Skydeck Chicago

As I mentioned in my previous post (here), we got to visit Skydeck Chicago during our second day in the big city!! You can read more about all of the things we did on our second day in this post. The Skydeck in located in the Willis Tower, otherwise known as the Sears Tower. This is a very popular tourist attraction, and one that I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Chicago! Chicago-21 Chicago-22 Basically, you walk in, go up an elevator, purchase your tickets, go 103 floors up another really fast elevator, and then you have reached the view at the top! There are tons and tons of windows for you to look our at the view through, but there is one specific space that people really cling to: The Ledge! Keep reading to find out more about The Ledge.Chicago-23 We went on a day that was kind of gloomy, so we weren’t quite sure if we would get a good view of the city, but we totally did!! Chicago-24 Chicago-25 Chicago-26 Chicago-28 Chicago-29 Chicago-30 Chicago-31 The view from the top is amazing! Even though it was foggy outside, we could see so much of the city! Chicago-32 Chicago-33 Chicago-34 This is The Ledge. Basically, it’s a glass box that protrudes from the building and people walk out onto it and have their photo taken. It doesn’t seem like it would be that nerve wrecking, but when you go to step out and you see that you are 1,353 feet in the air, your heart begins to beat really fast! Chicago-35 Jared was really nervous! I told him to stand in the corner and lean up against the glass and he wouldn’t! The guy behind us was literally freaking out. His wife forced him to step out, but he only stayed there long enough to snap one photo! Chicago-36 Chicago-37 Chicago-38 Chicago-39 Chicago-40 Chicago-41 Chicago-42 Chicago-43 Chicago-44 Chicago-45 Chicago-46Here is a better representation of  The Ledge. So scary! Chicago-47 Chicago-48 Chicago-49 There are some awesome shops at the top of the building with really cool gifts and souvenirs. I loved this shirt! Chicago-50 Chicago-51 Chicago-52 Chicago-53 Chicago-54 Chicago-55This was truly an unforgettable experience! I am so glad that we went!! If you are planning to visit Chicago, this is one attraction that you should make a priority! It was so much fun! You can find out more about Skydeck here.

Thanks for welcoming us, Skydeck!

Read all about our second day in Chicago here.




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