The Doughnut Vault – Chicago

Holy guacamole. There is something just so happy about doughnuts. They are so pretty. And delicious. And fun. And just happy. Don’t you agree?? As I mentioned in this post, we had the opportunity to visit The Doughnut Vault during our Chicago adventure last week. I had read really really good things about this place, so I had pretty high expectations.

We arrived 30 minutes before they opened, and a line was already wrapped around the building. I knew that was a sign that these doughnuts would be a real treat!

This place is literally a little tiny vault nestled in the bottom of a tall building. I asked someone who was waiting in the line if there was seating inside, because we were freeeeeezing outside, and they laughed at me! There is definitely not seating inside! The place is tiny! But they have a really cute area to sit at outside! 
Chicago-45 Chicago-46 Chicago-47 Chicago-48 Chicago-49 Chicago-50 Chicago-51 There coffee is only $1! Heck yeah! That’s any coffee lover’s dream, right?! Chicago-52 We finally made it inside, and I got to see for myself what exactly the “vault” was like on the inside. It was so pretty and elegant!!!! I loved the beautiful chandeliers, and the brick walls. Chicago-53 Chicago-54 Chicago-55 Chicago-56 Chicago-57 Chicago-58 Chicago-59 DoughnutVault-10The girl working at the counter was just so sweet! She was so patient with everyone in line, explaining what each donut was, offering up suggestions, and explaining what the texture of each doughnut was like. When Jared and I finally reached the counter to order, she insisted that we try one of each type of donut, so we could get a good feel for what the Doughnut Vault is all about. I didn’t decline her offer!! Chicago-60Doughnut heaven, right???? They offer such a huge variety of donuts! Some are filled, some are cake donuts, some are your standard glazed type doughnuts. One thing is for sure: they are all amazing!! DoughnutVault-12This is the Gingerbread Stack doughnut. You get three of these bad boys when you order the Gingerbread Stack. They taste like homemade doughnuts that you might make at home! They were warm, soft, sugary, and delightful! I loved the texture of this doughnut. DoughnutVault-3DoughnutVault-4DoughnutVault-14This is the Old Fashioned Buttermilk doughnut. She said this was the most popular doughnut, so she threw in two! Haha! I can definitely see why these are so popular. Wow. They are so moist, that they are almost doughy, in the best way possible! They are so unique in that the inside is soooo dense. The glaze on the outside almost seeps into the crevices of the doughnut. This one was perfection! DoughnutVault-15DoughnutVault-28This bad boy is the Chocolate Glazed Doughnut. Not only was it the size of my head, but it was so flavorful and rich! It had a flakey inside which was light and fluffy, and I loved it!! DoughnutVault-16DoughnutVault-2DoughnutVault-27Now this here was a really unique doughnut. It’s called the Chestnut Glazed Doughnut, and it has such an awesome flavor. It almost tastes like caramel! It was SO good! This was definitely one of my favorites!! Along with the Old Fashioned Buttermilk! This doughnut + coffee is just too good to be true!
DoughnutVault-26Here we have the Vanilla Glazed Doughnut, with the Cinnamon Stack sneaking in for an appearance as well. The Vanilla Glazed was so great. There was just the right amount of glaze, and it coated the entire (huge) doughnut. Yum! DoughnutVault-22DoughnutVault-24Oh boy! Now for the flavor of the day: White Chocolate Cake Doughnut! This was truly something special! It tasted like I was literally eating a piece of wedding cake with white chocolate frosting. It was heaven. It was SO so dense, which I loved!!! This was also one of my favorites. Wow…I think they were all my favorites! DoughnutVault-20DoughnutVault-25Here we have a birthday cake doughnut hole. These doughnut holes were large, which was awesome! I don’t really think you can go wrong with vanilla glaze and sprinkles. These bad boys were fantastic! DoughnutVault-18The coffee was wonderful! We sipped on our coffee and tried all the doughnuts while sitting on the side of a street downtown. We ran off with our box of doughnuts and hunted for a spot with lots and lots of sunshine! It was a really cold morning, and we really needed to thaw out!DoughnutVault-23DoughnutVault-17DoughnutVault-21DoughnutVault-19DoughnutVault-6DoughnutVault-5DoughnutVault-7DoughnutVault-13DoughnutVault-8DoughnutVault-9Be sure to check out The Doughnut Vault online and stop by if you are visiting Chicago! There are tons of different doughnut shops in the city, but I’m not sure that a better doughnut than these exists!

I want to give a big thank you to The Doughnut Vault for welcoming us during our visit to Chi Town! We had the best experience!

You can find the post all about our 3rd day in Chicago by clicking here!




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