Whole30 Day 2

I often hear people excuse their way out of healthy eating due to lack of time. I totally get being busy and I can’t even imagine adding kiddos to the picture. However, there are TONS of recipes out there that require minimal work and provide lots of leftovers!! I am ALL about those kind of recipes, especially when it comes to breakfast. When we are waking up at 5;30 to work out, the last thing I want to do is be slaving over the stove every morning too. I already have to shower and prepare Jared and my lunches so I try to keep breakfast as simple as possible. During the week I ususally cook breakfast about twice and whatever I cook will cover the other days. On the weekend I don’t mind cooking because we have much more time. With all that being said, frittatas have been a key meal in our home ever since we began Paleo. For one, they taste amazing. They are SO versatile. And they serve 6+! They are also inexspensive!! So yesterday I made a frittata. Here it is!


Preheat the oven to 425. Chop 2 yellow (or white) onions. Begin sautéing them with coconut oil. While they are cooking, chop some peppers (a few small or 2 large) and add them to the onions. If you wanted to add minced garlic at this time, that would be delish! I just added garlic powder later though.

Once the veggies are soft, add 16 oz. sausage. Cook until there is no pink left.

Next, 1 tbsp paprika, 1 tbsp cumin, 1 tbsp garlic powder and some salt! Also add 1 cup hot salsa.

Stir until everything is evenly distributed.

Pour mixture into a lined (or sprayed) baking dish. I use a large one (9×13). Use a spatula to evenly distribute the meat mixture in the pan.

In a bowl, scramble 12 eggs. Pour the eggs into the casserole dish.

Pop it into the over for 30 minutes.

BOOM SHAKA LAKA! All done! This makes atleast 6 servings, maybe even more if you eat less than Jared and me! We eat a lot! 😛
Whole30-3 So Whole30 Day 2:


Frittata with 1/2 Avo

Black Coffee

Whole30-5 Whole30-6 Whole30-7 Whole30-8 I had another cup of coffee while I watched 19 and Counting. Love that family! Whole30-9 Around 10:30 I had a little fruit bowl with cantaloupe, strawberries and grapes.Whole30-10So rewind to Whole30 Day 1 — While Jared was grilling our burgers, I prepared this crcokpot dish…Literally takes about 10 minutes! Check out the recipe here. I let it cook over night and it was today’s lunch! I added 1 extra sweet potato and some extra broth so that it would go a little further. This made 5 generous bowls. Whole30-1Whole30-2 LUNCH:

Sweet Potato Chili (ONE OF OUR FAVORITE MEALS OF ALL TIME. NEVER GETS OLD.)Whole30-11 Whole30-12

Around 3:00 I had some ants on a log with cashew butter and raisins. I love these guys! They are addicting!Whole30-13 Whole30-14For dinner I had a leftover burger from the night before. I made a “burger salad” by placing the burger on a bed of spinach and adding 2 roma tomatoes, some matchstick carrots and 2 boiled eggs.  YUM! Whole30-19I had to babysit and my little ladies made Piggy Cupcakes. They were adorable!!! And no, I didn’t eat one! I’m committed to this Whole30 y’all! 🙂
Whole30-15 Whole30-16 Whole30-17 Whole30-18

That’s the end of day 2! I’ll be back soon! I’m off to my new school today! I think I get to see my classroom today! Yay!! If anyone has any awesome classroom decor ideas or tips, please hit me up!! I’m not quite sure where to begin!!





2 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 2

  1. We live off of frittata breakfasts during the work week! I really need to try that chili, it looks like such an easy and yummy meal. Good luck for the next 28 days! I always love how I feel after a whole30 🙂

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