Whole30 Day 9

Hey friends! I’m back again with some Whole30 updates! Jared and I are really enjoying the Whole30 this time around. It has kind helped us realize that we hadn’t drifted as far away from Paleo as we had thought, therefore making this Whole30 pretty easy. We had been having more cheats than before, but all of the meals I was preparing at home were still Paleo! It’s not like I was making a big bowl of pasta of we started buying bread! Haha! I don’t think we will ever buy a loaf of bread again. I threw out the toaster about 6 months ago, actually! Anyway…We have been eating Paleo since April of 2013 and have been pretty disciplined, indulging in about 4 “cheat” meals a month. This system worked GREAT and it was totally maintainable. However, at some point within these last couple of months, we began having more and more cheats during the week and in turn we felt like garbage and went to bed with aching tummies quite often. We discovered a new Chicago Style Pizza joint near our house and also discovered the most amazing bagel shop in the world!! We became addicted FAST!!!! Indulging all the time is actually not satisfying though. We found that we enjoyed our cheat meals much more when they were happening less frequently. Through this we have realized that we are literally happier people when we eat Paleo! Yes, ice cream sounds good and even tastes good for about 5 minutes, but when it’s sloshing around in your stomach all night, it’s NOT worth it! So, with all that being said, the Whole30 is going GREAT and we haven’t slipped up yet!! 🙂

I LOVED our breakfast yesterday! I sautéed some onion with fresh garlic and then added some chopped asparagus. When all of that was fully cooked, I added a bunch of spinach. I seasoned it with cumin, paprika, garlic, salt and pepper. Those are my go-to spices! I like for everything to taste like Mexican food! Haha! In a separate pan I cooked some spicy sausage. When it was cooked through, I added it to the veggies! It was SOOO good!!!



Sausage Asparagus Scramble with 2 fried eggs
Whole30-3 Whole30-4 I got to hang out with this sweet girl yesterday! Whole30-5 Whole30-6


Shrimp, mango & avocado saladWhole30-7Whole30-8

It’s no secret that breakfast is my favorite meal. It’s also the easiest to prepare, in my opinion. For dinner I whipped up some scrambled eggs, threw it on a bed of spinach and topped it with avocado and cherry tomatoes. Then I poured hot salsa on top! I do this all the time….It’s so good!


Mexican Eggs
Whole30-9 Whole30-10

And that’s all folks!! 😛

I’ll be back soon! I’ve got lots of product reviews coming your way, too! Get ready!





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