Paleo Baked Goods From Base Culture

Jared and I decided to do the Whole30 for the month of January, until this package from Base Culture came along. The Whole30 isn’t drastic  for us since we eat Paleo for all of our meals anyway, but the hardest part for us is cutting out the Paleo treats, like these for example.

There are TONS of Paleo treats out there to buy or to make at home, and they are all so so good. They can also be dangerous though if you have struggling with a crazy sweet tooth like I was before I became a Paleon! The Whole30 can totally break your sweet tooth, but once you start eating Paleo treats again, your sweet tooth may come back. There is a very fine line when it comes to setting boundaries and only YOU know what’s best for you. I, personally, do not eat a Paleo treat every day. I don’t want to fall back into my old ways of eating sweets all the time. However, if I do eat a treat, I don’t feel guilty about it! They are always nutrient dense and I eat them in moderation. So, with that being said, do what works for you! But don’t fall into the trap of eating just like you did before except using Paleo recipes, because it kind of defeats the purpose. Paleo is all about eating because you’re hungry and eating things that your body benefits from!

If you are going to indulge in a Paleo treat, I would HIGHLY recomend ordering some goodies from Base Culture. Sweet baby Jesus. Every thing that they sell is amazing! We tried ALL of the muffins, the banana bread, snickerdoodle cookies, and almond butter brownies. Wow wow wow! Oh! And we tried the granola! I don’t know if anything Paleo-friendly has ever tasted THIS good. I don’t know how they do it! Take a look at all these beauties! BaseCulture-2

BaseCulture-1BaseCulture-6 BaseCulture-7 BaseCulture-9 BaseCulture-13Wow wow wow. My mouth is watering all over again. I think my favorite item was the brownie! It was SO moist and dense. You’ve got to try it! You can order all of these things here. If you aren’t sure which ones to order, you can oder the sample box that has a sample of everything they create in their bakery!! 🙂

Sorry for teasing you………I just want you to experience the goodness that comes out of this company’s bakery. Holy smokes!!!



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