New York City // Part Four – The BEST cookie in the world!

If you have read the previous posts, you know that we just got back in town from a trip to New York City where we celebrated our anniversary. It was also a trip to celebrate my graduation and landing my first job! Speaking of my job, I begin working in 17 days! Can you believe it?? I’m sure the blogging will be sparse for a while as I am adjusting to my new schedules. I love structure and order so I am a little nervous to see how this new season is going to work. Jared has said that he will help a lot more in the kitchen and with cleaning now that I will be working and I am really going to need that!! I have a feeling we will eating breakfast for dinner a LOT because it’s so quick and easy! So that was a totally random side note….

Anyway, this is the last post revolving around our trip to NYC! I have a bunch of product reviews that I need to knock out so you can look for those in the near future. So far, the highlights of our trip were as follows. Day 1 : Max Brenner hot chocolate. Day 2: This is hard…Central Park, China Town, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Day 3: Hillsong NYC, The High Line – And purchasing art work! It’s difficult to narrow it down, but those are the things that stand out the most. So now, let’s talk about how day 4, our final day, compares to the others!

We woke up bright and early and packed our bags! Our checkout was at 11:00 but we didn’t want to have to go back to the hotel just to checkout, so we went ahead and did it before we went out for the day’s adventure! The concierge was kind and gladly held our luggage until we returned around 5:00. So off went went! First stop: Broadway!! We went to purchase tickets for a show! Last time we saw Sister Act on Broadway and it was awesome! I was soo looking forward to seeing a show. We had planned on seeing Wicked this time. Well, we finally made it to the ticket booth only to find out that there are no shows before 7PM on Mondays! WHAT!?!? Nooooooooooo!!! Sadness!! I pretended not to be too bummed so that Jared didn’t feel bad, but I was crushed! He said we would just have to go see a show downtown at The Fox soon which I am not mad about!!!

Next stop: breakfast at Clinton Street Baking Co.!! Oh boy!! This place has received some AMAZING reviews! We were really looking forward to this breakfast stop!! We were prepared for a dreadful wait because they are known for having about a 2-hour wait. Luckily our wait was only 45 minutes!! What did we do while we were waiting? We took pictures, of course!
NYC-1 NYC-2 NYC-3 This place was T-I-N-Y! I mean seriously!!!! I don’t even know what to compare it to…..Maybe a master bathroom!!?! Haha! I can see why there is ALWAYS a wait!
NYC-4 NYC-5 NYC-6 NYC-7Isn’t he handsome?? I hope our kiddos look like him! But I think it would be fun if they had my curly afro, too! 😛 PS – Don’t get any ideas. Kids are not coming any time soon!! Haha
NYC-8 NYC-9I love love love this dress! I recently got it at Old Navy for $12. Want to know why I love it!? It’s LONG! I can bend over with no fear of showing my toosh! And I can definitely wear it to work!! Yay! It is SO hard to find long-ish dresses! I’m only 5’7 so it shouldn’t be that difficult but for some reason I can only find short dresses!! NYC-10 NYC-11 NYC-12 NYC-13 NYC-14 NYC-15 We were finally seated, praise the Lord!!! It was almost 12:00 already and we were STARVING!! NYC-16 NYC-17 Jared decided a milkshake was necessary in order to cool off from the blazing heat outside. Haha! I didn’t object. Jared’s favorite dessert is definitely ice cream! He says the best ice cream he has EVER had was some kind of blueberry pie ice cream made by Bryers maybe? Supposedly it has actual pieces of blueberry pie in it!! I should be a sweet wife and find it and buy it for him! I never think about it though! I would probably think about it if it was something I wanted to try though! Haha! I just don’t like pie! NYC-18 NYC-19 And now for the food! I ordered the famous blueberry pancakes. They were FABULOUS. So, the pancakes themselves were pretty typically. However, the blueberry sauce on top was divine. But the best part? OMG. The maple butter!! Wow!! It had such a unique flavor. I loved it!! Jared doesn’t really like pancakes but he said he actually liked these!!NYC-20 Jared ordered french toast but subbed blueberries for the bananas. He loved it!!! Isn’t it pretty!!?!?! NYC-21 NYC-22 Yum yum yum!!!! Neither of us thought it was worth a 45 minute wait BUT that’s because we are pretty impatient and I feel like I make a pretty killer breakfast if I do say so myself so I wasn’t TOO impressed. It was still a really fun excursion though! Oh! And they told us AFTER the y brought our check that they accept cash only! How rude!!! Luckily we had cash but we don’t typically carry cash! I thought it was pretty shady that they waited until the very end of our meal to let us know! Tisk tisk! NYC-23 We went for a long walk after breakfast and discovered this wall. I LOVE the colors! NYC-24 NYC-25 NYC-26 NYC-27 NYC-28 NYC-29 NYC-30 NYC-31Next we made our way over to Battery City Park. I had seen lots of pictures of the area and really wanted to experience it with Jared!! NYC-32 NYC-33 NYC-34 NYC-35 NYC-36 It was so pretty! There was so much greenery everywhere. We found a nice like area with a bench to sit on so we could just sit and people watch. I LOVE people watching. This is what I’m usually thinking: “What a cute dress!” “How do they afford to live here?!??!” “Is that the mom of the nanny?” “Aren’t they hot in that suit?” “Yum, what ever they are eating looks good!” “I love her hair color! I wonder if I could pull that off!” Haha!!! This is what goes on inside my head. I could do it for hours. Jared was happy to just sit and cool off beneath the breeze. We walked so far to get to Battery Street Park that his back was literally SOAKED by time we arrived!!
NYC-37 I had this song stuck in my head and thought it would be the perfect time for a listen! 😛 NYC-38 Here’s my new wallet! I think this is my favorite color. It’s either this or coral, tough call! NYC-39 Ohhhhhh I forgot to mention that yesterday we went to the MAC store in Time Square and I got a new paint pot and new blush!! I am in love! Isn’t this the prettiest color you have ever seen?? NYC-40 NYC-41 Here is my new purse! It’s already stuffed!! NYC-42 Oh and this is something that has NOTHING to do with NYC but I want to share! I have discovered my favorite lip gloss EVER. Any of my friends could tell you that I LOVE lipgloss and I am constantly reapplying it. I can’t stand for my lips to be dry. Anyway, I feel like I have tried nearly every lipgloss that exists. Well, I’ve found one of my favorites!! Here it is: NYX Butter gloss! It is AMAZING! It feels so good on your lips and it is long lasting. It comes in the BEST shades, too!! My favorites are Eclair and Merengue. Go buy them! They are only $5!! Ulta typically has NYX products buy one get one half! If not, just find a coupon for $3.50 off a purchase of $10! That’s what I did! So cheap! So great!! NYC-43 More photos from Battery Street Park. They were giving sailing lessons!! How cool!!!NYC-44 NYC-45 NYC-46 NYC-47 They also had a huge food court area since there are so many offices in that area. We went in for some air conditioned relief! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus for A.C.! NYC-48 NYC-49 They had a Sprinkles Cupcake shop!!!! So cute! No, we didn’t get a cupcake!! We had bigger and better things on the agenda.. 😛 NYC-50 NYC-51 NYC-52 NYC-53 Look at the new World Trade Center!! How crazy!!!! NYC-54 NYC-55 Okay. Now for what you have all been waiting for…..THE WORLD’S BEST COOKIE. Oh my gosh. We went to Levain Bakery and our lives are forever changed. These were the BIGGEST, SOFTEST, MOST AMAZING cookies we have ever had!!! We each got 2 cookies, one to eat then and one to save! Both of us tried the chocolate chip walnut and died and went to heaven. I also ordered the dark chocolate peanut butter and ate it on the airplane. Wow wow wow. Dark chocolate + PB……..Unreal. Jared got the dark chocolate cookie and LOVED it! We both agreed that the Chocolate Chip Walnut was the best, but they were all to die for. (Yes, I realize I am talking about a cookie…. 😛 )NYC-56 NYC-57 NYC-58 NYC-59 NYC-60 So here’s the good news: THEY SHIP! What!?! Yeah!! You can have these babies shipped to your front stinkin’ door!!!!!!! But now for the bad news: 4 cookies cost $27. Sigh. That’s depressing. How can you spend $27 on cookies? Jared said it’s worth it. I think I agree….Maybe like once a year just for a treat??? Idk. If you are out there and you love me and want to give me a surprise, order me some cookies. That would be the best day ever. No other cookie can compete, not even Chick-fila’s cookie when it’s fresh out of the over. Nope. Not even close. NYC-61 NYC-62 So it was about 4:00 after our cookie experience and our flight was taking off at 8:00. We had a few more free hours to do some exploring, but we were D-O-N-E. Our feet. The sun. Our stomachs. All of it!! We felt like we had seen and eaten it all! We were POOPED! We were ready to call it quits! We headed back to the hotel, grabbed our luggage, and hopped in a Taxi!! We both fell asleep in the Taxi on the way to the airport; That’s how tired we were!!!NYC-63 So we had 3 hours until our flight boarded. We watched a few episodes of Suits and grabbed smoothies for dinner. Yum! Something healthy!! That was refreshing!!NYC-64 NYC-65 We boarded our plane and geared up to take off. So here’s a fun little story: The pilot comes on the intercom and gives us all of the needed information about our flight and introduces himself. I go, “Jared!!! That’s Sue’s husband!!!! Oh my gosh!! Ahh!! I have to tell her! I can’t believe he’s our pilot!” So my friend Sue’s husband is a Delta Pilot and she talks about him all the time (they are the cutest!!). I have never met him but of course I knew his name because she always talks about him! I’m sure that’s how people feel with Jared too, they hear his name all of the time! Anyway, I let her know ASAP that he was our pilot and she couldn’t believe it! She said he was on the last leg of this flights and that he would be coming home to her that night! Awwww!! I just thought it was so neat that he was our pilot. When he found out that Jared and I were on the flight, he apologized for the “crappy landing” and made sure to let us know that HE didn’t land the plane, the co-pilot did! Haha! NYC-66 NYC-67 NYC-68 NYC-69 NYC-70 NYC-71 NYC-72 NYC-73 NYC-74 NYC-75 NYC-76 NYC-77 NYC-78 NYC-79 Aren’t the clouds amazing?? I was dreaming about what heaven will be like. It’s so hard to even grasp! You know what else is hard to grasp? Jared and I won’t be married in heaven, but heaven will be so amazing that we won’t even be sad about it!! How crazy is that!!??! Heaven MUST  be incredible!

NYC-80 NYC-81 NYC-82 NYC-83So that’s the end of our trip!! We found our car in the airport parking lot and scooted on home! I didn’t miss ATL at all! It’s just not a city that I love! BUT it did feel great to walk into our nice, clean house!! And it felt REALLY great to crash in our own bed! There is nothing like it!

Well thanks for reading this post and the other ones if you read those too! I have loved sharing this trip with you all. It was such an amazing time!!

I will be back really really soon with some other fun things!





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