Paleo Chocolate Berry Tarte

Yesterday I had some girlfriends over and we decided to bake a fun Paleo dessert. After scouring the internet, we found this gorgeous dish!! I don’t have much to say about it except that it was UNBELIEVABLY delicious and it was really easy to make!!! Here are some step by step photos of the process. Enjoy!! 
BerryTart-3 BerryTart-4 BerryTart-5 BerryTart-6 BerryTart-8 BerryTart-9 BerryTart-10 BerryTart-11 BerryTart-12 BerryTart-13 BerryTart-15 BerryTart-16 BerryTart-17 BerryTart-18 BerryTart-19 BerryTart-20 BerryTart-21 BerryTart-22 BerryTart-23 BerryTart-24 BerryTart-25


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