Celebrating our Anniversary in Vero Beach!

Hi friends! Long time no chat! I have missed blogging over the last few weeks! I have just finished up summer classes, so I have a bit of free time now! Yippee! I have been very eager to write this post, because this trip was so special. In the midst of my crazy summer schedule, we had a few days off for the July 4th holiday. We took that as our opportunity to take a vacation and celebrate our one year anniversary, which was actually July 7th. We are both beach-obsessed people, and we were counting down the days until this trip! We decided to go to Florida, and Jared was determined to get us to an area with lots of waves, because he loves to surf! We headed down to Vero Beach right after dinner and drove all through the night! We decided to take Jared’s Mini, which unfortunately is a stick shift. Therefore, I couldn’t drive at all! He drove the whole 10 hours! What a trooper!! I think it’s time for me to learn how to drive a manual…Anyway…Here are some highlights from our trip! We had an amazing amazing amazing time! Words can’t even begin to describe how nice it was to be away from the business of life for a few days and have my husband all to myself! πŸ™‚ And, we were able to maintain our Paleo eating lifestyle even on vacation, which was awesome! We had one non-paleo treat, and it was totally worth it! Wait till you see the pictures of that!!!! πŸ˜€Β IMG_0716

We arrived to Daytona early in the morning, and decided to stop off for breakfast. This was when my omelette obsession began! I never make omelets at home, because they always turn out a big huge mess. But I literally ordered an omelette EVERY SINGLE MORNING on vacation! It was fun! Every restaurant does theirs a different way! And they were all amazing! I just love eggs. And I love vegetables. So when those two are mixed together, it’s perfection!

IMG_0724 IMG_0725 IMG_0728 IMG_0727

So after breakfast we drove a few more hours and finally reached our destination! We were SOO excited to have finally made it! The view from our room was BREATHTAKING!
AnnivBlogPhotos-1 AnnivBlogPhotos-2 AnnivBlogPhotos-3 AnnivBlogPhotos-4 AnnivBlogPhotos-5 AnnivBlogPhotos-6

We headed to the beach immediately!! We both feel like we are meant to live at the beach….Ahhhhh. Such a happy place. We went out for some fresh seafood on our first night! Well, every night actually! Haha

AnnivBlogPhotos-7 AnnivBlogPhotos-9 AnnivBlogPhotos-10 AnnivBlogPhotos-11 AnnivBlogPhotos-12 A lot of these pictures will be from our restaurant excursions. We didn’t want to bring all of our camera gear to the beach, because that’s just scary. So at least we got pictures of all of our food!! πŸ™‚ Typical!

The next morning we ate breakfast at a cool spot on the ocean! It was fabulous! I think this was the best omelet of the trip! SOOO many veggies inside! (These 2 pictures were taken with my iPhone… πŸ˜› )IMG_0747 IMG_0746

Dinner was at Squid Lips! It wasn’t one of our favorite restaurants…..I promise the vegetables were straight out of a can! Not the greatest…However, my salmon was incredible!

AnnivBlogPhotos-13 AnnivBlogPhotos-14 AnnivBlogPhotos-15 AnnivBlogPhotos-16 AnnivBlogPhotos-17 AnnivBlogPhotos-18 AnnivBlogPhotos-19

We Β had the best 4th of July ever! We were able to sit back and watch the fireworks by the ocean! It was the prettiest sight….We were in awe!
AnnivBlogPhotos-26 AnnivBlogPhotos-27 AnnivBlogPhotos-28 AnnivBlogPhotos-29 AnnivBlogPhotos-30 We had a little photoshoot by the pool… πŸ™‚AnnivBlogPhotos-31 AnnivBlogPhotos-32 AnnivBlogPhotos-37 AnnivBlogPhotos-38 AnnivBlogPhotos-39 AnnivBlogPhotos-40 AnnivBlogPhotos-41 AnnivBlogPhotos-43 AnnivBlogPhotos-44 AnnivBlogPhotos-45 AnnivBlogPhotos-46 AnnivBlogPhotos-47

This dinner was super fun! Jared had a “cheat meal” which was a full blown hamburger with the bun and cheese! He said it was AMAZING!!! Our cheat meals are always so fun!

AnnivBlogPhotos-48 AnnivBlogPhotos-49 AnnivBlogPhotos-50 AnnivBlogPhotos-51 AnnivBlogPhotos-52 AnnivBlogPhotos-53 AnnivBlogPhotos-54 AnnivBlogPhotos-55 AnnivBlogPhotos-56 AnnivBlogPhotos-57 AnnivBlogPhotos-58 AnnivBlogPhotos-60 AnnivBlogPhotos-61 AnnivBlogPhotos-62 AnnivBlogPhotos-63

The sunrise…Wow.AnnivBlogPhotos-64 AnnivBlogPhotos-65 AnnivBlogPhotos-66 AnnivBlogPhotos-67

We ate breakfast in Melbourne one day and the restaurant was called The Blueberry Muffin! How cute! It was so yummo!Β AnnivBlogPhotos-68 AnnivBlogPhotos-69 AnnivBlogPhotos-70 AnnivBlogPhotos-71 AnnivBlogPhotos-72 AnnivBlogPhotos-73 AnnivBlogPhotos-74 AnnivBlogPhotos-75 AnnivBlogPhotos-76 AnnivBlogPhotos-77 AnnivBlogPhotos-78 AnnivBlogPhotos-79 We did bring the camera to the beach one day! Yay!Β AnnivBlogPhotos-80 AnnivBlogPhotos-81 AnnivBlogPhotos-82 AnnivBlogPhotos-83 AnnivBlogPhotos-84 AnnivBlogPhotos-85 AnnivBlogPhotos-86

A brand new Thai restaurant had just opened up around the corner from where we were staying, so we had to check it out. We were SO impressed! It was the best curry we’ve ever had! And the best part, it was totally Paleo! The chef didn’t add any sugar to it! It was awesome!

AnnivBlogPhotos-87 AnnivBlogPhotos-88 AnnivBlogPhotos-89 AnnivBlogPhotos-90 AnnivBlogPhotos-91 AnnivBlogPhotos-92 AnnivBlogPhotos-93 AnnivBlogPhotos-94 AnnivBlogPhotos-95 AnnivBlogPhotos-96 AnnivBlogPhotos-97

Random Starbucks quickie! IMG_0849One the way home, we ate breakfast in Cocoa Beach at a really cute place. This was the last omelette of the trip.. πŸ˜› It was stinkin’ MASSIVE! But so so good!Β AnnivBlogPhotos-98We divided up our drive home and decided to take a break in Savannah. It was my first time visiting, believe it or not! We had a great time. I want to go back!! We found an all-organic yummy lunch spot that was fabulous! I ordered a mahi-mahi salad! Mmmmmm!
AnnivBlogPhotos-100 AnnivBlogPhotos-101 AnnivBlogPhotos-102 And these are just fun pictures we took around the town!Β AnnivBlogPhotos-103 AnnivBlogPhotos-104 AnnivBlogPhotos-106 AnnivBlogPhotos-107 AnnivBlogPhotos-108 AnnivBlogPhotos-109 AnnivBlogPhotos-110 AnnivBlogPhotos-111 AnnivBlogPhotos-112 AnnivBlogPhotos-113 AnnivBlogPhotos-114 AnnivBlogPhotos-116 AnnivBlogPhotos-117 AnnivBlogPhotos-118 AnnivBlogPhotos-120 AnnivBlogPhotos-121 AnnivBlogPhotos-122 AnnivBlogPhotos-124 AnnivBlogPhotos-126 AnnivBlogPhotos-127 AnnivBlogPhotos-128 AnnivBlogPhotos-129 AnnivBlogPhotos-130 AnnivBlogPhotos-131Well, that’s all folks! I guess I didn’t have a whole lot to say, but the pictures should speak for themselves. We had such a great time. It felt like a mini honeymoon! This has been the best year of my life, and I thank God daily for the gift of marriage! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our marriage. We have been so blessed by so many people, and it is a constant reminder of just how faithful God is.

I hope you guys all have a great great Monday!! ❀

Hopefully I will be back VERY soon!! I’m going to write a paleo post with lots of great information, I promise! πŸ™‚



Oh GOSH! I almost forgot to include these pictures from my iPhone…..I had a Paleo-cheat at this amazing french bakery! Look how adorable everything was!! Jared and I both got something so that we could share! I was just in heaven! I love beautiful desserts! πŸ™‚IMG_0790 IMG_0789 IMG_0785 IMG_0784 IMG_0783 IMG_0782

Just heaven! ❀


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