Whole30 Day 24

Yesterday was an awesome day, mainly because Jared and I had NOTHING going on last night so we were able to do whatever the heck we felt like doing. It was so great. Marriage is so great. Summer is so great. Last night was just good.

We tried a new frittata recipe yesterday for breakfast. I don’t exactly have a recipe to share, but it consisted of bacon, onions, spinach and eggs! Voila! Here are some pictures. It was great. Those are some of my favorite ingredients right there! Whole30-1-2 Whole30-2-2And then that’s where I quit taking pictures for the day….Yikes! My batteries died and I didn’t want to take poopy iPhone pictures! So this is basically a really boring post. We had leftover chili and and turkey wraps for our other meals! I didn’t realize how few photos I had from yesterday before I began writing this post. Haha!

Okay, well let me atleast leave you with a great song. Hold on while I go youtube it.

Okay I found it. This song…Breathtaking.

I hope you loved that song as much as me!

Okay, be back tomorrow with a much more exciting post, I promise!




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