New York City // Part Three

So in the last two posts I talked about Part One and Part Two of our anniversary trip! This anniversary trip was so different from our  one year anniversary trip to the beach. Last year we just straight up chilled on the beach and we were total bums! This year we stinkin’ walked our butts off and completely exhausted ourselves as we ventured through ALL of New York City! The East Side! The West Side! Manhattan! Brooklyn! I mean, every single part! By time the last day arrived we were just done for! It was so good though. Jared and I both love to explore and try new things together and that’s exactly what this trip was! It was so good to have a whole bunch of quality time with my man! Quality time is definitely my number one love language! I can never get enough of my hubby!

Anyway, so this post is all about our third day in New York City!! You may think that we couldn’t possibly fit one more thing in our mouths are see one more new sight, but you’re wrong! 😛

We woke up around 8:00 and we had planned to go out for breakfast before we attended church. However, there was just no way we could eat an early breakfast!!! So, we laid in bed until it was time to leave for church and watched Suits and each ate our mini cannoli from the night before. We were being complete bums!! It was awesome!!

So after an episode of Suits, we hopped up and got ready for the day. We walked a couple blocks to Hillsong NYC. We were beyond excited to attend Hillsong Church! Jared and I both LOVE all of the Hillsong albums and we have always talked about how cool it would be to attend the campus in New York! Well, it completely exceeded our expectations! We were greeted by the friendliest people when we walked through the doors. The church service began with a big welcome from one of the pastors and then about 5 incredible worship songs. Wow. I was on the verge of tears the entire service. The presence of the Holy Spirit was SO strong in that place. The music was so powerful. I felt so thankful to be there that morning. After worship, the offering was taken. Then, you guessed it, we sang some more! Jared and I were just so happy. We love to worship together. At our church we sing 3 songs, max, and they are on a pretty tight schedule. Don’t get me wrong, we love our church, but this spontaneous, unrehearsed service was incredible. Rich Wilkerson Jr. gave the message and it was so so good. Oh, and I forgot to mention that before they took the offering they passed out water, cookies and cupcakes and encouraged the congregation to chat with some new people and get to know each other. How cool is that?!?!?! (We passed on the cookies because we had big plans for breakfast! 😛 ) It was an amazing experience!! I am so glad we were able to attend!NYC-1 NYC-2 NYC-3

After church we walked over to Dough’s biggest rival, Doughnut Plant. We each ordered a glazed yeast donut and we shared a blueberry donut and a chocolate donut. They were great, but the doughnut from the day before was better. We decided Dough was probably better only because they doughnuts were warm. These doughnuts were still fabulous!!NYC-4 NYC-5 NYC-6 NYC-7 NYC-8 NYC-9 NYC-10 NYC-11 NYC-12Next we did a little bit of shopping! NYC-13 NYC-14

We had planned on doughnuts serving as our breakfast and lunch because church ended around 12:30, but we weren’t quite full enough so about an hour later we grabbed slices of pizza off of the street!! Holy smokes! Delish! Jared had a slice of sausage sacilian and I had a slice of white pizza! This was better than the pizza we had on the first day and it was way cheaper!!NYC-15 NYC-16 NYC-17 NYC-18 NYC-19 NYC-20 NYC-21NYC-30 NYC-22NYC-29 NYC-23 NYC-24 NYC-25NYC-28 NYC-26 NYC-27 NYC-31

Next we headed over to The Highline. This is basically just a long strip for people to walk on that is way up in the air and layered with beautiful flowers all around! We walked and walked and walked and walked! It was breath taking!! We also stopped along the way and purchased some art from an artist who sells his work on The Highline. We cannot wait to frame it and hang it in the house along with some of our NYC pictures!!NYC-32 NYC-33 NYC-34 NYC-35 NYC-36 NYC-37 NYC-38 NYC-39 NYC-40 NYC-41 NYC-44 NYC-46 NYC-47 NYC-49 NYC-52 NYC-53 NYC-54 NYC-55 NYC-56 NYC-57 NYC-58 NYC-60 NYC-61 NYC-63 NYC-67 NYC-69 NYC-70 NYC-71 NYC-72 NYC-73 NYC-74 NYC-75 NYC-76 NYC-77 NYC-78 NYC-79

Once we had walked the entire Highline, we headed over to SoHo to do some shopping! We went into the Warby Parker store and had so much fun trying on new glasses. I have one pair of Warby’s but I found a new pair that I have added to my wish list! They are SOO cute! After shopping around for a few hours, we stopped at Aroma Espresso Bar for some drinks. Jared had some freshly squeezed OJ and I had what was called an “Iced Aroma – Light”. I don’t know what was in that thing but it was way better than a Starbucks Frappachino! It was delish!!!NYC-80 NYC-81 NYC-82 NYC-83 NYC-84 NYC-86 NYC-88 NYC-92 NYC-93 NYC-94 NYC-95 NYC-96 NYC-97 NYC-98 NYC-99

We wrapped up our shopping adventure in SoHo and headed back to the hotel to freshen up. We decided to go back to Nike Town so Jared could pick up a few things he had his eye on. One of the sales associates got ahold of our camera and he was a hoot!!! Haha! NYC-100 NYC-101 NYC-102 NYC-103 NYC-104 NYC-105 NYC-106 NYC-107 NYC-108 NYC-109 NYC-110 Now some more photos of the city! NYC-111 NYC-112 NYC-113 NYC-114

We had made reservations for a steakhouse called Keens which is supposed to be impeccable, but neither of us were hungry enough for a massive steak. I told Jared he should decide what we were having dinner and he surprised me with a sushi excursion! Yum yum yum!! It was the perfect dinner!!!

NYC-115 NYC-116 NYC-117 NYC-118 NYC-119 NYC-120 NYC-121 NYC-122 NYC-123 NYC-124 NYC-125 NYC-126 NYC-127 NYC-128 NYC-129 NYC-130After dinner we headed over to the LOVE sculpture where Jared proposed in November of 2011! Here is a picture from then! I was only 19 years old! Dawwww! love-1

NYC-132 We did some more exploring and took some more photos. We are kind of obsessed! NYC-133 NYC-134 NYC-135 NYC-136 NYC-137 NYC-138 NYC-139 NYC-140 NYC-141 NYC-142 NYC-143

We walked down to Time Square on the hunt for what was supposedly the best Cheesecake in the world from Juniors. Again, we weren’t really hungry but we felt like we couldn’t leave NYC without trying it since we are such huge Cheesecake lovers. We shared a piece of plain cheesecake and ate outside overlooking the street. It was prettttttty good, but Cafe Intermezzo has better cheesecake. Like I said before, we are pretty tough critics!! 😛 NYC-144 NYC-145 NYC-146 NYC-147 NYC-148 NYC-149 NYC-150 NYC-151 NYC-152 NYC-153

We walked a million blocks back to our hotel and hung out in the restaurant there for a bit and did some people watching before we decided to hit the hay. Boy, when my head hit that pillow I was OUT. I mean, snoring within seconds! New York can really wear you out!! But I love it! 😛NYC-154 NYC-155 NYC-156 NYC-157 NYC-158 NYC-159 NYC-160 NYC-161 NYC-162

So I have one more post to share with you all! I will get it up soon!!





3 thoughts on “New York City // Part Three

  1. I think you’ve given me some ideas for places to visit! Haha. Would you believe I work right next to the highline and have NEVER been? Shame on me! Loving your posts…y’all really know how to vacation in NYC!

    1. Haha!! Well we did lots of research beforehand! Oh man! You guys need to go! It’s a great place to go walk and get some exercise! I loved it! And I loved Central Park! I would try to go there all the time!!! I need to talk to you about how you guys manage to live there! 😛

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