10 Weeks Preggers!

Today I am 10 weeks pregnant, and it still doesn’t feel real! I am feeling super awesome, and I’m not as hungry as I had been leading up to this point, which is great!! I think part of the reason I was so hungry before is because I was at home for Christmas break. When I’m home and bored, I tend to think about food more and get hungrier!

Luckily I have still been able to keep up with my regular exercise routine, and the doc said I should be able to jog throughout my entire pregnancy! That’s encouraging!! Jared and I had to take a “9 week” pic this past week before I was officially 10 weeks!

 This mama is feeling good!!! We were grocery shopping in Kroger when all of the sudden the candy isle began calling my name and I knew the Sour Patch Kids wanted me to take them home. I had to, I just felt so bad for them!!!! 🙂 These things tasted SOOOO yummy!!
 Totally stereotypical pregnant girl-eating a pickle….I have always loved pickles though!!! But I am definitely eating more of them now!!

I got to visit my new midwife for the first time this week, and she is amaazzzzziiingg!! I love her!! We had such a great appointment! She answered all of my questions, and assured me not to be too concerned about my 4 pound weight gain. Haha. I think I definitely went a little overboard on the desserts over Christmas break. I KNOW I ate way too much fudge…Shoooo weeeee. But hey, that’s part of what makes the holidays fun, right!?!

Anyway, she went ahead and scheduled my blood work appointment, and also my 12-week appointment. We will get to hear the heartbeat with the doppler at my 12-week appointment and I am soo eager!! I was hoping we would get to hear it at this appointment, but she said I was still too early. I’m going for a 10-week ultrasound at a place by my house this week because I just can’t wait 2 more weeks to check on the baby!!

After my appointment, we had a yummy dinner in Dahlonega. One of our favorite spots is Shennanigan’s; Everything on their menu is amazing! We tried the crack dip for the first time, and literally is like crack. It was SO good. I want to go back just for that!! I ordered a philly cheese steak and it was great!! (super healthy, I know!)

    I’ve also started using some of my Starbucks Christmas gift cards! Those things are so awesome! I am still not drinking coffee at home like I used to, but latte’s sound good. I hope my appetite for real coffee comes back soon, because I miss having something warm to sip on in the mornings!Sleepy lady!

Speaking of gaining 4 pounds….. We made homemade biscuits and gravy and they were life changing. I told Jared that I want him to make it again on my birthday! It was seriously so tasty! I can’t believe I’m such a Southerner!! We followed a recipe on one of those Facebook food videos, and it was unbelievably easy! I want to try more of those recipes!!

 I started a new book this week!! That’s always exciting! Our neighbors brought their second baby into the world this week and we got to visit him. He is just sooo precious! If I wasn’t pregnant, I would definitely have gotten baby fever after holding him!!    My friend Megan sent me this quote and I just love it. It’s such a great reminder. I’ve really been struggling with fear ever since finding out I was pregnant. I just don’t feel pregnant. I feel totally normal!! And I’m not sick….Everyone gets sick. It’s so rare to not get sick. All of these things make me fearful and make me doubt the health of our little baby. I know God is so much bigger than my fears, and I know he is control. BUT, it’s not always easy to cling to that truth every second of every day. I’m working on it, though!!

That wraps up how I’m feeling now that I am 10 weeks pregnant! I cannot wait to go have my blood work done next week and to have my ultrasound!!!! As this blood work appointment, they will be testing to see if there are any chromosome abnormalities or defects, and also to find out the GENDER!! I will be dying to get those results back! It will take a couple weeks though.

I will keep you all posted!

Thanks for reading!





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