8 and 9 Weeks Pregnant!

8 weeks preggers! How am I feeling? HUNGRY. I am so so hungry all the time. It probably doesn’t help that it’s Christmas break so I’m just sitting at home chillin’ all day….dreaming of all the yummy things I could be eating….Haha. And to make things worse, fruit does NOT sound good. I literally have eaten an apple every day since I was in high school, and I haven’t had an apple since I found out I was pregnant! They don’t sound good!!! Ugh! I think it’s because I am SO bloated, and the thought of putting something with so much fiber in my body sounds terrible! Haha. Anyway….

I have had a couple random hours of nausea, and I’ve only had one day where it lingered for the entire day. I have been very lucky, though! I’ve been feeling so good that of course I worry that something is wrong with the baby. The enemy loves to attack during these moments, for sure! I try to remind myself that I am just lucky that I’m not feeling sick!! My boobs are still very sore, but the cramping has stopped, so that’s good! Still a couple food aversions….The main ones are coffee and chicken.

This week Christmas took place!! We had my family over for Christmas Eve, and I made this crescent pizza ring thing. They looked amazing, but they didn’t taste very good! Darn you, Pinterest!

My mom and dad spoiled me this year! Even though Jared hates them, I finally have some cozy Uggs! 🙂
 I seriously think my favorite part about Christmas is going through all the goodies in my stocking at my parent’s house. I cannot wait to fill our kiddo’s stockings full of fun little treats!
My mom got me this book! Totally appropriate! I have really enjoyed it so far! We went to my sister-in-law’s house on Christmas day, and we had a blast! It was so much fun watching Judah open all of his presents. Next Christmas there will be three grand kids, opposed to only one this year! Judah is in for a rude awakening! Haha!
I loved this gift!! My first baby outfits! Now if only we knew the gender….Ahhhh…It’s killing me! 
That week, we went to El Felix for the first time and we also shopping around Buy Buy Baby. I love that place!! We weren’t huge fans of El Felix, though! I don’t get why the hype’s all about!?  Maybe we just didn’t order the right things? It was a fun date night, nonetheless!   
 Oh boy! Jared and I have been loving some Cheerios for breakfast lately. I think this was the first time I’ve ever bought cereal during our entire marriage, and it was a great choice! I’ve been missing out!!These things were also a gift for Christmas, and I really like them! I’ve only had to suck on two of them since I really haven’t been nauseous, but I love the way they taste! And they really do help with the nausea!
Oh gosh, I am so bad. I really wanted Moose Tracks, so what did we do? We went and got Moose Tracks. Haha. Jared is just so nice to me. Lol!!  It’s a miracle I’ve only gained one pound so far….Sheesh! 

And that pretty much wraps up how I’m feeling at 8 weeks pregnant! The weeks are just flying by!! I am so looking forward to my next appointment! The anticipation is killing me!! I know that God is going to be teaching me patience during this pregnancy, as he always is! It’s my biggest struggle!!

I’m going to go ahead and add my feelings on week 9 too, because I am ready to get caught up!

9My first day back at work was January 4th, and boy was it tough! I have been so so sooo sleepy!! Seriously! I went to bed at 8:30 every night during the first week I went back to work! Poor Jared! I sure am glad he got some new video games for Christmas so he can keep himself busy!

I have been feeling great, though, so great that I really don’t feel pregnant! I feel so thankful because I just can’t imagine teaching while feeling sick. Boy that would be rough! My only symptom at this point is fatigue, mainly kicking in around 3:00 each day. Well, and of course sore boobs. I am having to wear seriously tight sports bras when I run. It’s pretty nuts!!! Anyway, I am considering myself lucky! But, some people say the sickness really only kicks in around 12 weeks, so who knows, it may still come!

 Anyway, I didn’t take many pictures this week…I guess we really didn’t do anything since I was sleeping so much. Haha. Everyone says you get your energy back during the 2nd trimester…If that’s true, I can’t wait!!!

We did manage to go out for a date night that week….I stayed up until about 8:30 that night! WILD!! Haha! We went to Cinco for dinner….My weakness! I love that place! I ordered the shrimp enchiladas and they were incredible.

  Jared ordered tacos!We had this mystery coupon, and we actually got one of our meals free! Sweet!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

 We helped my mother in law hang some pictures for her little gallery wall. That was fun!IMG_3906

One of the things I got at Trader Joe’s a while ago was their teriyaki chicken….Man, this stuff is GOOD!! And it’s pretty low calorie!! (We were in the process of putting way dishes when we decided it was time to eat….Haha)IMG_3909

That pretty much wraps up these past couple of weeks! I only have a couple more posts to share and then we will be up to date!!

Thanks for reading, guys! I’ll be back soon!





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