Whole30 Day 16

Day 16 is in the books! It began with this Southwestern Frittata. I substitued ground turkey for the ground beef and it was just as good! Okay, well maybe not JUST as good, but pretty close! I definitely think ground beef is more flavorful, but I can handle trading it out every once in a while. I just want to make sure Jared and I aren’t eating too much red meat. This frittata is really good and I think even non-Paleo eaters would enjoy it!!


Southwestern FrittataWhole30-1Whole30-2Whole30-3Whole30-4Whole30-5

Oh boy, now for the highlight of my day yesterday. I got to have lunch with my sweet sweet friend Kelly. I haven’t seen her in months and it was SOO great to catch up! She and her hubby are expecting their first little babe in November! I cannot wait to meet that little baby Worms! (Their last name is Worms. How cool!!)

So on Monday when I spent time with my friend Madi she told me about this place she had just tried called Luv-A-Bowl and she said it was incredible! We decided that next week we would go together! Then, Kelly and I were trying to decide where to go for lunch yesterday and I decided I just COULDN’T wait until next week to try Luv-A-Bowl! So Kelly and I each experienced our first Acai Bowls at Luv-A-Bowl yesterday and boy were we happy little ladies!!!! I am so glad I get to go back with Madi next week!! 😛


Acai BowlWhole30-1-2 Whole30-2-2 Whole30-3-2 Whole30-4-2 Whole30-5-2

This Acai Bowl is called the Johns Creek Bowl and it contains almond milk, G3 super fruit blend, acai berries, bananas, pineapples, blueberries and strawberries. It’s topped with coconut, honey and almonds. This was soooo amazing!! I am now researching and trying to figure out how to make these in my own kitchen! Whole30-6

We had to eat a quick dinner because I had to babysit last night. I decided to toss in some sweet potato fries (we would happily eat them every day of our lives!). I also fried some eggs to lay on top of our fries. This may sound weird. I’m sure it sounds really weird. However, it is AWESOME! And it’s cheap and quick!! Check and check! Count me in! I didn’t take pictures because it wasn’t very pretty.

That’s it for day 16. I’ll be back soon!!!




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