Catching up…

The last few weeks seem like a big blur. I posted last week, but that was just about our anniversary trip. However, almost 5 weeks have passed since our trip, so that means I have a lot of catching up to do as far as blogging goes! So, in order to get caught up, I am just going to post a lot of pictures of awesome Paleo food we have eaten and fun things that have taken place, so that next week I can start blogging about specific recipes and Paleo pointers!

So, let’s begin! This is a picture of cauliflower mash with sautéed spicy shrimp on top. This is a really easy meal! To make cauliflower mash, just chop up a head of cauliflower and toss it in the food processor. Blend until it has a mashed potato consistency. Add garlic and a little butter if you would like. I love this stuff!! It’s so yummy.


This is what I ordered when I was at Ruby Tuesday. There is always a way to order Paleo when you eat out at restaurants. I ordered a blackened salmon salad with no cheese or croutons but extra avocado. It was awesome! IMG_0920 This was a picture I took on my last day of summer classes! I was so excited I didn’t even know what to do with myself!! What a happy day!!! 🙂 IMG_0986Paleo soft serve icecream is great for when you are wanting some type of “treat.” It is so easy, and you can add cocoa powder to make it chocolate soft serve. It’s my favorite!

You can add any toppings, too!
IMG_1434 We love going on walks. We try to go for a long walk every day after dinner, but obviously some days there is just no time! IMG_1431 My friend gave me a whole bunch of fresh veggies out of her garden!! I was so happy and thankful! There is nothing like fresh produce! 🙂IMG_1421 We made homemade Lara bar bites. They consisted of dates, cocoa powder, vanilla, and walnuts! They were yummy! But a little too sweet. I let Jared eat them! 😛IMG_1401 I LOVE salmon. I eat it, a LOT! IMG_1377 Jared loves bunless burgers. We make them at home and he orders them at restaurants all the time! IMG_1376 These are curry cilantro burgers. Jared loves them!!! They are really easy to make, too. IMG_1375 IMG_1374It’s no secret that I love eggs. In these picture you will see boiled eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, omelette’s, and frittatas! I literally could eat eggs for every meal! Unfortunately, it seems as though I was eating TOO many eggs, because they began making me sick. So, after lots of research I was finally able to pin point the cause of my “sickness” and found it was eggs. Obviously, I decided to cut out eggs for a while until my stomach adjusts. I plan to reintroduce them in a few weeks. I was really bummed when I learned I wouldn’t be able to eat eggs, but I have managed fine! I have been getting creative with recipes and I’ve been loving it.
IMG_1359 More cauli mash…..and some roasted french green beans! MmmmmmIMG_1337 This is what I ate basically every day this summer during summer school. I love boiled eggs. Gosh! I can’t wait to be able to eat them again! Just in moderation… 😛IMG_1326 Trail mix = HeavenIMG_1322 We ate sweet potatoes in the car. Sometimes life gets crazy! 😛IMG_1313 IMG_1307 These are Jared’s new favorites! I saw this recipe online and tried it for him, and I’ve made it 3 times since! The recipe can be found here: IMG_1303 Awwwwww! Jared got to visit Gia! 🙂 She didn’t cry the WHOLE time, I promise!IMG_1300 I fell in love with a new restaurant called Sun in my Belly. It’s a hidden gem in Atlanta, and it is amazing!!!!!!IMG_1284 IMG_1281 IMG_1277 I learned that I have a receding hair line…….Sad day!IMG_1254 Mellow Mushroom’s greek salad = On point!!! IMG_1243 ELF cream eyeliner = AMAZING! $2! Go buy this!IMG_1235 We make this bread every Saturay morning, except I switch it up every time. I would encourage you to do the same! Blend 2.5 large bananas with 5 eggs and add a dash of cinnamon and vanilla extract. Pour into a lined bread dish, and top with the remaining half of banana. Bake at 400 for 30-35 minutes. Keep an eye on it as it bakes, because the time varies depending on size of bananas! We sometimes top ours with all natural strawberry preserves. (Mashed up strawberries…. 🙂 )IMG_1229 IMG_1228 IMG_1219 IMG_1217 IMG_1216 I got a new bracelet from Target. It was a happy day! I love it! IMG_1209 Gia got a new hair do! IMG_1195 IMG_1194 IMG_1161 IMG_1159

I recently received my 1st iHerb order!!  This website is amazing! If you spend $40, you save $10 by using this code: SSM900 I ordered the following: 🔹Almond Flour 🔹All natural strawberry jam (made with fruit only) 🔹Kerala almond butter (made with only raw almonds) 🔹CHIA SEEDS! 🔹Organic vanilla extract 🔹Organic (no sugar added) coconut flakes 🔹Unsweetened organic coconut milk 🔹Coconut flour 🔹Cocoa butter lip balm. I can’t wait to start trying out some new recipes!

IMG_1126 IMG_1124 IMG_1123 Avocado is amazing. We eat is every single day!IMG_1119 More salmon. IMG_1112 My hubby surprised me with flowers and my favorite lara bar! Good man!IMG_1110 We had a Paleo cheat at Cheesecake factory! IMG_1076 IMG_1074 IMG_1071 We ate at Two Urban Licks with friends from Louisiana! We love these people so much!! What a great time!
IMG_1054IMG_1048 I discovered my dream home.IMG_1043 Jared built a hack-intosh. IMG_1036 More banana bread! YUM!IMG_1028 IMG_1025 We ate at Teds with Jared’s grandmother who is visiting from South Africa. She is adorable! And Teds is great! They have amazing cedar plank salmon!IMG_1022 IMG_1019 IMG_1018 My friend Kori got engaged!!!!!!!!IMG_0993 More salmon. Do you get the picture? 😛IMG_1811 We did lots of photo shoots! I love working with him!IMG_1796 IMG_1770 IMG_1767

We got our hair done by my friend/hair stylist Laci! She’s wonderful!
IMG_1766I added some raw honey to my banana icecream!


We went out to celebrate Laci’s 21st birthday! What an awesome night! We started out at Tin Lizzy’s for dinner, and then headed to Cafe Intermezzo for dessert! My cheesecake was amazing! Does anyone notice a pattern? Jared and I have 3 non-paleo treats a month, and every one of mine have been cheesecake! Except 2! 😛

IMG_1753 IMG_1749 IMG_1735 IMG_1729

I began student teaching!! I am so so so soooo excited! It’s going to be an amazing year!

We made green smoothies! This one has bananas, mangos, and kale! It was so tasty!


I ATE CHICKEN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 4 YEARS! And I loved it!! I am so happy to be over my fear of eating meat and to be eating chicken. Life will be much easier now! 🙂


I created an awesome new dish, which I like to call avocado pad thai! 😛 I will share this recipe in a later blog post, promise.

My mother in law brought my fresh flowers from her garden! She is so thoughtful.

IMG_1694 Curry salmon. BOMB DOT COM. This was before it went on the grill..IMG_1691 This was my first chicken experience. It was great! My hubby is an awesome griller. I’m so gald!!IMG_1680 Banana bread…… ❤IMG_1671 Family ❤IMG_1669 SMOOTHIE KING! Paleo Style!! We tell them to hold the sugar that they usually pump into their smoothies. YUM!IMG_1667 IMG_1666 My sister… 😀IMG_1637 We got a Kamado Joe!!!! I have promised to do lots of reviews on my blog of dishes made on the grill, so stay posted!! We have some fun things in store! IMG_1619 IMG_1612We ate at Pure with some great friends, Lynsi and Ben. What a great time!
IMG_1591 IMG_1590 Jared got a keyboard..He’s a happy guy!


We celebrated final exams being over!! I think Jared was just as excited as me!! IMG_1532 We had CAKE, duh!IMG_1510 IMG_1509And I had an AMAZING TO DIE FOR salad at Fresh 2 Order. I want to go back. Right now!IMG_1505 IMG_1504 IMG_1501 IMG_1499 I made a whole bunch of frittata!IMG_1481 When I was dealing with my stomach issues related to eggs, it was hard for me to eat, so I had a big bowl of banana ice cream for dinner one night! 🙂IMG_1477 IMG_1457 Chia pudding! 1/4 C Chai seeds, 1/4 C Coconut Milk, 3/4 C Water, Dash of vanilla extract. Let sit overnight! Yum!!IMG_1453 Avocado tuna salad. This is one of my favorite meals, hands down.IMG_1444Banana bread with strawberries on top!
IMG_1443We had a busy couple of weeks, and now we are excited to catch up on rest! 🙂

I am hoping to start blogging weekly again, so that I don’t have ridiculously long posts like this! I want to elaborate on our dishes more, and share some of the recipes that I have been promising you guys! I am excited to write an informative paleo post soon, and I am really hoping that it’s helpful to all of you who are interested in trying out the Paleo eating lifestyle! It has changed our lives, and I love hearing about all of your experiences with it too!

With that being said, that’s the end of my post for tonight! I am ready for sleepy time! I hope you guys have had a really great weekend, and that you have a GREAT week!! I read a great quote today that said something along the lines of this, “Wake up every morning and act like it’s the best day of the year!” How awesome it that?! Wouldn’t you be SO happy every day if you were pretending it was Christmas or your birthday!?!? I sure would! I’m going to try to live that out this week!

Be back soon!




7 thoughts on “Catching up…

  1. is it because i needed to use the recipe with coconut flour that i found on a different entry….?? i tried the one where you said…. “Blend 2.5 large bananas with 5 eggs and add a dash of cinnamon and vanilla extract. Pour into a lined bread dish, and top with the remaining half of banana. Bake at 400 for 30-35 minutes. Keep an eye on it as it bakes, because the time varies depending on size of bananas! We sometimes top ours with all natural strawberry preserves. (Mashed up strawberries…. 🙂 )” So it is just banana and egg…… is that right? And when I say egg bake, i mean it was like a banana quiche… yours looks totally YUMMMMY and mine did not look like that. 🙂

    1. No, the other should work too! It does have a slightly different consistency, but it should still be bread-like. Maybe you did not blend it enough? The process of blending the ingredients is what makes it fluffy. Your bananas may have been too big and created too much moisture. I’m not sure what happened! I’m sorry 😦 Try the other recipe with a bit of flour and see if that works for you! 🙂

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