Whole30 Day 12 – Girls Night!

This weekend has been such a blast!! On Friday we had a night to ourselves which was incredible. Sometimes we get caught up and forget to plan nights to be alone with nothing on the agenda. It was awesome! Then yesterday we woke up and had a scrumptious breakfast, completed Season 4 of 24 (finally!) and then I went out with my girlfriends! I can’t wait to share all about it with you guys!

So for breakfast we had Paleo Banana Bread! I followed the recipe I listed in this post except I added walnuts to the top this time. It was SOOO good! It really reminds me of French Toast! Also, if you are confused as to why I’m eating “Paleo Banana Bread” on my Whole30, refer to this post.Whole30-6-2 Whole30-6 Whole30-7 Whole30-8

For lunch we had leftover chicken breasts from the night before.

Now for the really fun part — GIRLS NIGHT! I love these ladies more than life. We had such a blast last night!

This is Lauren. You may remember her from this post when she got engaged in Chattanooga! I am so happy for her and Colby! And they are going to be living in Georgia!! Hoooooray!!

Whole30-10 This is Sadie. You may remember when she got married in this post! Jared and I were Whole30-ing at her wedding so we didn’t get to enjoy any of her incredible desserts! The wedding was amazing though! Whole30-11 This is Janine. People confuse us as sisters quite often! I’m thinking it’s because of the curly hair. She just got back from an incredible trip to Wyoming and I’m pretty jealous! I told Jared we needed to add Wyoming to our travel list! Whole30-12 This is Kaylynn. She’s cool and she lives in the city. She also makes music and she’s amazing so you should give her a listen! Whole30-13

This is Emalee. I’m jealous that her name is spelled in such a cooler way than mine! I love this girl. She just switched her major to Middle Grades Education and I’m so excited!! Maybe one day we will teach together!! 😛
Whole30-14Lauren is so sweet and she got me a little gift for snagging my first job! How thoughtful!Whole30-7-2Whole30-8-2Sooooo for dinner we ate at Farm Burger and it was heaven!! Emalee ordered these amazing sweet potato hush puppies! I have got to try them one day! Whole30-9-2 Their burgers were huge!!!! Whole30-15 Lauren is doing the Whole30 too, so we both ordered bunless burgers! Mine had caramelized onions, bacon and a fried egg! Oh, and their sweet potato fries were heaven. I asked Jared if we can go back soon and he said YES!! Woo hoo!! Whole30-16 Whole30-17 Whole30-18 Whole30-19 Whole30-20After dinner we went exploring and took lots of pictures! My friends are so pretty, inside and out.
Whole30-21 Whole30-22 Whole30-23 Whole30-24 Whole30-25 Whole30-26 Whole30-27 Whole30-28 Whole30-29 Whole30-30 WE SPOTTED KING OF POPS AND HAD TO STOP! The girl told me that the Georgia Peach didn’t have any added sugar so I decided to order it! I’m not sure if she was right, but it was great so I’m hoping she was!! Whole30-31 Whole30-32 Whole30-33 Whole30-34 Whole30-35 Whole30-36 Whole30-37 Whole30-38 Whole30-39 Whole30-40 Whole30-41 Whole30-42 Whole30-43 We found this awesome sign and of course we had to take pictures underneath it! Whole30-44 Whole30-45 Whole30-46 Whole30-47 Whole30-48 Whole30-49

That’s the end of Day 12!! Well later we watched Elysium and boy was it gory! Yikes!!!!

Okay, be back soon! I can’t wait to tell you guys about tonight’s dinner!! Sooooo excited!





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