Whole30 Day 25

It’s the weekend!! Raise your hand if you’re excited! My hand is in the air and so is Jared’s! Yesterday was a great start to the weekend. I went to Aldi with my mom and got some yummy groceries. I haven’t been there in quite a while so I had forgotten how great their produce is!! Everything is so cheap, too!

We started the day with some leftover bacon frittata. This junk is good!! Whole30-1 Notice I’m drinking coffee out of my I LOVE NYC mug! It’s my favorite. I really do love NYC. Jared picked this up for me on a business trip and her  also got me a matching NYC shirt! That was before I got to see NYC for myself. When I finally got to visit for the first time (and we got engaged) I just fell in love. Sometimes I think Jared and I were born to live in the city. Who knows what the future holds! 😛

Whole30-2We had leftover sweet potato chili for lunch.

I took some pictures of the beautiful flowers my hubby brought home the other day. This doesn’t happen very often because we are way too frugal and it seems like a pretty unwise way to spend your money. However, spending $ on flowers every once in a while won’t kill us! I definitely wasn’t mad when Jared surprised me with these! These are such a great reflection of God’s brilliance!
Whole30-3 Whole30-4 Whole30-5 Whole30-6 Whole30-7

Last night was fun because we had some great friends over. Falon, Jamie, Lindsey and Jared all came over to kick off the weekend. Judah came too, of course!! It’s not a party without the cutest baby in the world. We decided to grill kabobs! We get sick of doing the same old grilled chicken and sweet potato fries so we decided to get a little more creative last night. The kabobs were awesome!!  Whole30-11 Whole30-12 Whole30-13 Whole30-14Whole30-16It was supposed to be his bedtime while we were eating dinner. He was so mad that he couldn’t partake in the fun! We all felt bed for him so Jared went and grabbed him and let him hang out at the big kid table.  😛
Whole30-17 Whole30-18 Those lips!!!Whole30-21Whole30-10

We had an awesome time with friends! Today is going to special because we get to see some of our friends tie the knot! It is always a nice treat when we get to attend a wedding opposed to shoot one. We are excited!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Whole30 post! Only 5 more days! Woo hoo!





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