Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits – Chicago

As I mentioned in my previous post, we had the opportunity to visit the very well known breakfast joint in Chicago known as Bang Bang! Pie & Biscuits. We had heard wonderful things about this spot, and we knew it would truly be something special.

We arrived about 30 minutes before opening, and a line had already formed. In my mind, this is a really good sign! The food must be good! A Chicago native who was waiting in line next to us told us that there is always a line wrapped around the building, even in the coldest months! Wow!! BangBangPie-1 BangBangPie-2 BangBangPie-3 BangBangPie-4Bang Bang! Pie & Biscuits has the cutest decor, and really great atmosphere. We felt so at home as soon as we walked through the doors.
BangBangPie-5 BangBangPie-6 BangBangPie-7 BangBangPie-8 BangBangPie-9 BangBangPie-10 As we were waiting in line, an employee began passing out freshly made coconut macarons! They were unreal. Seriously. Jared and I both wanted more! I thought it was so neat that they passed out free treats for their guests who were patiently waiting in line. I love good customer service!BangBangPie-11 BangBangPie-12 This restaurant is the type where you order at the counter, so we began looking at the menu before we made it inside. They had a variety of options on their menu, and everything sounded delish! I had a hard time picking what to order!BangBangPie-13Eventually, we ordered and found our way to a seat. We decided to eat outside in the shade, because it felt so nice out. The outdoor seating made it feel like we were in someone’s backyard, just eating breakfast with all of our friends. I loved it!
BangBangPie-14 BangBangPie-15 BangBangPie-16 BangBangPie-17 We typically order coffee with breakfast, but since we rode our bikes to breakfast, we were too hot for that! We opted for ice water instead. BangBangPie-18 BangBangPie-19 BangBangPie-20 BangBangPie-21 BangBangPie-22 And then it arrived; All of our wonderfully smelling food. It was oooooh so beautiful!! Jared ordered the sausage and cheese biscuit with homemade jam. I ordered a plain biscuit which came with homemade jam and butter. I also ordered a side of candied bacon, because I had a really good feeling about it!

The hostess picked out some pie for us, ones that were really popular, she said. We ended up the with the honey pie, which was honey custard, shortbread crust, and blueberry compote. Holy moly. It was to die for. We also got some rhubarb pie. Let me just say that everything was amazing. BangBangPie-23Jared raved about his sausage biscuit, so I had to try a bite for myself. Oh my word. It was SOO good. It had such a unique flavor. The sausage patty is made with ginger and sage, and it was so tasty!
BangBangPie-24 BangBangPie-25BangBangPie-34I decided to order a simple, plain biscuit, because I wanted to taste how good the biscuits themselves were, with nothing else on them. First of all, the thing probably weighed 3 pounds. It was SO dense! It was sweet, and moist, and so so fresh. I decided to spread some homemade jam on it, and that took it took a whole new level! Seriously, this biscuit was the bomb. BangBangPie-27 The candied bacon was on point. I had to give Jared a couple pieces because he was kind of jealous, but who can blame him!? This bacon was so thick! It was crispy and chewy at the same time, which was so awesome! I need to learn how to make this bacon at home, asap, because it was so much better than any other bacon I have ever had! BangBangPie-28 BangBangPie-29Each of the pies we tried were exceptional! The honey custard pie was really unique. It was sweet, but not overpowering. The honey flavor wasn’t overpowering. The crust was soft and chewy, and the flavor of the shortbread was amazing. The custard consistency was perfect, too. It wasn’t too firm, or too soft, just perfectly smooth. I loved this pie. This one was my favorite!
BangBangPie-30 BangBangPie-31

Jared’s favorite was the rhubarb pie. I loved this pie too, but it was just so different from the honey pie because it’s not a custard pie. This pie was full of flavor, and it tasted so fresh! It was sweet, but also had a bit of tartness. The tartness along with the streusel on top was perfection. You could tell that each of these pies were so fresh! BangBangPie-32 BangBangPie-33

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits, and we were so glad that we went! It was away from the craziness of the city, which was a nice change of pace. There are tons of cute shops in this same area, and The 606 is right around the corner which is definitely worth checking out!

I want to say a big huge thank you to Bang Bang! for welcoming us during our visit. We loved your little breakfast spot, and we hope to be back in the future!




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