Chicago // Day 3

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by! So far I have posted a couple blogs about our Chicago adventure. You can click on the links below to catch up if you would like!
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On the morning of our third day in Chicago, we decided to wake up and run to The Bean and then explore Millennium Park. The Bean was just the coolest thing!! It was SO huge!! We took quite a lot of pictures!Chicago-22 Chicago-5 Chicago-6 Chicago-7 Chicago-8 Chicago-10 Chicago-11 Chicago-13 Chicago-14 Chicago-21

There was a yoga session taking place at Millennium Park. It was so neat to see how many people were awake and had already walked to the park for their 8AM yoga session! 
Chicago-17Chicago-18Chicago-19Chicago-23There was a beautiful garden at Millennium Park that we spent quite  bit of time exploring. It was so peaceful and pretty.Chicago-24Chicago-25Chicago-26Chicago-27Chicago-28Chicago-29Chicago-30Chicago-31Chicago-32Chicago-33Chicago-34Chicago-35Chicago-36We continued exploring and began making our way to breakfast at The Doughnut VaultWe made the mistake of wearing exercise clothes for most of the morning, and we were FREEZING! Everyone else was bundled up and we were just walking around in shorts! We felt pretty silly…Chicago-37Chicago-38We made our way to Crown Fountain next.  The fountain consists of two 50-foot glass block towers at each end of a shallow reflecting pool. The towers show pictures of Chicago citizens, which is pretty cool! Every couple of minutes, the mouths spew water!
Chicago-41Chicago-42Chicago-43We finally made it to The Doughnut Vault around 8:30 and they didn’t open until 9:00. We froze as we waited in line, but we knew it would be so worth it! 🙂 I have an entire post dedicated to this amazing place….You can click here to read all about it! These were some delicious doughnuts, that’s for sure!! Chicago-44Chicago-60DoughnutVault-15After we ate breakfast, we sat underneath the sun for about an hour and just let it soak into our skin! It felt sooooo good to be out of the shade and basking in the sun! Then we set out to do some shopping! I failed to take pictures during this portion of the day, but we went to Forever21, Zara, Nike (again), and a couple of other stores. I loved Zara! We found some great things there!

After shopping, we headed back to the hotel to shower and get cozy for a little bit. We laid in the bed and read our books for a little while and rested our feet. By 3:00, we had already walked/ran 8 miles! Around 5:00 we headed to dinner for our second deep dish pizza experience – this time at Giordano’s! Chicago-1Chicago-2Chicago-3Chicago-4Chicago-5Chicago-6Chicago-7Chicago-8Chicago-9Chicago-10Chicago-11We took pictures while we were waiting on our pizza to come out, of course! We ordered our pizza when we walked in, and then we had to wait about 30 minutes for our table. By the time we were seated, our pizza was ready! They brought it out almost immediately! It’s a pretty cool system they have there! Chicago-12Chicago-13Chicago-14Chicago-15Chicago-16Chicago-17And then it arrived!! We ordered a small sausage and pepperoni deep dish pizza. This small was bigger than the small at Lou Malnati’s. I prefer the size of the other one. This one was too big for two people. So, this pizza was good, but no where near as good as Lou Malnati’s. We visit Rosati’s every once in a while, which is  a Chicago style pizza place down the road from us. The pizza we ordered from Giordano’s tasted almost identical to Rosati’s, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we were hoping for a unique experience, similar to the one we had a Lou Malnati’s.
Chicago-18Chicago-19It was cheesy, that’s for sure!!
Chicago-20Chicago-21We had a great time eating on the patio and just dreaming about the future. We did lots of that on this trip! We are both very excited about what God has in store for the future! Almost so excited that we are having a hard time waiting!!! 😛
Chicago-22Chicago-24Chicago-23After dinner, we walked to the Navy Pier. There were TONS of people there, and we did lots of people watching. That’s one of my favorite things to do! Boy oh boy, some of the outfits….I just don’t know what people are thinking sometimes. I saw so many girls wearing shorts that were so tight and small that they had permanent wedgies!! No thanks!!!!! Haha!Chicago-31Chicago-32Chicago-33Chicago-34
The Navy Pier offers a great view of the city! We asked a stranger to take this picture for us and it is almost in focus…Haha! Hey, we can’t be picky, right?Chicago-35Chicago-36Chicago-37Chicago-38They made me throw out my dry shampoo before boarding the plane at the airport…..It was so sad!! I had literally just purchased it before we left, so I hated to throw it away, unused!!! Oh well. Worse things have happened!! But anyway, my hair could have definitely used some dry shampoo this night! Chicago-39Chicago-40Chicago-41Chicago-42Chicago-43Chicago-44Chicago-25\

Once we left the Navy Pier, we explored  a Whole Foods for a good half hour. I don’t know what it is, but I love looking around grocery stores!! Haha! Jared doesn’t quite understand either, but he goes along with it!

So that was our third day in Chicago! It consisted of The Bean, Millennium Park, The Doughnut Vault, Shopping, Nap Time, Giordanos, and The Navy Pier! It wasn’t as busy at day 2, which was nice! My favorite part of the day was the early morning when we got to explore Millennium Park and The Bean!!

Be sure to check out my post about The Doughnut Vault! (here) We loved that place!

Stay tuned for our final post from day 4 of our Chicago trip!

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