Whole30 Day 3

I’m going to write this post really quickly because I’ve gotta leave in just a few minutes and I won’t be home today! I know you all would feel LOST without my Whole30 Day 3 blog post!! (Sarcasm…) Anyway, day 3 was fabulous! I was pretty busy most of the day so I didn’t have a chance to think about non-whole30 food!

Before we eat breakfast in the morning I always pack our lunches. I like doing things in this order because once lunches are packed, we have nothing else to do except eat breakfast! That way we can sit at the table and talk up until the moment Jared or I have to leave for work. I’m all about creating a stress-free environment and this helps!! I wanted to show you guys a lunch that I pack for Jared regularly. These are simple deli meat roll ups. I’m SURE there is some kind of additive in the Boars Head Roasted Chicken Breast, but that’s what I buy, and I’m not going to go crazy about it. Anyway, All I do is take a piece of lettuce, lay a piece of lunch meat on it then a piece of salami or any other type of lunch meat, then some diced roma tomatoes! Easy peezy! He loves these things! I do too, but it doesn’t seem like a “meal” to me….I would rather have the lunch meat on top of a big cobb salad or something. However, these are quick and easy and you can totally change them up! Add some avocado or some purple onion! Yumm!!
Whole30-1 Whole30-2 For breakfast we had frittata again with half of an avocado. Avo are on sale for .69 at Aldi right now! That’s a steal! I went to Walmart and price matched and got a whole bunch and froze them!!


Sausage frittata and avocadoWhole30-3 I had lunch with my friend Courtney at Cinco. I had an awesome Salmon salad with bacon, tomato, avocado and cilantro! The dressing they brought out was definitely not Paleo-friendly so I used salsa as my dressing. It was GREAT!!


Salmon SaladWhole30-4 Whole30-5I didn’t take pictures of my snacks, but throughout the day I had an apple, some deli meat, and a few strawberries.

For dinner we grilled out. Jared is a master griller, no joke!!! He’s kind of known for it. I’m thankful because I LOVE grilled food! I can’t imagine eating chicken any other way, really!!
Whole30-6 You guys are going to think our dinner is realllllllly weird. That’s okay. I used to think the same thing. For dinner we had South African Boerewors!! I remember the first time Jared’s family cooked this at their house, I was a vegetarian and I was SOO grossed out. I have actually still been a little freaked out by it up until a few weeks ago when I tried it at my in-law’s and I loved it!!! It’s sausage, but it doesn’t taste like regular sausage. It’s not fatty or real juicy, like other sausage. I can’t really explain it but it’s really flavorful and delicious!! There is a South African shop downtown where you can find Boerewors if you want to try it! 🙂

We also grilled some chicken breasts for our salads later this week. Yum! Whole30-7 We took a selfie while the meat was cooking. Whole30-8 Whole30-9HOW DID I LET THIS HAPPEN? So fried. This is after 2 days, too!! Yikes stripes!! The funny thing is, I didn’t flip when I was laying out, so only my front side is fried. What was I thinking!?
Whole30-10 Whole30-11Mmmm…So glad I’m a carnivore!

We had roasted veggies as our side. I love these!! Here’s what I did:

Chop 1 sweet potato into potato chip looking pieces

Chop 1 purple head of cabbage

Gather 1/2 bag of baby carrots

Line a casserole dish

Preheat the oven to 450.

Pour the carrots into the dish. Coat with some olive oil, salt and garlic. Then repeat with the sweet potatoes then cabbage. Cover with tinfoil and let bake for 1 to 1.5 hours until all the veggies are soft! 

Boerewors with roasted Veggies

Whole30-14 Whole30-15 Whole30-16

Okay, that was day 3!! I’ll be back soon! HAPPY FRIDAY!! YiPEEEEE!!!




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