7 Weeks Pregnant!

 So..I’m 7 weeks preggers! This past week we got to go to the doctor and hear the hearbeat for the first time!!!

I am feeling really good at 7 weeks! My only symptoms are sore boobs – like woah sore…., lots of cramping (which is scary!!), and fatigue!! Major fatigue! The worst part has been the cramping though, because it scares me that something bad is happening. It just feels like really bad period cramps. Supposedly it is just my uterus stretching.  I’m still not drinking coffee, either. Strange!

The week before Christmas break at school was crazy. I was bombarded with sweets, and I ate tons!!! Yikes!! My stomach hurt pretty much every day that week. Too. Much. Sugar!

Okay, I didn’t eat all of these cookies at least!    On a random note…This was really weird because it’s not like me, but we went out for ribs during my 6th week. I didn’t plan on ordering ribs, but Jared ordered them, and all of the sudden I wanted them too!  They were good, but they really hurt my tummy and made me so bloated!
This was one of my favorite gifts from my students. I just love this mug!!!  My kiddos really spoiled me this year!Oh, fatigue. I have been going to bed at 8:00 every night. Poor Jared!!! We have had to start cutting movies into two parts because I literally cannot make it through an entire movie…even if we start it at 6:00!
This breakfast was AMAZING!! It was an english muffin with avocado and scrambled eggs. I was so happy to find a tasty breakfast! Most of my usual breakfast foods have not been sounding very good. 

AHHHH!! The highlight of the week! We got to go to the doctor and see the heartbeat! I was 6 weeks 2 days, and I was really nervous that they wouldn’t be able to see anything. The doctor spotted the heartbeat immediately though, and I took a huge sigh of relief. Best. Day. Ever! Jared recorded our experience at the doctor and I will post it soon! Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

After the doctor’s appointment, I wanted to go grab some calzones from my favorite place ever. This thing hit the stinkin’ spot! It was such a fun day!! I had knots in my stomach all morning leading up to that appointment. I was so glad to hear good news!
I was supposed to go to dinner with some girlfriends that week, but I was literally just too tired to drive to meet them. So, I decided to bail, and break the news to them at the same time!!! They took this picture and sent it to me! Haha! I love them! These are literally some of the most amazing people on the planet!!
I have been craving e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! Seriously. My mom always made the most amazing philly cheese steak sandwiches, and I wanted one so bad! Jared and attempted to make them ourselves, and they were pretty good, but they just weren’t the same! I used wayyyy to many onions, that’s for sure!   I went on a Trader Joe’s run with my mom…That is one of my all time favorite places!!
We ate at Atlanta Bread Co. afterward, and it just hit the spot. Seriously, it was so good. I just love their butternut squash soup!  I was sooooo happy when the doctor told me I could have deli meat!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!
After a couple days of not wanting breakfast food, homemade oatmeal started to sound good. Yum! We also made waffles for breakfast one morning, too. Haha! Celebrate every day, right!? This is so funny. Had to share it with you all! 
This was my 2 day countdown to Christmas break. It seriously could not come soon enough! I could not stop yawning in class!I did love receiving all the goodies from my students, though. I’m officially stocked when it comes to Starbucks gift cards!  I loved all of their homemade treats, too!

Holy mackeral. So we decided to celebrate the morning of the first day of break. BB’s for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite breakfast spot on the planet!! Their bacon egg and cheese bagel is the bomb!!  And that pretty much sums up week 6!! So far, nothing too epic has happened during my pregnancy. I’ve felt pretty great, knock on wood, and we got to see the heartbeat already! I’m one happy gal!

I’ll be back soon with more updates!




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