Paleo Apple Pie

I feel sort of guilty for sharing this post with you all right now because I know that many of you, or should I say us, are doing the Whole30 this month! Yikes!! I hope this doesn’t tempt you! Hopefully this will just give you something to look forward to once you complete the Whole30! Right?!  Maybe this will help you to see that even if you decide to maintain the Paleo lifestyle after the Whole30 (which I sooo hope you do because it’s the best thing ever), you can still have fun baking and eating tasty treats (occasionally). So, a few weeks ago my friends Madi and Caitlyn came over to bake with me! They also eat Paleo, so we decided to find a fun recipe that none of us had ever tried. We were in the holiday spirit so we thought apple pie would be the perfect dish to create! So, that’s what we made! And boy did we make a good choice! We followed this recipe, with the exception of the arrowroot flour. We couldn’t find arrowroot at the store, so we used Tapioca Starch instead and it worked just fine. Gahlee……this sucker was good! Jared kept saying, “I cannot believe this is Paleo. There is no way this is Paleo. Oh my gosh.” Haha!! He was in a trance! Take a look for yourself and you will see why!
Pie-1 Pie-2 Pie-3 Pie-4 Pie-5 Pie-6 Pie-7 Pie-8 Pie-9 Pie-10 Pie-11 Pie-12 Pie-13 Pie-14 Pie-15 Pie-16 Pie-17 Pie-18 Pie-19 Pie-20 Pie-21 Pie-22 Pie-23 Pie-24 Pie-25Pie-27 Pie-28 Pie-29 Pie-35 Pie-34 Pie-33 Pie-32 Pie-31Pie-38 Pie-36 Pie-37 Pie-30Pie-39 Pie-40 Pie-41 Pie-42

Holy smokes! We whipped up a huge pot of coffee and sat around the table and enjoyed that beautiful pie. We had so much fun making it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE baking from scratch. I think that was one of my favorite things about the holidays this year was how much homemade baking I did. I will always love baking, and I have found there is nothing wrong with that as long as I make it a special thing, opposed to something I do every other night!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I love sharing recipes I love with you all! I’ll be back soon with more! I also have a lot of Paleo products to review for you guys which I think you will REALLY enjoy! Lots of fun stuff to come!

Be back soon!




2 thoughts on “Paleo Apple Pie

  1. This looks amazing! If I ever decide I have the patience to make this, I will be giving it a try!! Maybe one day I will be able to cook as well as you do! 🙂

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