Treats From The Paleo Gods


What are they? Joe Bars are Paleo bars that come in 6 different flavors that will rock your face off! They come in colorful plastic packaging and they are great to have as a breakfast bar or just to have with some coffee when you’re at a coffee shop and you’re faced with a million treats that aren’t Paleo-friendly. They come in Coffee, Cocoa, Cranberry, Fig, Green and Mango flavors.

Why do I like them? Every single ingredient that these bars are made with have some type of nutritional value. You can read about all of the benefits here. The bars are dense and chewy, with a consistency SIMILAR to that of a Rice Crispy Treat. They aren’t sticky though. They have a strong coconut flavor. They are sweet and taste like candy, according to my husband!! Also, they are Paleo, Vegan AND USDA Organic! Score!!

Where can you find them? You can order them here. You can order a sampler if you want to try all of the flavors! JoBars-2 JoBars-3 JoBars-5 JoBars-6 JoBars-7 JoBars-9 JoBars-10

YAWP! :: 

What are they? YAWP! is an awesome company that creates bars specifically for us Paleo people! Their products contain all natural, unprocessed whole ingredients!  They are nutrient-dense, low carb bars that have 7 grams of protein and added sugars or sweeteners of any kind. No stevia, honey, high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar, cane juice, brown rice or maple syrups.

Why do I like them? The first reason is probably pretty apparent….I LOVE their branding. I love the box the bars come in. I love the wrappers of each of the bars. I love how they have labeled all of the ingredients in the bars so that it is easy for the customers to understand. And they taste very unique to most other Paleo treats. These are dehydrated ’til crispy and they remind me of those Nature’s Valley bars. They have great flavor and they also seem healthy. It doesn’t feel like you’re eating a treat when you eat one of these!

Where can you find them? You can order these bars here, or you can go here to find a location near you that carries these delicious things!



What are they? Dang Coconut Chips are toasted coconut chips that are BEYOND delicious. They are vegan and gluten free. They are a non-gmo, no cholesterol product that is a good source of fiber and high in lauric acid. The chips are made from the meat of the coconut allowing them to provide lots of energy. The meat is sliced out of mature coconuts then gently toasted until golden brown with a dash of sugar and salt. The toasting process brings out the natural sweetness of the coconut meat and turns it from white to golden brown.

Why do I like them? They taste like candy, hellllllo! No, but really, they are so good. They taste too good to be true. I was a little bummed (very bummed) when I read that they did have sugar on them. However, it is very slight. Jared took these to work and everyone in the office was dying to try them! We both agreed that the regular coconut was our favorite flavor, but the salted caramel was pretty amazing too!

Where can you find them? You can order them here or you can go here to find a retailer near you that sells them.



What are they? Bearded Bros is a company that makes awesome food to sustain you in the wilderness. Their bars are raw, vegan, gluten and soy free, made with organic ingredients, and crafted in hot and sunny Austin, Texas. The bars come in 5 different flavors, all of which are amazing!!

Why do I like them? First of all, they are delicious. They reminded me of a Lara Bar, except better. They are bigger and more flavorful that a Lara Bar. I also love the fun flavors – Radical Raspberry Lemon, Bodacious Blueberry, Colossal Coconut, Might Maca Chocolate, and Fabulous Ginger Peach. Don’t you love those names?!? Another reason I think this product rocks is because when you purchase this bar, we donate 1% of the gross sales to BoneShaker. Boneshaker’s purpose is to inspire kids towards daily physical activity, and encourage them to lead others to pursue healthier lifestyles.

Where can you find them? You can order some Bearded Bros bars for yourself right here. They have a 100% Tastebud Guarantee…That’s how good they are! So go ahead and try some for yourself!

Bearded Bros-1 Bearded Bros-3 Bearded Bros-4 Bearded Bros-5 Bearded Bros-6


What are they? Amrap bars are Paleo friendly bars that contain 14 grams of protein! ARE YOU KIDDING!? A natural energy bar!!? Those are really hard to come by. The Refuel Bar is a protein bar that contains nothing but good, clean, raw, uncooked ingredients and is 100% Paleo! The ingredients are: Raw Almond Butter, Unsweetened Coconut, Egg White Protein Powder, Raw Sesame Seeds, Raw Almond Chunks, Raw Honey, Ground Cinnamon and Sea Salt.

Why do I like them? It tastes like a shortbread cookie. It is so filling. It contains as much protein as 2 eggs. It’s easy to transport. It’s mess free. It’s delicious. It’s dense. The protein comes from egg white protein opposed to an un-natural source. They give me energy. They are just great. This is one of my favorite Paleo products I’ve received! Jared and I were fighting for the last one in the box!!

Where can you find them? You can order them here. I promise you won’t regret it!

amrap-1 amrap-2


What are they? Health Warrior is a company that carries Chia Products. They did their research and found out just how nutritious Chia Seeds are and they decided to create products that would presuade ANYONE to try them! So many people are apprehensive about Chia Seeds, but if they got their hands on one of Health Warrior’s Chia Bars, they would be sold.

Why do I like them? Chia is just awesome. 1 bag of chia contains more omega-3 than 10 lbs of Salmon. 1 Chia Bar has 100 calories, 1000 mg of Omega-3, 4 grams of fiber, 5 grams of sugar, and 4 grams of protein. I was again bummed that the bars have sugar in them….meaning they aren’t Paleo-friendly. However, they are definitely a nice clean snack to have on hand and a much better option than most of the bars that are sitting in your pantry, like a nutri-grain bar which has 12+ grams of sugar. These bars are really yummy and despite their size, they keep you full!! I also love the variety of flavors. The chia seeds themselves are great because they are SO versatile! I love these Chia seeds because they are white! I love trying new things and I enjoyed trying white chia seeds for the first time. My favorite thing to do with chia seeds is to throw them in my smoothies.

Where can you find them? You can go here to type in your zip code a find a store near you that carries these goodies. You can also order them online here.

HealthWarrior-1 HealthWarrior-2 HealthWarrior-3 HealthWarrior-4 HealthWarrior-5


What are they? They are heaven. They are God’s gift to Paleo people. I’m not kidding. Paleo Treats is a company based out of Southern California that carries mini desserts for Paleo people and makes people happy all around the world. They are the #1 Selling Paleo Dessert in HISTORY! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. They carry brownies, cookies, reeces cup lookin’ things and more. Every thing they make it perfection.

Why do I like them? They are rich and unique, every single one. They carry a brownie bomb, cacao now, bandito, mac attack, and mustang bar. The brownie bomb tastes better than grandma’s homemade brownies. Seriously!! All of their treats were incredible – you have to check them out. I think I will ask for these in my stocking next Christmas!!

Where can you find them? You can order them here – I recommend you order the Short Stack Sampler so that you can try all of them. That’s what they sent us, and we were like little kids on Christmas morning! Also, one more thing I forgot to mention, you can store these in the freezer! You can just take them out as needed and they taste fresh as ever!

PaleoTreats-1 PaleoTreats-2 PaleoTreats-3 PaleoTreats-4


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