New York City // Part Two

I wrote about Day 1 of our New York trip here and now it’s time to talk about day 2!! After our huge dinner/dessert experience at Max Brenner the night before, we weren’t very hungry for an early breakfast. Jared and I decided to sleep in a little bit to catch up on our lack of sleep from the previous night. We slept until about 9:00 and then decided to it was time to get ready for our excursion! We got dressed and hopped aboard the subway to go grab some breakfast. TONS of people had been telling us about the “best bagels they had ever eaten” from Ess-A-Bagel so we figured it was only appropriate to see what all the hype was about. Excepting a dreadful line, we were pleasantly surprised to see no line curling beyond the front door. We trailed inside to find a sea of people waiting in a curly line to order their bagels. I found a table and Jared waited in line to order for us.
NYC-1 NYC-2 NYC-3I decided this was the bagel I had to try! I LOVE lox!!
NYC-4 NYC-5 NYC-6 NYC-7 NYC-8 Jared ordered a bacon egg and cheese bagel.NYC-9 Look at all that cream cheese! Woah! Way too much! I had to scrape most of it off!! NYC-10 NYC-11 So, the verdict? It was good, but not as good as our favorite local spot, BB’s Bagels. We weren’t disappointed though, because we knew going in that it was be really  tough to top their bagels!! Ess-A-Bagel was good, but BB’s is a whole different level. NYC-12 NYC-13There was definitely a line when we left!! I guess we made it just in time!!
NYC-14 After breakfast we walked to a little bike rental shop where we had reserved bikes for the day.NYC-15 NYC-16 NYC-17We took pictures along the way, of course. Please ignore my weird lookin’ peeling skin in these pictures!
NYC-19 We also stopped in Nike Town! We went in their a couple of times during our trip. Jared and I are both a little obsessed with Nike. I had to take a picture with the fuel band poster! I am a huge supporter! 😛NYC-20 NYC-21 NYC-22 NYC-23 NYC-24 NYC-25 NYC-26 NYC-27Finally we picked up our bikes and headed over to Central Park. We had the BEST time. I felt so free and at peace. What a beautiful place….It was so refreshing to see SO many people outside enjoying each other’s company and the beauty of the park. People were running, walking, roller skating, biking, skate boarding, you name it!! It was packed!
NYC-28 NYC-29 NYC-30 Okay so I don’t like this picture, I think it’s pretty cheezy and my face looks weird so I wouldn’t post it EXCEPT for the fact that it has a great story!  So here it goes: Jared was setting up the tripod and I was sitting in the grass across from him waiting for the timer to begin and for Jared to run over and hop in the picture. So he gets everything set up and comes running towards me and plots down next to me. I go to kiss his cheek and I go, “Oh babe! Wait, you have dirt on your knee!” So he quickly knocks it off with his hand and quickly finds………….it wasn’t dirt……………… was POOP!! Dog poop!! That’s when I began to smell it! Oh no!! I felt soo bad! He jumped up and begin to dig his knee into the grass in an attempt to clean it off. It was so gross, but so funny at the same time. I was trying not to laugh, I promise!! He’s a trooper though and as soon as the poop was off, he came back to hop in the picture with me! Haha! I love that man!! NYC-31 Oh yeah! Model time! In our fancy outfits! 😛 Jk! We are dorks! NYC-32 NYC-33 NYC-34 This was just the best day!! I think riding bikes through Central Park was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I was in awe! NYC-35 NYC-36 NYC-37 NYC-38 NYC-39It was SCORCHING outside so we decided to cool off with some frapps!
NYC-40 NYC-41 NYC-42 We dropped our bikes off around 1:15 because we only had a 2-hour rental. We headed back to the room to get changed and freshen up. Next stop: Brooklyn Flea Market!! I had been dying to go there forever!! We were supposed to go there on the first day, of course I had this super planned out itinerary, but plans always change! NYC-48 NYC-49The flea market was really cool! There were tons of things I wanted to buy for our house!! Too bad we couldn’t stick those on an airplane!!
NYC-50So at this point it was like 3:00 and we still hadn’t had lunch! My genius husband spotted a doughnut food truck around the corner so we decided to share a doughnut. Ummm….Little did we know it was a food truck that contained the doughnuts that are voted best in NYC! These things were TO DIE FOR. I have never had a doughnut like this. It was warm. Soft. Flaky. Mmmmm. Perfect!! I couldn’t believe that some random little food truck would end up selling one of the best items I’ve ever put in my mouth!! The food truck was Dough, btw. Their shop is located in Brooklyn. NYC-43 NYC-44 So this is the doughnut we split! It was huge! And it was heaven! NYC-45 NYC-46 NYC-47 NYC-52 I bought a new hat at the Flea market! I have a huge head so I can never find hats that fit properly but I finally found one!! Hooray!! NYC-53 Jared didn’t care about anything at that flea market but he was so sweet, going from booth to booth, helping me find the perfect things!! NYC-55 NYC-56 This was such a beautiful area. I definitely wouldn’t mind living in Brooklyn!! NYC-57 NYC-59 NYC-60 NYC-61 NYC-63 NYC-64 NYC-65 Oh boy! Next we walked to the Brooklyn Bridge!! Okay, this was also one of my favorite things about trip. It was just so pretty. So huge. I felt like it had to be a picture, just unreal. NYC-66 NYC-67 NYC-68 NYC-69 NYC-70 NYC-71 NYC-72 NYC-73 NYC-74 NYC-75 NYC-76 NYC-77 NYC-80NYC-83NYC-82NYC-81 Jared has a friend at work who insisted that we get some icecream from The Brooklyn Icecream Factory…but yikes….we just had doughnuts!! But the thing is, we never had lunch….so ice cream plus doughnut equals a sufficient lunch, right?! Right!! We had decided! We were going to wait in the line long line beneath the million degree sun and try this daggum ice cream. Ummmmm…….good thing we did!!! It was the best ice cream I have EVER had! I know I keep saying that about different things but I am not exaggerating!!!! This was life changing!!! NYC-79NYC-84 NYC-85 NYC-86 NYC-87 This was just 2 scoops! We both ordered the same thing – 1 scoop of vanilla with chocolate chunks and one scoop of chocolate with chocolate chunks. It was amazing! NYC-88 Best friend ice cream cones! 😛NYC-89 NYC-90 NYC-92 It was melting soo fast!! NYC-93 We took our icecream over to a nearby tent where hundreds of people were watching the World Cup. We ended up watching the entire game and it was GREAT! NYC-94Once the game finished, we headed to China Town. I didn’t take any pictures in China Town…I guess that’s because we were on mission to knock out some serious shopping. I knew exactly what I was looking for and I didn’t want to waste time. If you’ve been to China Town you know that it’s a littttttle sketchy and that you want to get in and out! I was on the hunt for a purse, a wallet, perfume and watches. Boom!!! I found it all within 20 minutes!!! And of course I wheeled and dealed and talked their prices down! That kind of stuff doesn’t intimidate me! Jared even hopped in and negotiated the price of one of my Michael Kohrs watches! Atta boy!!! Once we were done in China Town, we headed over to Little Italy, one of the happiest places ever!!
NYC-95 NYC-96 NYC-97 NYC-98 It felt so authentic!! Here is the famous Caffe Palermo with what is said to be the best cannoli in the world!!! NYC-99 NYC-100 NYC-101 We knew we had to try one but we just weren’t sure how we were going to fit it in our bellies. We decided we would come back after dinner! NYC-102 NYC-103 NYC-104 We found an authentic italian restaurant for dinner. I can’t remember the name of it but it was AWESOME! All of the workers were older Italian men and it really made us feel like we were in Italy!!! I ordered some time of cheesy pasta and Jared ordered some type of Chicken Pesto Pasta. Both of our dishes were great! I couldn’t eat much of mine, though because I wasn’t very hungry! Sad!! I wanted to take it to go but knew I wasn’t going to be eating leftovers in NYC!! Duh!!NYC-105 NYC-106 NYC-107 And then we walked back to Caffe Palermo. There was no way we could eat another thing, but we decided to get mini canolli’s to-go. We ended up eating them the next morning! We were just stuffed!!!!

NYC-108At this point it was around 10:00 and our feet were about to fall off! We probably walked 10 miles that day! We headed back to our room and collapsed! What a day!!

I will share more of our trip in future posts! Stay tuned!!




3 thoughts on “New York City // Part Two

  1. Sounds….and looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing! I love your posts!!!! 🙂

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