Whole30 Day 14

This morning has been an interesting one already. Jared woke up with some kind of bite on his leg and we aren’t quite sure what it is or what to do about it. We have been doing lots of research which means we have been looking at lots of pictures. Nothing like eating breakfast while looking at pictures of bites and infections. UGHHH. Some of those pictures just CAN’T be real. We’re talking bites in the nose that turn into huge looking boils. I could elaborate even more but I will spare you all. The internet wasn’t super helpful…It could be so many things. He is going to have it checked out this afternoon. He went and sighted in his gun with his friend Luke the other night and had to pick off some ticks when he left. Maybe it’s a tick bite? Do ticks even bite? Who knows. I texted my sweet Nana who is a retired nurse so maybe she will have some awesome wisdom to share with us!! One thing’s for sure, I’m GLAD I did not stick to a nursing major. There’s just no way I could do it. My stomach felt sick after looking and reading online for about 5 minutes and I didn’t even have to TOUCH anything. I don’t know how nurses do it, but bless ’em!!

So hopefully I haven’t completely grossed you out and put nasty images in your head. Now it’s time to talk about FOOD! We woke up yesterday still STUFFED from the ribs the night before so we skipped breakfast. I ate at Panera Bread with some family for lunch. My mom gave me all of these fresh herbs that she grew!! Now I’ve got basil, rosemary, and some lemon herb. I’m so excited!!!! Now I want to start growing my own!
Whole30-1 Whole30-2I ordered the Strawberry Chicken Poppyseed Salad and it was out of this world good!!!! It had strawberries, mandarin oranges, blueberries, pecans and chicken. I loved it!!!! I didn’t use the poppyseed dressing though because it was cream based. I would definitely order this salad again! Except it was $9.50 which is a bit ridiculous in my opinion!!
Whole30-3 Whole30-4 They also gave me an apple. It’s like they knew it was my favorite fruit! Whole30-6 Whole30-7 We had dinner with some of most important people in our lives, Scott and PJ! These people mean so much to us. We met them about 2.5 years ago when Jared and I were engaged. They were our premarital counselors. They shared SO much wisdom and knowledge. Jared and I definitely look up to them and aspire to have a marriage like theirs and to be the type of parents they are. They just know what they are doing!! Anyway, we ate dinner at La Parilla because it’s one of their favorite places! Jared and I will never turn down Mexican food!!! Whole30-8 Whole30-9 They just got back on Saturday from a trip to Paris, can’t you tell they are happy?!?!? We got to hear so many stories. Of course now I am DYING to go!! Whole30-10Jared and I both ordered steak fajitas. They were awesome!!
Whole30-11That’s the end of day 14! I can’t believe today is day 15! It’s going pretty fast!!! I’ll be back soon! Again, lots of product reviews coming your way!! Woo hoo!!





2 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 14

  1. We had a blast with you both last night! Thank you for being intentional about staying connected. Great job with your Whole30 Challenge! Love following your journey.

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