Whole30 Day 23 – Love Bean Fudge Review

I didn’t get the chance to write yesterday, so I am going to write 2 posts today that cover days 23 and 24! On Wednesday morning I felt was feeling creative and decided to makes some zucchini bread. Again, you are not technically “allowed” to bake on the Whole30, but you can read more about why I don’t care in this post. I’m not being a very good Whole30 motivator because I’m breaking all the rules! Sorry guys! 😛 Hopefully I’m giving you some good Paleo ideas though!! So I tried a new recipe and I fell in love!! I followed this recipe. It was SOO easy to make and Jared and I both loved the consistency. I will DEFINITELY be making this again! You don’t even taste the zucchini at all! Whole30-1 We decided to try out some of the Love Bean Fudge we received in the mail. Again, this is not really allowed on the Whole30. Can you tell I’m over it? Yeah, I’m over it. The Whole30 is GREAT, don’t get me wrong, but I just hate having the mentality of “I’m not ALLOWED to eat that.” But the whole point is to change the way you think about food and I think that is SO important! Anyway, this product is great. It is a fudge spread that is made with  100% Organic ingredients and sweetened with delicious low-glycemic Coconut Nectar. They are Virgin Coconut Oil-based not only are they a healthier option to your typical chocolate spreads and bars, but this allows the texture to vary from thick and creamy when cooler to completely liquid and perfect for dipping when warmer. We decided to heat the spread and put it on our zucchini bread. It was DELISH!! The ingredients are Coconut Palm Sugar, Extra Virgin Olive Oi, Coconut Milk and Cacao Powder.

Whole30-2 Whole30-3 Whole30-4 Whole30-5 Whole30-6 Whole30-7 The fudge is VERY rich so you do not need to use much. This is such a fun and healthy alternative to your typical chocolate syrup or fudge. It is very thick, but in a good way. It is sweet, but not VERY sweet. If you are used to dark chocolate then you will LOVE this!! I want to put it on Paleo Pancakes soon! That will be awesome! If you want to purchase this product you can find it hereWhole30-8 Whole30-9 Whole30-10 Whole30-11For lunch we had leftover “pasta” from the day before. It was just as good reheated! I can’t wait to make it again!

I got to hang out with this little one all day. We painted nails.Whole30-2 Whole30-1 Whole30-3 Whole30-4 Whole30-5 Whole30-6

I had some On The Go Paleo hot cereal for dinner because I was babysitting. Whole30-8 Whole30-7

And that’s all folks!! 🙂



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