Chicago // Day 1

Jared and I just got home from our latest adventure: Chicago! I have been wanting to visit Chicago for a long time, and I am so so happy that we finally got to cross it off the bucket list! We love traveling and exploring new cities. Chicago is definitely one of my favorite places I’ve visited. Here are just a  few reasons that I love Chicago:

  •  The people are so friendly.
  • The city is clean and it doesn’t stink.
  • There is so much history in Chicago, and the architecture is breathtaking!
  • The shopping is great.
  • The food is unreal, especially the deep dish pizza!
  • The weather is a dream!!! Well, at least in the summer is it! It was about 65 degrees the entire time we were there!
  • It’s walkable and very exercise friendly – There are runners and bikers everywhere!

Those are just a few reasons! Hopefully you will be able to see through these next couple of blog posts just how awesome the city really is!

So, we got to the airport bright and early! We left our house at 4:30AM! Luckily we are morning people, otherwise that would have been brutal! Once we arrived at the airport, we grabbed some coffee.

Chicago-1 Chicago-2 Chicago-4 We got to see the sunrise which was breathtaking.Chicago-5Chicago-6 Chicago-7 We finally boarded the plane and we were ready for take off! The flight was less than two hours. Chicago-9The new season of our favorite show (Suits) just aired! Yay! We watched episode one on the airplane.
Chicago-10Chicago-11 Chicago-12 Chicago-13 Then we played some Sudoku. Chicago-14 Chicago-15 And before we knew it, we had arrived! Chicago is one hour behind us, so we arrived at 8AM, just in time to grab some breakfast! Chicago-16Chicago-17 But before we could grab breakfast, we had to use Uber to get to our hotel and drop off our luggage.Chicago-18 Chicago-19 Chicago-20 We dropped off our stuff and went for a stroll! Chicago-21It was cool when we arrived, and very muggy. My straight hair became poofy and curly in a matter of no time! Whoops!!
Chicago-22 Chicago-23 Chicago-24 We stopped for breakfast at the cutest cafe called La Briola.Chicago-25 Chicago-26 Chicago-27 Chicago-28 Chicago-29 Chicago-30Chicago-1I ordered an omelette with provolone, sausage and kale. It also came with potatoes and some bread. It was delish!Chicago-10Chicago-9Chicago-8Jared ordered some kind of breakfast skillet. He said it was great!Chicago-7Chicago-6Chicago-5Chicago-4Chicago-3Chicago-2 After breakfast we began exploring. We didn’t have much on our itinerary for our first day besides dinner at Lou Malnati’s. We visited the Tribune Tower. It was so pretty and intricate.
Chicago-31 Chicago-32 Chicago-33 Chicago-34 Chicago-35 All of the buildings were huge  and beautiful!Chicago-36We walked along the river (Lake Michigan). The water so UNREAL. It was pretty much my favorite color, a greenish-blueish.
Chicago-37Chicago-38 Chicago-39 Then we got tickets for the Chicago Architecture River Cruise. This was a 75 minute tour of the city, and there was a guide telling us the significance of the buildings. It was so interesting!!! We loved it! Chicago-43 Chicago-46 Chicago-47 Chicago-48 Chicago-49The TRUMP tower was SOOOO pretty!Chicago-11Chicago-55Chicago-54Chicago-53Chicago-52Chicago-51
Chicago-49Chicago-48The building with the gold at the top (Yes, it’s real gold) was made to look like a Champagne bottle!! How cool!Chicago-47Chicago-46Chicago-45Chicago-44Chicago-43Chicago-38These town homes cost million(s) of dollars. Chicago-37Chicago-35Chicago-34Chicago-33Chicago-31These are the corn cob buildings. 🙂 Chicago-30Chicago-28Chicago-26Chicago-25Chicago-24Chicago-23Chicago-20Chicago-19Chicago-18Chicago-17Chicago-14Chicago-12 Chicago-50 Chicago-51 Chicago-52 Chicago-54Once the tour ended, we did some more shopping. We went to Dylan’s Candy Bar and it was SO neat. Dylan is Ralph Lauren’s daughter. Talk about a successful family!  We had to take photos of the furniture because Jared’s company sold it to them! 🙂Chicago-59Chicago-62Chicago-61Chicago-60 Chicago-56 Chicago-57 Chicago-58 Chicago-59 Chicago-60 Chicago-61 Chicago-62 Chicago-63 Chicago-64 Chicago-65 Chicago-66 Chicago-67We bought a White Chocolate Bar and it was the best candy bar I have ever had. We said that we would go back later during our trip to get another one, but we never did. Chicago-63 We decided to check into our room at the Allerton and get settled in. I loved our hotel! Chicago-68 Chicago-69 Chicago-70 Chicago-71 Chicago-72 Chicago-73 Chicago-74Once we got settled in, we headed out for some more shopping. Jared wasn’t too thrilled to be shopping at the MAC store, but luckily I made it quick! 🙂
Chicago-64Chicago-65Chicago-66Finally, it was time for dinner! We ate deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s and it was the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life. That’s saying a lot, because pizza is my favorite food! You can read more about our experience at Lou Malnati’s here.Chicago-67Chicago-86Just a slice of heaven, that’s all! Chicago-96After dinner: more shopping and exploring! Chicago-103Chicago-105 We happened to stumble upon the Hershey’s factory and all of their desserts looked amazing. I knew we had to get something, even though we weren’t hungry at all! Jared and I shared the Chocolate Chunk Supreme Cookie. Man oh man. It was so soft and gooey and heavenly. I bet everything they sell is delish!Chicago-75 Chicago-76 Chicago-77 Chicago-78 Chicago-79 Here’s our huge cookie! Chicago-80 Chicago-81 Chicago-82 Yum in my tum! Chicago-83 Chicago-84 Chicago-85 Chicago-86 Chicago-87And that was the end of our first day in Chicago!! We were there for four days, so I have a couple more posts coming your way! I hope you enjoyed this first one! We love taking photos while traveling.

I want to give a big thank you to Lou Malnati’s for welcoming us into their restaurant and for the excellent service and incredible meal! You guys rock! Make sure you check out our review of Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Pizza! It was unbelievable!

I will post again tomorrow about about day 2, so stay tuned!




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