Whole30 Challenge::Week One

So we are just rounding up week one of the Whole30! It has been an AWESOME week! I am going to share some of the incredible food we have been eating in this post. GET READY!

One of our favorite Paleo meals, even after 6 months, is STILL this sweet potato chili. It is SO easy to make, and tastes amazing, every time!IMG_3522 One of our favorite Paleo breakfasts is this egg muffin dish. EVEN easier than the chili, and tastes amazing. I mean, it’s bacon and eggs. Does it get better?IMG_3530 IMG_3532 IMG_3534IMG_3531 IMG_3535I have been crazy sick with allergies all week — Hence the multitude of medicine 😦
IMG_3536 All of the Whole30-ers have been posting their food on instagram! Follow the hashtag #duplooywhole30 to what they have been eating! I love seeing everyone’s yummy food! It makes me SO proud! IMG_3550 If you haven’t tried this Paleo fried rice, you have to. THIS WEEK. You are seriously missing out. IMG_3567 OR this chicken salad….Try both of them, this week. I promise you will fall in love. The chicken salad recipe:

1 Large can chicken breast

1 Avocado

1/2 Cup Sliced Grapes

1/4 Cup Raisins

Mash up the avocado in a bowl. Add the chicken breast (Drain it first.) Mix them together well. Add the grapes and raisins. BOOM! DONE! How easy!! I place mine on a bed of spinach! SOOOO GOOD! This makes 2 servings. TRY IT!IMG_3575 Okay, sweet potato hash…. I think we actually like this more than the bacon egg cups. We would probably eat it every morning if we had the time to make it!!! I can’t imagine anyone NOT liking this one. IMG_3581 This is about the only Whole30 treat I eat. Ants on a log..So tasty and simple. Love it! IMG_3625 We went to the Food Truck Alley in Alpharetta last week. There was a healthy food truck called Happy Belly, and we were VERY happy!! I ordered a smoked salmon salad with smoked bacon and granny smith apples. It was AMAZING! I can’t wait to go back! IMG_3669 Jared ordered big green egg grilled chicken breast on sautéed zucchini! He really enjoyed it. IMG_3671 Jessica and Jason were the ones who told us about the Food Trucks! ❤ IMG_3672 IMG_3673 Lyndsey and Luke loved it, too! They are doing the Whole30 challenge with us! IMG_3675 IMG_3677 We made THIS ham and veggie frittata this week and it was ON POINT! I’m so glad I’m a meat eater these days!IMG_3685 I got to go to Trader Joes this weekend!! I rarely go there just because I don’t have time to drive all the way to the nearest location. I loaded up on cauliflower, salsa, guacamole, oranges, sun-dried tomatoes, dried pineapple, sunflower seed butter, and chicken sausage!! Score!IMG_3704 I also got this stuff. It has been AMAZING for me since I’ve been sick. I’ve had about 4 cups since Saturday… 😛IMG_3705 Meet my little sister, Victoria. Isn’t she a beaut? Jared thinks we look alike, and I think he’s crazy. There I have two brothers as well, and none of us look alike, in my opinion. It’s crazy! All from the same parents, too! IMG_3718 IMG_3719Proof that you can find Paleo-friendly food at any restaurant. I ordered a greek salad with grilled chicken at a pizza joint last week. It was fabulous!
IMG_3729My hunk of a husband grilled us some NY Strip’s. WOW. This was like……the best meal…ever.
IMG_3737So. Much. Food. Woah.
IMG_3741 He was hungry!! IMG_3747 The leaves are changing! And my heart is happy!IMG_3751 We had dinner with some friends, and my friend PJ prepared a complete Whole30 meal for us! It was SOO GOOD. I copied down all of her recipes so I could recreate it. Yum! She is such an awesome cook! IMG_3766 We watched the Auburn game, in style! IMG_3771 Such a fun, versatile breakfast: OMELETTES! Jared’s had ham, sun-dried tomato, onion, and kale.IMG_3782 Mine had a TON of kale, some sun-dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, onions, and carrots. I also added lots of garlic! IMG_3783 We went to the movies and packed a snack: Dried pineapple (NO ADDED SUGAR) and almonds. Dried pineapple is the best thing ever. IMG_3787Lunch date @ Chipotle! Yum!!

IMG_3797 IMG_3798 We order chicken salads with grilled veggies, pico, salsa, and guacamole. Amazing. Yup!IMG_3799 Someone shaved his beard….. 😛IMG_3800

So that’s how our week went! Today is day 7 of the Whole30! So far so good! We are feeling great! It’s been a breeze so far! And it has been a BLAST doing it with all of the other people who signed up. I love getting everyone’s emails with updates about their progress and their yummy food!

Fall has just begun, and I am already LOVING it!

I hope you all have a great week! I’ll post again next week!



To see more of our Paleo food, follow me on instagram: mrsjduplooy1 🙂


3 thoughts on “Whole30 Challenge::Week One

  1. Y’all must be in the Atlanta area, I’m in Stone Mountain. Don’t get to Alpharetta much I will have to find that food truck. Salmon salad looks amazing. Chipotle yes my home away from home so good. I’m new to the blog found via pinterest love it. late to the challenge still going for it 🙂

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