Whole30 Challenge:::Week 4

Hello there! We are officially at the end of day 27 of our Whole30, and things are going great!! I have been hearing great things from the other people taking part in the challenge. One participant has gone down 3 BELT SIZES! Wow! Talk about a HUGE change! I get so excited for people who experience weight loss, because it’s so far from being a diet. It’s crazy to me that you can eat like this and lose weight! I am so so eager to hear everyone’s final results this Thursday, once we have completed day 30!

It’s been a great week for Jared and me. We have been swamped, but still managed to eat great every meal of the day! Here are some of the things we ate this week.

Grilled chicken breast with sweet potato fries. We LOVE sweet potato fries. I don’t think I will ever get sick of them.

IMG_4308 Oh, this isn’t a picture of food. This is just me, enjoying the great fall weather we have been getting! I LOVE FALL!! I have already wipped out the electric blanket, and I’ve put on the Christmas music! Jared may or may not have told me to “calm down with the Christmas music” because I might wear it out. Haha! Not possible, in my opinion! IMG_4341 We are loving Trader Joe’s chicken sausage lately. I like to sauté one onion, the add the sausage and get it nice and charred on the edges, then add some kale! We topped it with two perfectly fried eggs. Yum yum yum.IMG_4353 My hubby isn’t typically a fan of salads, but he loves these cobb salads because they are fully loaded with awesomeness. This one had grilled chicken, cucumber, matchstick carrots, boiled eggs, and cherry tomatoes! It would be great with homemade bacon bits, too…. 😛IMG_4358 We made this mexican frittata for the first time this week. Wowzers. It was fabulous!! I’m not going to lie, it was more effort than I am a fan of, and I may have even said, “Okay, we’re not making this again…” during the cooking process. However, once I took my first bite, I changed my mind. Totally worth it! This was SO good! It had such a unique taste, too! You can find the recipe here!
IMG_4381 We had curry on top of cauli rice, and it was great! It was a little more “watery” than I would prefer. Next time, I will only use 1/2 cup of water. We still LOVED it, though. We love anything with curry! You can find the recipe here. Oh, and did I mention that this is a CROCK POT recipe?? Cannot beat that! IMG_4402 So this dish is one to boast about. It’s called a “Meatza,” and it’s pure gold. Really. We didn’t know what we were signing up for when we made this, but it totally exceeded our expectations. We topped it with sundried tomatoes, banana peppers, avocado, spinach, and cherry tomatoes. Here is the recipe! IMG_4417 So, green beans are my go to snack. I love these guys. I just toss ’em in the oven with some EVO, garlic, and salt, and bake for 40 minutes. Amazing!! IMG_4425 We went to Ruby Tuesday to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday AND my brother-in-law’s too. I ordered a blackened salmon salad, and it was fabulous! Jared ordered a bunless burger with sweet potato fries, of course! IMG_4441 Birthday boy with his cheesecake! I cannot wait to get me some cheesecake after the Whole30!!!IMG_4442 IMG_4444 My amazing mother-in-law. She’s the best. Really.IMG_4445 Jared being a goofball and peeking into her present.IMG_4446 I ate lunch with my momma at Cheddars, and they have TONS of Paleo options. I ended up going with the lemon pepper chicken with a side of broccoli and green beans. It was great!! And super cheap! And a TON of food! IMG_4466 Here’s our sweet kitchen where all of our cooking goes down. We love spending time in here. I’m sure glad I’ve got a husband who loves to cook and try new things as much as I do!! IMG_4476 We had visitors this week!!!! My favorite little girls in the world! Gabby, Bella, and Gia!! We LOVE this family! We got to grill out with their amazing parents (our friends Ronda and Franco), and we had a great time. We had NY Strips and………..you guessed it, sweet potato fries!!! It was literally to die for. Well, I guess not literally. But it was great. 😛 I somehow forgot to take a picture!! I think I was having too much fun! IMG_4504 IMG_4505 IMG_4506 IMG_4507I love this guy. I can’t imagine life without him!
IMG_4514 He treated me to a hot date at Ted’s Montana Grill. Usually when we go there I order the cedar plank salmon and a sweet potato, because it’s amazing!! But, Jared LOVES this burger, so I decided I would trust him and order it! It’s called the Kitchen Sink Burger, and it has sauteed onions and mushrooms, bacon, ham, AND a fried egg! We just leave off the bun and the cheese. It was SO GOOD. Like, too good to be true!!IMG_4529We spend our Sunday morning in Dahlonega for an engagement session. We loved getting to spend some time outside, and we got some yummy breakfast at The Crimson Moon. What a fun day!
IMG_4569 IMG_4575 IMG_4576

And that concludes week 4 of the Whole30! We only have 3 days left! I just can’t even believe it!! We have had SO much fun doing this with such an amazing community. I have to spill some news……We are going to do another challenge in January! And it is going to be even bigger and better and more amazing! So get ready!!

I hope you guys have a great week!! And for those of you doing the Whole30, finish strong!!!!! You’ve got this!

Talk to you all soon!




2 thoughts on “Whole30 Challenge:::Week 4

  1. Congrats on almost being done! I’m on day 14 and I’m honestly a little over it haha. I feel great, but I just want some darn chocolate! Sigh, it’s good to have discipline, though.

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