s fun, and a lot of the things are very simple, and when you aren’t having the best of days, you can pick a few things off the list and find your happy spot!

I hope y’all are having a great day! It’s the weekend! Hip, hip, hooray!!



101 things that make me happy list:

3.Thai Food
4.Red Velvet Cheesecake
6.Quiet time
8.Time with my Mom
9.Music (Gavin Degraw is the sweet spot)
10.  Beth Moore
11.  Musicals
12.  Lunch Dates with friends
13.  Waffle House (Only late night)
14. Hiking
15. Basketball
16. Mani/Pedi
17. Ice cream! Cookie Dough..Hellllo! Or Founders Fav from Coldstone
18.  Blogging
19.  Clean house
20. Sleeping in
21.  Singing with Jared
22.  Picnics
23.  Road Trips
24.  Surprises
25.  Gift giving
26.  Crab Legs!
27.  Disney World
28.  The Beach
29.  Baking
30.  Gum
31.  Powerade Zero (Orange)
32.  Sushi!
33.  Dresses
34.  The Lake
35.  Spinach
36.  When J cooks
37.  Watches
38.  New lip gloss
39.  Getting my eyebrows done
40.  Joyce Meyer
41.  Hotels
42.  Juicy Strawberries
43.  Being Productive
44.  Family
45.  Conferences
46.  Small Group
47.  Photography
48.  Ulta
49.  Laughing until my tummy hurts
50.  Good friends
51.  Having NO plans
52.  Getting mail
53.  Spontaneous dates!
54. My Church
55.  Jared’s hand in mine
56. Real Oatmeal
57. Chickfila diet lemonade
58.  Brownies
59.  Walks after dinner
60. Feeling appreciated
61. Clean Bedding
62. Sunggling on the couch when it’s raining
63.  Looking at old pictures
64. New workout clothes
65.  Bubble baths
66. Landmark Diner
67.  Sore muscles after a workout
68.  Big sweatshirts
69.  Grocery Stores
70.  Sleep
71. Pizza
72. Kettle Corn
73. Jared’s homemade veggie quesadilla
74. My car
75. Worshipping in my car
76. Candles
77. Face masks
78. Being tan
79. Vanilla scent
80. The dollar store
81. Thrifting
82. Electric Blanket
83. Holidays
84. Accomplishing Goals
85. Weight lifting (With Jared)
86.  Tupelo and Honey
87. Late nights with friends
88. Mom’s quiche
89. Babies
90. Layering clothes
91. Being married
92. Coupons
93. Crisp apples
94. White teeth
95. Crystal light
96. Blogs
97. Gigi’s Cupcakes
98. Karaoke
99. Brunch
101. Intense movies



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