Bee Primal – Warrior Mix

Boy oh boy. Have you ever heard of the company Bee Primal? If you are Gluten Free then I’m sure you have because they specialize in Gluten Free products. They also carry a line of Paleo-friendly products, and they are ON POINT! You know how sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing? Well, this Warrior Mix may be one of those good things that became a bad thing in the du Plooy household. It is just so GOOD! It’s hard to take your hands off of it! WarriorMix-1 The Warrior Mix comes in 4 flavors. It is made of honey, almonds, almond meal, sunflower seeds, coconut oil, cocoa power, vanilla extract, and a few other Paleo friendly products. It is basically a soft garnola/cookie type treat that is just the  perfect amount of sweet. It’s not overly sweet or too bitter. It’s just perfect. This is great to sprinkle on yogurt, icecream, eat as cereal with almond milk or to just stick in a zip lock bag and have for a snack while you’re out. It is 100% Paleo, too! That NEVER happens!!WarriorMix-3 All of the flavors are incredible, but the best one in my opinion was the original. This company also makes Gluten Free cookies ranging from chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and chocolate crinkle! I want to go work for this adorable bakery! I can’t get over how precious all of their products are!!  You can go shop around and look at the huge variety of products they sell here.
WarriorMix-2Man…….I just ate dinner…… I’m not hungry AT ALL……but I really want to go nibble on some of this goodness. Should I, or shouldn’t I?? Ah…..I shouldn’t. I should save it for a time when I’m hungry. I think for breakfast I will have the original warrior mix in a bowl full of almond milk topped with some blueberries! YES!! That will be awesome!!

Go like their page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and show them some appreciation for making such amazing Paleo treats for all of us!! I am so thankful!


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