Whole30 Challenge RESULTS!!

So, you may remember last month we did a Whole30 Challenge. This was the coolest thing ever! I LOVED being a part of helping SO many people realize the harm in eating the typical American foods, and showing them how to develop a healthy relationship with food. We had 110 people sign up to be a part of the challenge. I am not sure exactly how many people completed the challenge, but I do know there were TONS of people who did. So many people sent words of hope my way in regards to their results, and all of the things they learned through the challenge. I’ve decided not to list a total number of pounds lost, because I don’t want that to be the focus of the challenge. Eating Paleo is about SO much more than weight loss. It’s about eating healthy, eliminating processed, poisonous products, and feeding your body the right nutrients so that you can be the best you you can be!! With that being said, I have selected a few “testimonials” to share with you all from people who took part in the challenge.

Oh, and guess what?!?! We are doing another challenge in January to kick off the New Year!!! More info on that later…In the mean time, read these stories and get inspired! I want you to be a part of the journey with us!

“I LOVED the challenge! During the challenge, I felt amazing! I would eat every meal and never get full or feel heavy. And I also never went hungry! I was always satisfied, even with eating smaller portions. Weightloss  wasn’t necessarily my goal, but cutting out the crap I was eating and eating much smaller portions made it inevitable. I lost 10 lbs.! WOAH!………I definitely want to do the challenge again! I had such a great experience with it and learned so much! I really want to continue this lifestyle and be healthy! Thank you so much for letting me experience this with you!!”

“I felt a lot better after doing the whole30.  I lost 17 lbs. and two pants sizes, and went down three belt sizes. To me it was the easiest time I’ve tried to lose weight. I really like how we could see on instagram what other people were doing. It motivated me through the hard days. I also quit smoking while on this challenge and that was awesome!!!! I plan to eat mostly paleo in the future. Everything is so tasty without added sauces and etc. whole30 has made my taste buds realize that! I would definitely do another challenge in the future.”

“My husband and I both did the challenge and we are so glad we did. Since this summer, I’ve been struggling with some digestive issues, which only got worse with time. I began researching the Whole 30…which led me to your blog. 

I know God led me to your page and, as is His way, His timing was perfect because you were just beginning the challenge. Before I found your page, I was feeling overwhelmed: I wasn’t sure about ingredients, preparation and planning for one day much less the six weeks my doctor required. And what did you do? You planned it, you outlined it, you provided the recipes, and did this for a whole month! Isn’t God amazing in providing for all our needs. 

We have seen so many changes in the way we feel that we have decided to eat this way from now on. We both noticed how “light” we felt upon waking in the mornings. We didn’t feel bloated or sluggish as before. My digestive issues have improved and continue to get better. His nasal congestion has almost completely cleared up and my seasonal asthma has not made an appearance, yet.

I don’t think you will ever know how grateful I am to you. I know you have taken so much of your time to plan these menus for us.  You truly showed how much you believe in this program and how much you care to see people become healthy.”


“I’m excited, yet sad that this month is over! When I started or agreed to at least try, I NEVER thought I’d make it 30 days without Diet Coke, my beloved beer, or pasta! But to my surprise, it turned out to be much easier than I thought and I learned a TON about myself!

You were absolutely amazing and your words of encouragement, wisdom, and knowledge were sooooooo very beneficial and they honestly made my day! Every morning when I saw you had sent an email, I would get so excited to see what you had to say. For that, I’ll forever be grateful, you helped me push through!

I loved the shopping lists and the menus were great. I lost 11 pounds. I went 37 days without a Diet Coke when before I couldn’t go a day without drinking three a day. I’m happy to say that I’m now at my lowest weight… in probably 10 years and the best part for me was that I enjoyed all the food that I ate during this Challenge. I never felt hungry, dissatisfied, or wanting to quit. I am hopeful and optimistic that I have started to learn a lifestyle that I can continue and hope to share with my family and friends”

“Thank you for your menus and encouragement. I only dropped about 5 lbs. but I’m sticking with the no flour and no sugar. I feel good and I know I can continue to lose weight. My husband has lost 15lbs. I just wanted to thank you for all you did.”

“It’s finally over and it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be! I think it really helped me ALOT to have you helping and giving new meal ideas! Thank you for helping us really get started. My results were good! I lost 11 lbs. and my boyfriend lost 14!! I really look forward to continuing and getting both of our weights down to something healthy. Also I discovered that I love that I can still eat out and eat paleo! We went to roadhouse the other night and I had ribs and steak with a side of salad! Thank you so much for making this a good experience for us instead of just another annoying diet.”

 “I don’t sleep as much as I used to. I used to sleep SO much and was always tired for no apparent reason at all! Well, it turns out that my eating habits were making me laggy and exhausted. I now can fall asleep quickly and wake up early without feeling like I need to take a nap in the middle of the day. I have more energy to work out! This is HUGE for me because I usually despise running and whatnot but I have experienced a new set of energy and a crave for healthy fitness! My allergies haven’t affected me at all. I know I mentioned this before, but I thought it was so cool and strange at the same time! I’m just so happy to be suffer-free from fall allergies this year. My skin has cleared up…HALLELUJAH I  have a different mindset on waking up early and being productive. I have experienced so much more positive thinking and self-reinforcement. It has been wonderful!”

” Thank You so much! You are very encouraging! The meal plans and the grocery list was amazing! and recipes great! I loved it! I would love to be a part next January when you do it again. I have been doing whole30 for 15 weeks now and have lost 30 pounds! I feel incredible, sleep better, my eyes seem clearer, I’m happier. I feel so good about myself!   I was on Atkins many years ago for 8 years and I lost the weight but it was not healthy! This is so healthy and I love all the foods and never feel deprived or have cravings!!!”

 “I lost a total of 10 lbs. and my fiancé lost 20.  Within the first two weeks, my fiancé had lost 15 pounds. His acid reflux issues went away. My nails began to grow so fast, and I noticed I wasn’t grumpy anymore! Also, the best part, increased energy! I couldn’t ask for anything else.”


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