3 Ingredient Paleo Ice Cream

I used to make this stuff ALL the time! No joke….All the time! I remember last year, Jared went out of town for a week and I literally made some variation of this icecream for dinner EVERY night! I just love it! Wait until you hear how easy it is..Here’s what you’ll need:

Banana Ice Cream for 2 

3 Frozen Bananas (I break mine in half and then freeze in zip locks)

1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract (I use this kind)

1 Tsp Cinnamon

Food processor/Vitamix


Break 3 bananas into halves. Place two halves in a zip lock and place in the freezer over night. For those who struggle with math, you will have 3 zip locks total. Ha!

Take the nanners out of the bags and place in your food processor.

Add 1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract (The real stuff, NOT imitation!)

Add 1 Tsp Cinnamon.

Blend the bananas until smooth.

ALL DONE!PaleoIcecream-1 PaleoIcecream-2 PaleoIcecream-3 PaleoIcecream-4 PaleoIcecream-5 PaleoIcecream-6 PaleoIcecream-8 PaleoIcecream-9 PaleoIcecream-11

I use a spatula to get every single ounce of the ice cream out of the blender. This time Jared and I topped our ice cream with some amazing Paleo friendly bars from WholeMe. I ate the Pecan Date bar and Jared had the Cacao Nib & Espresso bar. We microwaved them for 12 seconds and then placed them on top of the ice cream. This was literally heaven. These bars are AMAZING! They are TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY Paleo, too!! You can order them here if you would like to try them. They are great just with coffee, too!

I am a HUGE fan of the Singing Dog Vanilla Extract we used! It literally has a huge vanilla bean inside of it and it smells so good you want to drink it straight out of the bottle. It is so important to use REAL vanilla extract because the other stuff has ethel alcohol in it! YUCK!

I hope you try out this ice cream and you love it! You can also drizzle honey on top! Or add 1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder to turn it into chocolate ice cream! Or add 2 Tbsp Pumpkin Puree and 1/4 Cup of raisins to have pumpkin spice! The options of endless!!!! Go have fun with it!!

Also be sure to “like” Singing Dog Vanilla on Facebook to see their special offers and recipes! You can find WholeMe’s Facebook page here. They also have Paleo cereal! I will talk about that in a later post!

Be back soon!



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