New York City // Part One

New York City holds a very special place in both mine and Jared’s hearts. It was in November of 2011 that Jared traveled to NYC for business. We had been dating for 3 months at this point. We came up with a brilliant idea; I should fly out to New York to see Jared once the business portion of his trip was over! Wow! 3 months in! We got serious, fast! There was just one problem. We couldn’t get a hotel together. We weren’t married…Ah! My cousin! That would be the solution! My cousin lived in New York City and she was more than happy to host us for our short little trip. So everything was lined up! We would stay with my cousin and explore New York City for a few days! I couldn’t skip class, so I scheduled an evening flight that would allow me to attend my 4PM class. With butterflies in my stomach, I raced to my house and hopped in my mom’s car and she toted me downtown to board my flight. I was just SO excited! I had never been to New York! Ahhhh!! I arrived at La Guardia around 10PM and made my way off the plane at what felt like a dreadfully slow pace. I spotted Jared as I scooted around the corner and I began to sprint. I couldn’t have been in his arms any sooner! Turns out I wasn’t the only one with butterflies in my stomach. 2 short hours after my arrival, Jared took me to the LOVE Sculpture downtown. After spilling his heart to me, he got down on one knee, whipped out a diamond ring and proposed!!!!!!!!!!! It was a dream! Here is a video from when it went down. Now you understand why New York is so special to us both. 

So with it being our 2 year wedding anniversary, we decided what better place to spend it than in the place we got engaged?!?! Boy oh boy did we have a blast!! I have so much to share!! I am going to share our trip in a few different parts so that I don’t overload you all! So this is part one!

We decided that we didn’t want to waste any time, so we booked our flight for 6AM! Yup! 6 AM!!!! You have to arrive 2 hours before your flight takes off. We live 1 hour away from the airport. You can do the math. We had an early morning, to say the least!!

NYC-1 NYC-2 NYC-3 We watched an episode of our new favorite show, Suits, while we were waiting! NYC-4 We finally got to board the plane!! My head was pounding! I am not one of those people that can survive on no sleep! I need my sleep! Regardless, we didn’t sleep on the plane, we just continued watching Suits! NYC-5 NYC-6 NYC-7 NYC-8 NYC-9 We were on a brand spanking new Delta plane! Supposedly it has only been flown 10 times! NYC-10 We finally landed!!!! I look lively, but I was about to fall over. ZzzzzzzzNYC-11 Jared (Mr. King of NY transportation) immediately figured out which train we would need to get to our hotel. Check in wasn’t until 3:00 but we thought maybe we would be lucky!!!  NYC-12 We went ahead and bought our Metro passes so that we could use the subway for our entire trip! We ended up walking a whole lot more than riding, but that’s okay!! NYC-13 NYC-14 NYC-15 NYC-16 NYC-17 Our hotel was in Columbus Circle. I learned my way around that area pretty quickly! NYC-18 NYC-19 Holy smokes. Oh my word. Speechless. Our hotel was breathtaking! Jared did an amazing job booking our hotel! I couldn’t believe my eyes!! He had stayed there on business before so he already knew how amazing it was. I couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it was!! NYC-20 NYC-21 NYC-22 It had 4 bars and even had a rooftop terrace!!! NYC-23 NYC-24 We found out that our room was not going to be ready early so we dropped our bags off and headed out in search of some COFFEE!!! NYC-25 NYC-26 These little food stands were everywhere!! I wanted to try a kabob but we never got around to it! NYC-27 There were also fruit stands everywhere.NYC-28 And flowers. So many cheap, beautiful flowers! NYC-29 NYC-30 Score!!! Yelp helped us to find an awesome coffee shop down the street called Kahve.

It was so cute and quaint! All of the people coming in an out were locals and the staff knew them by name!
NYC-31 NYC-32 NYC-33 The sign outside the door said they had the best oatmeal cookie in New York City. We decided to try it for ourselves!! NYC-34 NYC-35 NYC-36 NYC-37 It was good…but c’mon….the best cookie in NY?? I doubt it…. Jared and I are pretty harsh critics though! 😛NYC-38 There were pizza places EVERYWHERE.I am not kidding. Every third restaurant on the street was a pizza place. Now that is my kind of city!! This pizza looked delish!! NYC-39 NYC-41 New York is just beautiful. We fell even more in love with it this time around. What a dream….NYC-42Next we headed to Time Square to do some exploring. We went in the Hershey factory first. So. Much. Chocolate. Can you imagine eating this humongous Reeces Cup!?!
NYC-43 NYC-44 NYC-45 NYC-46 NYC-47 I loved this Barbie billboard. HahaNYC-48 We had to take pictures in the most tourist-y spot in NY! 😛NYC-49 NYC-50 NYC-51 Jared wanted me to pay this guy for taking a picture with me…..What!!?! I thought he was crazy!! I didn’t take pictures with the dressed up people any more after that! HahaNYC-52The Naked Cowboy. Real life. He’s always there. And he makes BANK.
NYC-53 NYC-54 NYC-55Next we did some shopping! I got a new rose gold bracelet. I love how dainty it is! NYC-57 Finally, time for lunch!! We stopped in Capizzi for some nice brick-oven pizza (our favorite). NYC-58 NYC-59 NYC-60 NYC-61 NYC-62 NYC-63 I ordered a margarita pizza with pepperonis! It was incredible!! NYC-64 Jared’s pizza was loaded with meat, of course! NYC-65 NYC-66 Pizza — Good for the soul! NYC-67 NYC-68 We had to stop by this little pub and see what was happening in the World Cup game! NYC-69 It was almost time to check into our room so we went back to the hotel and hung out in the lounge area. I loved it there. So relaxing.. NYC-70 NYC-71 NYC-72 NYC-73 NYC-74 NYC-75 Finally….Our room!!!! Heaven! NYC-76 NYC-77 We crashed!! We just had to take a quick nap!! Jared turned out the soccer game and we were both snoring within minutes. That was some dang good sleep!! NYC-78Next stop: Max Brenner — The most amazing chocolate factory EVER. I’m not kidding!! We went there on our first NYC trip and decided we HAD to go back this time. Their hot chocolate is the best I have ever tasted!!!! We took a few pictures on our way to Max Brenner. We calculated that we must have walked at least 25 miles during our trip. Our feet were TOAST by the last day!!
NYC-79 NYC-80 NYC-81 I got excited EVERY SINGLE TIME I saw Jared’s chairs on the street. They are all over the place! It’s neat seeing my husband’s work in action!! And it also helps that I love the chairs!! NYC-82 NYC-83 NYC-84 NYC-85 NYC-86 Showing off my new little bracelet. NYC-87We finally made it to Max Brenner! Prepare to have jealous taste buds!! NYC-88 NYC-89 NYC-90 Does this look amazing or what?! NYC-91 NYC-92 NYC-93 NYC-94 NYC-95 NYC-96 NYC-97 NYC-98 Decisions….What to order?!?! NYC-99 NYC-100 NYC-101 Jared ordered a burger for dinner. He said it was fabulous!! NYC-102 I ordered some type of turkey sandwich thing on a waffle bun! It was good!! I didn’t really care about the food though, I just wanted dessert!! 😛 NYC-103 NYC-127 Excitement!! NYC-128 NYC-129 Oh boy!! We shared this little dessert dish! It had a molten lava chocolate cake, a chocolate shot and a scoop of vanilla icecream. The cake was SOOOOOOOO good. So gooey and perfect! NYC-130 NYC-131 NYC-132 NYC-133 Baby chocolate shot! NYC-134 NYC-135 NYC-136 We both ordered milk hot chocolate and of course that stole the show. I don’t know how they do it. It’s so thick and sweet and unbelievable perfect. I’ve never tasted hot chocolate any where near as tasty!!! NYC-137After that big meal we decided we needed to do some SERIOUS walking!!! We walked a few miles as we strolled down Broadway Street. We were amazed by the Empire State Building at night. Breathtaking. NYC-104NYC-105NYC-106NYC-107NYC-108The sky was stunning.NYC-109NYC-110NYC-111We stopped in a Japanese bar where there was a little band playing. They were surprisingly good! They sang “Problem” by Ariana Grande and I couldn’t help but sing along! NYC-112NYC-113NYC-114We also got to see this shocking breakdancing show. They guys are B-R-A-V-E! NYC-115NYC-116NYC-117NYC-118NYC-119NYC-120NYC-121I definitely thought these were real people at first. Nope, just figures! HahaNYC-123NYC-124NYC-125NYC-126Shoooo wee! That’s the end of our first day! I can’t wait to share more with you all!! I’ll be back soon!




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