Whole30 Day 30! – Why I’m thankful for the Whole30.

Wooooo hoooo! Hallelujah, praise Him! The Whole30 is OVER! I am so so glad! I have enjoyed it, but I think we are done Whole30-ing for a long time! It was good for us because we had gotten into the habit of enjoying some type of sweet treat nearly every day, and that is not something we wanted to continue for life. On the contrary, I didn’t like having ZERO freedom or choice when it came to the foods I was eating. Obviously that’s just part of the Whole30 and that’s what you sign up for, but it got old pretty quickly!! I would still recommend the program to anyone who wants to try to shift the way the view food – as a source of protein and energy, not a source of comfort.

After living a Paleo lifestyle and then doing the Whole30, I have seen that the Paleo lifestyle is definitely maintainable forever. Eating clean the majority of the time and then indulging in something that you love is totally fine and reasonable!! It’s all about learning to balance the two and develop self control! I think Jared and I have both come a long way! True story right here….When we were dating, we would make a batch of brownies and sometimes down them ALL! In one night!! We have come so far! There are still times when we go out and I just pass on certain things because I know that just eating one will not satisfy me. For example, Provinos rolls….Who can eat just one!?!?!?  I would just assume not even open that door because I know that I will want more after I taste one! Anyway, I think it’s all about learning yourself and finding out what your weaknesses are and what your goals are. Jared and I just want to be healthy and to have a great relationship with food for life! I am so thankful for the Whole30 because it’s basically what saved me from my unhealthy relationship with food a few years ago. Having the strict boundaries of the Whole30 really helped me to gain control and stick to a plan. I will forever be thankful! Since changing my eating habits, I have felt better than ever. My hair and nails are SOOOO much healthier. My digestive system works now. It used to….not…..if you get the picture??? My skin is clear and I have so much more energy! The whole process has caused me to gain quite a bit of weight, but it was needed. It has been difficult in that regard, mainly because I wonder what people on the outside think. Most people probably assume that I, or anyone, would lose a ton of weight from eating clean. For me it has been about becoming healthy and retraining my body and metabolism after killing it in the past. Everyone has a different story and a different battle they are trying to over come, and I am thankful for my husband who has been so supportive during the entire journey and who constantly reminds me that I look healthy now! Here are some pictures that Jared took during that season, and I can honestly say that I feel so much more beautiful now! And my hair….it’s come a long way!! Em Emily-1And now I’m healthy and FREE! Whole30-9FujiX100-10

I just wanted to share that tid bit with you all because I am afraid I have been a little negative about the Whole30 in some of these posts and I truly think it is AMAZING!!!! It can literally be life changing!!!  I’m just glad it only lasted 30 days! 😛

Okay, so on day 30 we had bacon and eggs for breakfast. My camera was upstairs and I was hungry so I didn’t take a picture! Sorry!!

I went shopping with mom and we stopped at The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. I have been ordering these Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps lately and they are INCREDIBLE!! I want to make them at home! I’m sure it would be easy!! Whole30-1 Whole30-3 Whole30-4 Whole30-5 Whole30-6I didn’t take a picture of dinner, either! Sorry guys! I had a few turkey lettuce wraps and some watermelon on the side. I am kind of addicted to watermelon. It’s taking the place of apples in my daily routine and that is HUGE!! I used to eat an apple every day but now I’m eating melon every day! Sorry, apples! 😛

Alright, so that’s all for day 30! We had some friends over last night (our first day off of Whole30) and we made these yummy salmon cakes! My friend Maria is a master in the kitchen and she came in and took over and made an awesome dinner! The sauce is a greek yogurt base! It was GREAT! I think this was a Paleo meal except for a few breadcrumbs and the greek yogurt! I will definitely make these again!! Thanks for cooking for us, Maria!! SalmonCakes-1 SalmonCakes-2 SalmonCakes-3 SalmonCakes-4 SalmonCakes-5 SalmonCakes-6 SalmonCakes-7Yummmmy!! Okay, I’m outta here! I’ll be back soon! I’m about to go eat some oatmeal for breakfast, and I can do that, cause I’m done with the Whole30! Yipppeee!





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