Whole30 Day 7

Yesterday was day 7 of our Whole30! Woo hop! Yippee!! Hallelujah! We have completed one week! That went really fast! In the last post I told you that we made a super yummy breakfast that I was excited to tell you about. Well, here it is! We made a ham, spinach and onion frittata. I was inspired by this recipe. I followed the instructions exactly aside from adding cheese and potatoes. This frittata was sooooo good!


Ham and spinach frittata

Whole30-1I know the parchment paper isn’t pretty but it is SOOOO worth it. It seems like I do dishes CONSTANTLY and I’m not a fan of anything that requires elbow grease. When you don’t use parchment paper, you have to let the dish soak forever and THEN scrub. No thanks!! Frittata-2 Whole30-4

Sorry these aren’t the best pictures in the world. I am still learning how to use our new Fuji camera and I didn’t quite get the settings right for these shots! 
Whole30-5Inbetween breakfast and lunch I had a BUNCH of watermelon. It’ addicting. I just can’t get over how sweet it is. Natural sugar. God is brilliant!

For lunch I had a salad for boiled shrimp, mango and avo. It was light and fresh.


Mango Shrimp Salad
Whole30-2-2 Whole30-1-2I didn’t take pictures of dinner because the camera battery died. We had lettuce wraps with dijon mustard, purple onion, cherry tomatoes, turkey and salami. We also had sweet potato fries on the side. So good!

This is a really short post but I don’t have much to add! I hope you guys are having a killer day!! I will be back tomorrow and I’ll try to make the post a little more interesting! Haha!





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