Whole30 Day 4

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! I am so thankful it’s the weekend! Now that I’m on Summer break, most days are pretty chill. Even so, there is nothing like having my hubby home with me! It’s the best!

Yesterday was filled with lots of leftovers, so sorry if you’re getting bored!! I guess I’ll go ahead and tell you what I ate.  At least it was all delicious!! 🙂


Frittata!  The recipe can be found here.



Sweet Potato Chili


SNACKS (throughout the day)


Ants on a log




Cobb Salad 
Whole30-1This salad is one of my favorites! It always tastes SO fresh! It is very easy to prepare, too! Remember yesterday when we were grilling chicken? Well we used some of that chicken for this salad!!

Here’s what was on the salad: (2 Servings)

Romaine & Spinach

4 Boiled Eggs

1/2 Cup Matchstick Carrots

1/2 Cup Cherry Tomatoes

1 Large Chicken Breast
Whole30-2 Whole30-3
We mixed the salad all together and added some Tessemae’s Lemon Chesapeake dressing and a dollop of avocado. Whole30-4 Whole30-5 After dinner, we had to head out to go to my sister-in-law’s graduation party. I had committed a while back to bringing cupcakes. I decided to order cupcakes instead for a few reasons. 1: It’s so hard to transport cupcakes and make the icing look nice. 2: Who has time to make homemade cupcakes?! 3:Who has the will power to make homemade cupcakes (AND FROSTING) and not even look the spoon!!!?!?! I didn’t quite trust myself. So I ordered some instead. I just wanted to play it safe! Haha! They looked awesome! Thankfully I wasn’t even tempted! We are only on day 4….I’m sure I will be tempted at some point! Whole30-6 We got to visit with our nephew Judah, the cutest little guy in the world.Whole30-7 Whole30-8 My mother-in-law did such an awesome job with the party! She made lots of fun snacks and they all looked delish!! Whole30-9 Whole30-10 Whole30-11 Whole30-12 Jared was reallllly tempted by this dessert…It’s a South African specialty and he doesn’t get it often. I told him that we would have his mom make one AFTER the Whole30! 🙂Whole30-13 Whole30-14 Whole30-15

Jared may or may not be obsessed with Judah. I love seeing that because it makes me so excited to have babies of our own!! (In many years!)


And that brings us to today, day 5!!! We will be at a wedding all day, but we are packing lots of food so that we aren’t tempted by anything!

I’ll be back soon!




Also, I may start doing this because I am always listening to music while I’m posting. So, here’s what I’m listening to RIGHT now! It’s a pretty great song to start your day with.


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