We’re Pregnant!

Sooo…The news is out! We’re having a baby!! What!!!??!! We are just beyond excited! Jared and I talked about our desire to have children on our very first date, and we have been looking forward to this season of life ever since we got married! This post will be going out late, since I haven’t announced it to the world just yet, so I am probably around 11 or 12 weeks if you are reading this post now! 🙂

Baby_duPlooy Baby_Announcement-1 Baby_Announcement-2

So, when did we find out?! Well, after getting off of birth control this fall, we knew it was likely that I could get pregnant in November. However, we did not think it would happen after just one month of trying, so our hopes weren’t really up. So, I took 3 early response tests over Thanksgiving break, and they all came back negative. According to my “calculations”, if I was pregnant, it should have been showing up. So, it didn’t happen that month, in our minds!!

It was on Monday, December 7th, that we decided we wanted a dog!! We were heading to dinner with clients, and we spent the entire drive on the phone with a breeder in Suwanee, and we were planning to go to look at some puppies later that week! We were pumped about getting a puppy! So, after dinner, I really wanted some brownies, so we ran into Kroger to get some, and I decided to grab a pregnancy test just in case!! We got home, I preheated the oven for the brownies, and Jared plopped down on the couch with his laptop to continue researching dogs. I walked into the bathroom to take the test, and it IMMEDIATELY showed two lines. I have taken TONS of pregnancy tests through out our marriage because I’m always paranoid, and I have never seen two lines. I was literally speechless. My heart was racing! I didn’t know what to do except flush the toilet, and go stick the test in front of Jared’s face. After a couple seconds, he realized that it was positive, and he was in shock. He said, “WHAAAAT??? The is NO way!!!” Haha! The box of tests came with two, so I ran into the bathroom and forced out a couple more drops of pee, and again, immediately positive.

Welp, looks like we are gonna be scratching the dog idea if this is real!! We still couldn’t believe it, it just happened too quickly!! We ran to Walmart and bought two different boxes of tests, just to be sure. I took all of them that night, even one that was electronic. All 5 tests that I took that night were positive. Woah. I was 4 weeks pregnant when we found out. We were ECSTATIC!!

So what to do now??????

Well, I called my OB the next day and found that I would be able to go in for my scheduled appointment on December 22nd and also have a confirmation of pregnancy appointment and hear the heart beat! How amazing!

We took this picture the morning after, because we realized we didn’t take a picture the night we found out. We were still in shock the next morning! Haha!! And I had to go to work and pretend like nothing happened!

This was the night we found out… 🙂 I ended up taking 5 tests because I just couldn’t believe it! I also took another one the next morning! Haha! (They were all positive!)


 I tried out some different “pregnancy smoothies” because at the beginning, most breakfast foods sounded SICK! Almost immediately after finding out I was pregnant, the thought of coffee became repulsive! How nuts! I am typing this post at 8 weeks pregnant, and I still am not drinking coffee! I have always been a huge coffee drinker, so this is very weird! Other than that, I really felt no symptoms! No nausea, no nothing! Knock on wood!!!  I immediately ordered this journal. I have been loving writing in it!
 We went to a fun Christmas work party that week. Everything was delish. I ate soo much! I looked like I was 20 weeks pregnant after that meal! Oh boy. I wanted really unhealthy food in the beginning. This Chinese was life changing. So so good.

We did a couple photo shoots/weddings right after we found out! Keeping secrets is SOOOO hard!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

  Still in shock and wondering when it will feel real!?

So that’s how we found out and this is pretty much all that took place during the 5th week! We also told our parents during the 5th week, and it was SOO much fun!! I will share those videos soon!

I will continue to post more updates throughout my pregnancy! We are just so so excited! 🙂

Thank you for being excited with us!! It makes this journey even more fun!





7 thoughts on “We’re Pregnant!

  1. Congrats! I just had my first baby almost 3 months ago! Being pregnant was such a fun and interesting adventure! Chinese food was one of my biggest cravings during my pregnancy! Looking forward to more pregnancy posts!

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