Paleo For Dummies: What’s all the fuss about??

Hello friends! As promised, I want to help all of you who are dying to find out more about Paleo! I hope this post is helpful! There will be more information for you in the future in Part 2 and Part 3 of this post!!  These next post will have an example grocery list and meal plan! Also, I have a plan to get you ALL to commit to trying the Whole30 for the month of October, and I will ellaborate on that in the next post as well. Go ahead and start preparing your mind for your Whole30 adventure in October! (I’m sooo sneaky…I can’t wait to share with you!) Alright, here we go! Information time!

1. “Why is Paleo SO awesome? And why is it becoming more and more popular?!”

Go take a look in your pantry. How many items are in a box or a plastic bag? Whatever is in a box or packaged bag was made in a factory, which means it is loaded with chemicals and additives. Processed foods are addictive, and have hardly ANY nutritional value. Now grab one of the boxes out of your pantry, maybe the Goldfish for example? Can you pronounce even half of the ingredients? I can’t! We shouldn’t be okay with loading up on all of these items, which are poisoning our bodies. I firmly believe most people do it out of ignorance, not knowing how bad this stuff really is. My motto is, “If it was made in a plant, don’t eat it. If it came from a plant, eat it.” This eliminates all of the garbage.

A good example of what I just said:


Sugar is the second most prominent ingredient! And what the heck are those other things??

Just one more example…fruit loops

Fruit Loops ingredients: Sugar, Corn Flour, Wheat Flour, Whole Oat Flour, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (One or More of: Coconut, Cottonseed, and Soybean) (Less than 0.5 g Trans Fat Per Serving), Salt, Sodium Ascorbate and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Reduced Iron, Natural Orange, Lemon, Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Lime, and Other Natural Flavors, Red No. 40, Blue No. 2, Yellow No. 6, Zinc Oxide, Niacinamide, Turmeric Color, Blue No. 1, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Thiamin Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Vitamin A Palmitate, Annatto Color, BHT (Preservative), Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12.

SUGAR IS THE MAIN INGREDIENT! How about fueling your body with that first thing in the morning??! Nooooo!

Moral of the story, processed food is garbage. It makes you feel bloated, makes you an addict, gives you headaches, makes you fat, and we shouldn’t be eating it. EVERYTHING has sugar. Everything. It’s addictive and unhealthy and is controlling over you. I bet you can’t find one item that’s not from an animal or from a plant that doesn’t have sugar. I’m telling you people, it’s MIND BLOWING! And it’s frustrating!! The food industry is smart. They want to get us hooked on fake, artificial, garbage so that we choose it over real, whole food. I think you would agree with me in saying they are succeeding.

2. “What is the difference between Whole30 and Paleo?”

This is a very confusing topic for newbies. I had to do a LOT of research to fully understand the difference between the Whole30 and Paleo diet. Basically, anything that is Whole30 approved is Paleo, but not every that is Paleo friendly is Whole30 approved. You feel me? Here’s the deal. The Whole30 is a 30 day program with the goal of ridding you of your addiction to sugar and processed foods. For 30 days you are to eat ONLY real food. If it’s a fruit, a vegetable, a nut, or meat, you can eat it. However, you cannot take fruit, and turn it into a dessert, and call it Whole30. NO! The goal of Whole30 is to break your addiction of wanting “treats” after every meal. You eat your meal, you get full, and then you’re done. It’s crazy, and might sound super difficult, but it works. Anyone who knows me knows that I was COMPLETELY ADDICTED to sugar. I wanted dessert after dinner every night. I was having mood swings, I was tired, my digestive system wasn’t working correctly, my metabolism was dead, and I was gaining weight!! I went 30 days without sugar, and I am no longer addicted.  I truly recommend you do the Whole30 before jumping into Paleo. When eating Paleo, you ARE allowed to make Paleo pancakes, Paleo banana bread, Paleo Icecream, Paleo Chicken-Nuggets. But, you still shouldn’t do it every day, and you definitely can’t do it on the Whole30. It should just be a fun treat, not something you do because you are sad or stressed out.

Once completing the Whole30, you can transition into Paleo and slowly incorporate almond flour, honey, and other Paleo friendly items. But if you eat these things on the Whole30, your body will not know the difference, and your addiction to sweets will never go away. After our Whole30, Jared and I changed our diet a little bit. We now have 3 non-Paleo treats a month, and we sometimes cook with almond flour, coconut flour, and honey. Those are the only items we use that are not Whole30 approved. I never want to fall back into my old ways, so I am very careful! I will elaborate more about this transition in Part 2 of this post.

Find out more about the whole30 here.Whole30-Version-31

3. “How do you prepare for the Whole30?”

  • First off, you must be ready, personally. You have to commit to it, and go hard for 30 days, knowing that you are not going to give in, whatsoever. It doesn’t matter whose wedding it is, whose birthday it is, or if it’s that time of the month…EXCUSES ARE EXCUSES. 30 days will fly by!!
  • Be prepared to keep a food journal every day, so that you can hold yourself accountable. You will see how much you are really eating, and it will be helpful to have records to look back on as your track your progress at the end of Whole30.
  •  Make a meal plan. At the beginning of every week, Jared and I make a menu so that we go to the grocery store ONE time every week. This keeps you from running in and being tempted. Also, this will save you money. Typically, we have the same thing for lunch all week. We do not need a ton of variety, but we like to switch up our breakfasts and our dinners often.IMG_1949
  • Take part in MEAL PREP! At the beginning of the week, bake a bunch of sweet potatoes, grilled chicken, fish, broccoli, or anything else. It is GREAT to have things on hand when you are starving! Also, this saves a LOT of time. I pack our lunches every night before bed so that I don’t have to worry about it in the morning. I always use pre-made items for lunch.
  • As far as your meal plan goes, I recommend having 5 staple recipes that work for you and your family that you love. This will help when you are trying to get in the swing of things. You need recipes that don’t require much thought and that are simple!!  You must enjoy these recipes. You should enjoy everything you eat! Real food tastes SO good!! Don’t focus on what you cant have, focus on all that you can have! Take advantage of the Internet, and find recipes and create Paleo dishes that look yummy to you!

4, “What can I order at restaurants? What should I ask my waiter?”

You can order basically any meat when you go out, but ask them to hold the sauce that they would typically put on it. Often times I ask to have my meat blackened. All vegetables are good, except white potatoes and beans. Ask them to hold the bread and rice, and ask for extra veggies instead. Jared orders bun-less burgers all the time! Salads are always a great option, however, nearly all dressing has sugar in it, so use oil and vinegar. Ask your waiter what ingredients are in their sauces. Ask them to refrain from bringing bread/chips/tortillas. Don’t order fried foods. For one, they have breading, which is not Paleo. And also, they most likely use canola oil to fry their food, and that is GARBAGE. This salad from Fresh to Order was one of my favorite Paleo meals eva! IMG_1504

5. “I heard you are supposed to eat a lot of fats on Paleo. Won’t that make me fat?”

You ARE supposed to eat lots of healthy fats! They are SO good for you! And no, they will NOT make you fat! Actually, they will help you stay full longer and get your metabolism going! Some examples of healthy fats that you should use are extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, and real butter. I eat avocado with everything!! AnnivBlogPhotos-55

TIP #1.

When you are hungry, eat. You shouldn’t be hungry, because this isn’t a diet. This is a healthy eating lifestyle. This will be hard to adjust too. Every time you go to the refrigerator, ask yourself, “Am I hungry? Or am I eating because it’s a habit??” You must break the habit of eating constantly. Food is fuel. Eat because you are HUNGRY.

TIP #2.

Have food with you at all times. Paleo friendly snacks are hard to find on the go. If you ARE on the go and need a snack, run in a grocery store and grab a Lara bar or a piece of fruit! For weightloss, don’t over do nuts or fruit. Rely more on vegetables. Stick to one serving of fruit a day, and four ounces of nuts.IMG_0204

TIP #3.

Paleo food MAY taste bland at first, but your spice cabinet should be your best friend! You are retraining your taste buds to enjoy real food, not processed garbage full of chemicals. You will begin to taste flavors that you have been missing out on for years. Be patient, chew slowly, and enjoy every meal!

TIP #4.

Make breakfast your biggest meal. It only makes sense to do this. We eat food for energy. We need the most energy at the beginning o the day. We need the least amount of energy at the end of the day. Therefore, dinner should be your smallest meal. This was an awesome breakfast: Sautéed veggie scramble! Sun dried tomatoes, kale, onion, and cherry tomatoes! So filling! IMG_1457
TIP #5.

Do not weigh yourself on the Whole30. Although I am sure that weight loss is a goal of yours, getting healthy should be a bigger goal. People lose weight at all different paces, and I would hate for you to be the person who loses the majority of their weight during the last 5 days of the Whole30, but you see that you haven’t lost any in 1 week, so you quit. Weight yourself once the Whole30 is over! I can almost guarantee that regardless of how much weight you have lost, you will feel SO amazing that you will keep going! Oh, and this should be motivating…Here’s what 5 pounds of fat looks like: 5lbsfat

TIP #6.

Clean out your cabinets. Do not have anything in the house that isn’t Paleo friendly, otherwise it will be a temptation. I’m serious. You think you can handle it, but on day 4 when your cravings are intense, you may end up caving! If there is nothing to cheat on, then you won’t cheat!! Make it easy to say no!

My motivational speech:

Through this you will learn that food has control over you, and if you are like me, you will NOT ACCEPT THAT! For one, it’s not biblical, and also, if food is controlling you, you will NEVER be satisfied. I don’t know about you, but that’s not the life I want to live. Prove to yourself that you have self-control, and that you can say NO to food. Also, prove to yourself that you mean what you say. How many times you have said you were going to change a bad habit and then 2 days later you give in? Prove to yourself that for 30 days, you are going to make this change, for YOURSELF. Do it for you, not for anyone else. Do it because you want to treat your body like a temple. Do it because this is the only body you will ever get, and you want to take care of it. Do it because you want to know what real flavor tastes like. Do it because you want your kids to learn healthy eating habits by observing yours. Do it so that when you DO endulge in something with sugar, it is SPECIAL.

At NO time during the Whole30 should you should “slip up.” It doesn’t matter who’s wedding, whose birthday, or HOW MANY FREE THINGS you are offered! Quit giving yourself excuses and learn to say NO and how to have a healthy relationship with food. You will feel great when you turn down unhealthy things that in the past, you would have pigged out on!!

This is how excited it makes the both of us feel when we hear that one of you are going to start eating Paleo!! It has rocked our world, and we want you to experience the effects of the Paleo lifestyle for yourself! With that being said, GOOD LUCK!! I’ll be back soon with more information for you, along with my favorite Whole30 recipes!!





6 thoughts on “Paleo For Dummies: What’s all the fuss about??

  1. I just completed the whole30 two weeks ago and I found that by reintroducing dairy back I had horrible pains in my gut so no more dairy for me … I’m not even tempted 😃. When I did reintroduce some sugar and bread I found I don’t need this either !! I have no more cravings 😄I love this life style change and I have been eating paleo for the last week or so and its great .. Now if I could only convince my husband .

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