Chicago // Day 4

 Hi friends! If you have been keeping up with the blog, then you know I’ve been doing a series of blog posts surrounding our visit to Chicago. We had such an amazing time! This post is all about our 4th and final day in Chicago. By this point, we had pretty much crossed everything off of our list, and seen soo much of Chicago. This day was all about biking and exploring and just soaking in our final hours of Chicago.

So, to begin our day, we rented some Divvy BikesWe love to rent bikes when we are visiting new places, especially when our feet are tired from all of the walking. We rented bikes when we visited Nashville and also when we visited Chattanooga. These bikes are so neat because it only costs $7 to rent the bike, and you get to ride it ALL day! You just have to check your bike into a dock every 30 minutes, and there are docks ALL over the place!! We had so much fun riding bikes!

Once we got our bikes all set up, and set off for a 5 mile ride to Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits for breakfast! I have an entire post dedicated to sharing our experience at Bang Bang!, and you can find it here. We loved this little hole in the wall breakfast spot!
Chicago-1 Chicago-2Breakfast was fantabulous!
Chicago-3 After breakfast, we biked some more! We rode all along The 606 and had such a great time. There were tons and tons and tons of people outside enjoying the sunshine! We covered about 12 miles on our bikes this day! My toosh was definitely sore by the end of the day! Chicago-4 Chicago-5 Chicago-6 Chicago-7 Chicago-8 Chicago-9 Chicago-10 We began heading back toward our hotel since we were departing later that day. As we were riding, I spotted Intelligentsia Coffee and I knew we had to stop! I had read really great things about this coffee shop, and we just so happened to be in need of some caffeine! We didn’t have any coffee at breakfast because we were so hot from our long bike ride! We ordered Iced Lattes at the coffee shop and they were wonderful! We savored them! This was the first day that it was actually hot in Chicago, so this was a really nice refresher! Chicago-11 Chicago-12 Chicago-13 Chicago-14 Around 3:00 made it back to Magnificent Mile which is where we were staying. We needed to head to the airport at 5:00, so we decided to grab a quick lunch/dinner at our new obsession: Eataly! We shared the Emiliano Panani and it was literally the best panini I have ever had!! It was so fresh tasting and light!Chicago-15 Chicago-16 Chicago-20 Chicago-21 Chicago-22By the time we had finished eating and roamed around Eataly while “00000h-ing & ahhhh-ing” for a while, it was time to pick up our luggage and head to the airport. We were ready to be back home and in our comfy bed! We love traveling, but there is no place like home! This was our final (iPhone) photo before our departure from Chicago! So long! We shall meet again, Chicago!
   I hope you’ve enjoyed all of these posts about our Chicago adventure! Be sure to check out the post about Bang Bang! Pie & Biscuits here! This was one of our favorite meals in Chicago!

Thanks for reading! We would love to hear your suggestions for places we should travel next!

Be back soon!




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