Whole30 Day 11 — POM Juice Review!

Woo day! Day 11 is over and it was one of the yummiest days yet!! A couple weeks ago this amazing company called On The Go Paleo sent us an exciting package full of their convenient Paleo products.  Yesterday we tried the Original Unsweetened Hot Cereal. I have been CRAVING oatmeal since we began our Whole30 so this was just the thing I needed! The ingredients are Organic Coconut, Almond Meal, Pecan Meal, Organic Chia Seed, Organic Flaxseed Meal, Konjac Root, Organic Cinnamon, Himalayan Pink Salt. I think this is totally Whole30 approved! The cereal also comes in Maple and Power Protein Flavors. They are all delish!
Whole30-2 Whole30-3

So what did we think of it?! We LOVED IT!! It was definitely different than oatmeal. It truly resembled cereal! We sweetened it with banana and raisins and also added walnuts. I really enjoyed this hot cereal. It was very filling and satisfying. It’s a great Paleo breakfast alternative when you aren’t in the mood for eggs and you want something quick! You simply add hot water to the mix and let is sit for 3 minutes. We used almond milk instead of water and it was fab!! On The Go Paleo also sent us some Paleo Pizza Crust Mix and Pancake mix! We will be trying those are writing about them ASAP! We will most likely make the pancakes the day after our Whole30 Ends! Yum!! Whole30-4 Whole30-6Whole30-7
For lunch we had leftover Chicken Tomato Soup with a small sweet potato. Whole30-6-2 Dinner was the bomb. My hubby grilled some bacon wrapped chicken and we whipped up some sweet potato fries! It was great! I marinated the chicken in some garlic, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.Whole30-7-2 Whole30-8 Whole30-9 Whole30-10

After dinner we were in the mood for something sweet so we decided to break into our Pom Juice collection that the amazing people at their office sent our way. I am sure you guys have seen this juice in the grocery store and noticed the awesome packaging. Not only does it come in awesome packaging but this pomegranate based juice also provides numerous health benefits!!  Pomegranates provide a number of important nutrients including vitamin K, potassium and a variety of pomegranate polyphenols, making them an important part of a healthy and balanced diet. This juice has no additives and it is SO sweet! This would be a great alternative for children who drink store bought juice full of added sugar and chemicals.

Whole30-12 We were able to try all three flavors of the POM Juice Blends and we were very impressed by all three of them! We tried Hula, Coconut and Mango. The Mango flavor was our favorite! It was SOOOO good! I was tempted to drink the enitre bottle! Just kidding. But it was great! The Coconut flavor was delicious, too! It had a strong Coconut flavor so if you like Coconut flavored things then you would love this juice!! The Hula was super sweet as well and very refreshing! It tasted very tropical, if that helps you imagine the taste at all!Whole30-13 Whole30-14 I would recommend these drinks to ANYONE, Paleo or not! They are so good! They are great to satisfying late night cravings or great to drink along with your morning breakfast! There is no way you WOULDN’T like these! Whole30-15 Whole30-16 Whole30-17 Whole30-18Be sure to “like” POM and On The Go Paleo on Facebook to see all of their amazing new products! Let me know what you think of them when you try them for yourselves!!

I’ll be back soon! Happy Saturday!





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