Whole30 Day 13 – Paleo Diet Bars Review

Howdy y’all! I always struggle with how to begin my posts. “Hey guys!”  “Hi friends!”  “Good morning everyone.”  I am running out of greetings. I guess I don’t need to even use a greeting; I could just cut right to the chase. That feels so impersonal though. You guys probably don’t even think twice about the first sentence of my blog posts! I’m just over thinking it. Anyway……Monday mornings….Gotta love em. I was never really one to care when Monday morning rolled around. I don’t mind going to work or being productive, and I have always kept the mentality, “Every day is a gift and the Lord wants to do something through me today.” That is so true. When we shove Monday’s to the side and mope through them with poopy attitudes, we are TOTALLY missing out on an opportunity to hear from God or be used by him. When I got married, Mondays got a little harder for me. Obviously I still cling to that truth, but now Monday mornings mean being apart from hubby whom I just spent all weekend with! It’s like a tease!! You get to spend the WHOLE weekend together, but now for the next 5 days you guys about 4 hours each night together. Good luck! Luckily we are pretty good at finding ways to maximize our time together, like by waking up early and always having breakfast together and by freeing our evenings of any distractions such as technology or…technology really. That’s the biggest distraction in life, in my opinion!! Anyway, today is Monday and it’s a GREAT day! It would be better if Jared was here though, that’s all I’m saying! Haha!

So yesterday was Day 13 of our Whole30. We wanted a quick breakfast before we rushed out of the house for church so we decided to try these new Paleo Diet Bars. These bars are ALL NATURAL! They contain 17g of Egg Protein and 9 Essential Amino Acids. They are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO andPreservative Free! How amazing is that?!


We tried both flavors: Cinnamon Raisin and Cranberry Almond. The Cranberry Almond was definitely our favorite! It had so much flavor! These bars are VERY dense and chewy. They are meant to serve as a meal replacement and they are definitely filling enough to do that. We really liked these are would buy them to keep in the pantry for a quick, on-the-go, mess free meal! 
Whole30-3 Whole30-4 Whole30-5 If you want to try these bars, you can purchase a Sampler Pack for only $7.50 and get free shipping!! You should check ’em out! Whole30-6 Whole30-7 After church I had the most amazing apple from Target. I swear they have the best apples, but they are always a million dollars each so I never buy them from there. Yesterday I did, however, and it was incredible!!! It was totally worth $2….I think? Whole30-8 We were supposed to go grocery shopping after church but we didn’t want to so while we are at Target we grabbed a Rotisserie Chicken for lunch! Yummmmmmm! Whole30-9 Whole30-10 So I told you that we were going to be smoking ribs this weekend and making our own Paleo BBQ sauce, and we did!!!! Let me tell you how it went down. We decided to make Civilized Caveman’s BBQ Sauce for our ribs. We spent literally almost $15 on the ingredients. We decided to double the recipe because we wanted to make sure we had enough. Holy smokes. We had a TON. But here’s the bad part. It wasn’t good. It didn’t taste like BBQ Sauce AT ALL! It tasted like spicy tomato soup! I don’t know what we could have done wrong! I am so confused!! We were super bummed and we had to make a decision. Do we ruin the ribs that have been smoking on the egg for 6 hours with not so good sauce, or do we just go buy some amazing BBQ sauce that’s not going to be Paleo-friendly. Well, we decided to go grab some at the store. I’m so sorry to let you guys down, but we had sugary, amazing, store bought BBQ sauce on our ribs and it was MOUTH WATERING GOOD! Haha!!!! So I guess we broke our Whole30 a little, but it was necessary in our opinion! Haha! Whole30-11 My friend Lindsey prepared some diced sweet potatoes to roast and they were awesome.Whole30-12 Whole30-13 These are the ribs right when they came off the grill. Oh my word. So good. So many ribs. Whole30-14 Whole30-15 Whole30-17 Whole30-18 Then we decided to dig in!! Whole30-19 Whole30-20 Y’all. They were the best ribs I have ever put in my mouth. Thanks, Jared!!! Whole30-21 Whole30-22 Whole30-23 I had to capture a picture of this. This just defines motherhood. Attempting to eat RIBS, the messiest things on the planet, with a baby strapped to your chest! Lindsey is such a trooper!! Whole30-24 We killed those things. GONE! Well not all of them, but most of them!! Whole30-25 Whole30-26 Little Amelia is getting so big! I love her! Whole30-28 Whole30-31 Jared, like the rest of us, was in a food coma after dinner. We couldn’t move. Why did we eat so many?!?!?!?! Ahhhhhh. Cause they were heavenly. Whole30-34Whole30-35And that’s the end of Day 13!! We were so full this morning we couldn’t eat breakfast. That’s saying a lot, because breakfast is my favorite!!!

I’ll be back soon with more fun stuff! I may even do another product review this afternoon! 🙂





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