Chicago // Day 2

So we took a trip to Chicago in search of adventure, good food, and a fun time! We found all of those things. In case you missed my post about our first day in Chicago, you can find it here. Basically, our agenda for day one looked like this:

  1. Airport
  2. Breakfast @ La Briola Cafe
  3. Architecture River Cruise
  4. Shopping (MAC, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Nike Factory)
  5. Dinner @ Lou Malnati’s
  6. Dessert @ The Hershey Factory

Now on to day 2!

We went to bed around 9:00 on our first night, yes, we’re old folks, and we woke up around 6AM the next day. It was about 60 degrees out, and we decided to put on our running clothes and go for a run along the water front. We ran a couple miles and it was SO much fun. I felt so much gratitude during the entire run. I really couldn’t get over how many people were starting their day off with a morning run through the city! If I lived there, I would love to do that all the time!! I loved running along the water. There were people with swim caps in the water swimming! The water had to have been freezing because it was so cold outside. I think they were training for a triathlon…I was inspired!

Chicago-1We finished our run at our breakfast spot: Sunny Side Up! When Jared and I had first gotten married, he had to travel to Chicago for a trade show. I was so sad that I couldn’t go with him. One morning on the trip, he went for a run and then ate breakfast outside at this same spot. I wanted to re-live that experience with him, which is why we chose to eat there! I am so thankful he doesn’t have to travel anymore. Thank you Lord for knowing my heart and meeting my needs. 🙂
Chicago-2 Chicago-3 Chicago-7 Chicago-8 Chicago-9 Chicago-10 Chicago-11 We started out just like any other morning, with black coffee!Chicago-12 Chicago-13 Chicago-14 It was so nice to have something warm in my hands….It was seriously so chilly outside! This gray hoodie was the only warm thing I packed!! Chicago-15 Chicago-16I ordered smoked salmon benedict from breakfast with some breakfast potatoes. It was really yummy! I just love salmon. Chicago-17 Jared ordered something crazy looking…It was called Croque Madame and it was basically two piece of thick bread with ham in-between and a fried egg on top with some type of creamy sauce. He LOVED it!!! He was so glad he ordered it! I tried a bite, and it really was delicious! Somehow he always manages to pick the tastier meal whenever we go out! Haha!Chicago-18 Chicago-19 Chicago-20After breakfast, we headed back to the hotel to change and get ready for the day!
Chicago-21 Chicago-22 Chicago-23 Since my hair got really frizzy the day before, I decided I would be wearing my hair curly for the remainder of the trip. It’s just sooooo much easier to manage! 
Chicago-25 Next, we headed to Eataly for a guided tour. Eataly is all sorts of amazing, and I have a whole separate post alllllll about it! Be sure to check it out!  You can find that post here. Experiencing Eataly was one of my favorite parts of our entire trip! Eataly-2Eataly-6Eataly-20Eataly-33Eataly-128Eataly-134Eataly-136Eataly-111Eataly-100
Once we left Eataly, we began walking to Skydeck Chicago. It was about a 3 mile walk (we did LOTS of walking/running on our trip!). The weather was kind of yucky, so Jared and I shared an umbrella on our venture. 🙂
Chicago-1Chicago-4Chicago-5Chicago-6We had to stop and stare at this car for about 5 minutes. Jared loved it!! Chicago-7Chicago-8Chicago-10Chicago-11Chicago-12Chicago-14Chicago-15Chicago-16Chicago-17Chicago-18Chicago-19We finally made it to Skydeck! I have an entire post dedicated to Skydeck Chicago because they were kind enough to invite us to experience this attraction during our Chicago visit. You can find the post all about our experience here. I highly recommend this attraction! It was so neat!!Chicago-22Chicago-24Scary!! Chicago-42Chicago-44It was still drizzling when we left Skydeck, so we whipped out the umbrella again. Jared wanted me to stop here for a photo op. He’s the cutest. Chicago-56Chicago-58

We walked a couple miles back to our hotel, changed into some comfy clothes, and took a nice long nap! Haha!! Are we party animals or what?!?! We napped for about two hours, and then decided it was time for some dinner. It was still drizzling, so we decided to run there and embrace the rain! 😛

We ate at XOCO which received awesome reviews on Yelp and Foursquare, and I completely understand why!! This is a Mexican restaurant that carries really unique dishes, and numerous different sandwiches. Chicago-60Chicago-61Chicago-62I ordered a sandwich that had chicken, queso fresco, peppers, and mexican slaw. Jared ordered a Cubano, and once again, he made the better choice; His sandwich was amaaaaazzzzzzzing! I mean, anything with avocado usually is! I was nervous to try his sandwich because it had mustard (sick) but you couldn’t even taste it!! I loved my sandwich too! Chicago-63Chicago-64Chicago-65This was some kind of really really sweet mango juice. Too sweet, to be honest! It kind of hurt our bellies! Chicago-66Chicago-67For dessert, we ordered their famous churros with chocolate dipping sauce. They were delicious! This was my first time every trying a churro! 

After dinner we did a little bit of exploring and then headed back to the hotel to watch a movie and relax. Day two was jam packed, but we loved every second of it! A big huge thank you for Eataly and Skydeck Chicago for welcoming us!!

You can find the post about our Eataly visit here.

Read about our experience at Skydeck Chicago here.

I’ll be back soon with a post for day 3! Stay tuned!





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