Whole30 Day 5

I’m back again with updates from Day 5 of our Whole30!! It was a great day, but quite  busy one! When we have days like this, I always plan ahead so that we won’t be starving at any point in the day. Starving is not good for the du Plooys. It’s in those moments that we say, “Ah..Forget it! Let’s go get blizzards. We deserve it!” Haha! I’m not kidding. By the end of the Whole30 I’m sure we will have gotten back into the frame of mind where we don’t even consider that garbage, but we are still vulnerable right now!

So anyway, here’s what we ate  yesterday.

We had our all-time favorite breakfast which is Sweet Potato Hash. We only make it maybe once a week because it’s a bit more time consuming than I would prefer, but it is truly worth it!!!


Sweet Potato Hash

Whole30-1 Whole30-2We had to eat lunch on the go. I packed some yummy cobb salads and brought some Tessemae’s dressing in a little container. Yum!


Cobb Salad Whole30-3 It’s not very easy to eat a salad in the car! Whole30-4 Whole30-5I didn’t take a picture of dinner!! I wish I had! We were shooting a wedding and they were serving chicken and port BBQ. I checked with the bride beforehand to make sure I shouldn’t pack dinner. We couldn’t eat any of the sides, but we loaded up on the pork and chicken. It was so flavorful that we didn’t even miss the BBQ sauce! It was awesome!

When we left the wedding we were hungry again and craving something yummy. We had been staring at a huge wedding cake all night long and resisted! So we ran in Kroger and I got a big crunchy Gala apple (one of my favorite foods) and Jared got a Lara Bar. I felt completely satisfied afterward.

So that’s all for Day 5. We have almost completed one week of the Whole30 successfully! Yay!! We’ve got lots of grocery shopping to do today because the fridge is basically empty! But I’ve got my meal plan and my grocery list already make so hopefully we can knock it out in less than an hour.

I’ll be back soon! Enjoy this last little bit of the weekend!





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