11 Weeks Pregnant – We got to see our peanut!

Today I am 11 weeks pregnant!! Woot woot!!! This past week I went to the doctor to have bloodwork done. This same day, they did a blood test which determines if there are any genetic defects or chromosome abnormalities, along with the GENDER! It takes about two weeks for the results to come back, but it’s pretty nuts that we will know the gender of our little babe at 12 weeks!!

My blood work only took about 10 minutes, so I had time to spare afterward! What did I do??? Chick-fil-a!! Yum!! It was delish! I was so nervous eating it though, because I want anxiously awaiting an ultrasound 2 LONG hours later. I had to stall in-between bloodwork and the ultrasound, and it was so painful!

  After I went in for my blood work, I had an ultrasound done at First Impressions near my house. It wasn’t a scheduled ultrasound, but I thought it was worth $35 to have peace of mind!! It was literally one of the best days of my life! I had been really nervous about the baby up until this point, because I had been feeling so great, and so normal! I kept thinking, “How can I really be pregnant?!?!” But the ultrasound showed a strong heartbeat and a healthy baby, and my mind was put at ease. It was such a relief! I cried! Haha!! We got to see the arms and the legs wiggling around, and even got to see a little hand wave! It was just amazing. The baby had changed so much since our first 6 week ultrasound. It was amazing.

  The next day, I was on cloud 9! I woke up early, ran on the treadmill, and then went and treated myself to a latte!!   Happy lady!

  We took turns wearing this snuggie at small group…haha….Jared looked so funny in it!   That weekend, went to my in-laws house to help them clean out their garage. This was my “I’m soooo tired” face. Haha.   I had a yucky cold all week that totally made me feel like poop, and it made me feel even SLEEPIER than I had been! I didn’t know it was possible!!

   Oh man, Jared cooked the best dinner!! It was bacon wrapped filets with mashed potatoes and it was unreal. This was the first meal of my birthday week! Yep, birthday WEEK. I celebrate for an entire week! 😛

I did some birthday shopping at the mall, and I also treated myself to one of my all time favorite desserts: GREAT AMERICAN COOKIE CAKE! It was heavenly!! The best part? I had a free coupon! Sweet! 

Shopping selfie!

  Another birthday treat: PEDICURE! Boy did I need one!!!!!   That same week, Chickfila was giving away free biscuits. Jared and I woke up and the butt crack of dawn and went to get ours!! Haha! We are all about free stuff!! This was my birthday treat for that day!   It was still dark out. We are nut balls! That wraps up week 11. So now we are busy planning the gender reveal party! I told most of my co-workers the big news this week, and I also told my students! They were sooo excited! It was so cute!! They are dying to know the gender and also the baby’s name!

Like I previously mentioned, I am feeling super great! My only symptom is fatigue! I’m literally in bed by 8:00 every night, but I’m usually already asleep by 7:30. We had small group this week and we were out until 9:00 and it was SUCH a challenge! My eyes were watering! Haha!!

I am also craving everything. Like, everything. I want pizza, chinese, warm cookies, biscuits and gravy, pad thai….Everything!!!!!! I am trying to be disciplined, but boy is it hard!! I’ve gained 4 lbs, so atleast that’s not TOO bad! Haha! I’m telling myself that after my birthday week, I will start being disciplined again. You guys can hold me accountable! 😛

We have a strong feeling that this little booger is going to be a girl, but we don’t really have a preference. More than anything, we just want to KNOW! So soon. Patience, patience, patience. It’s so hard!

OHHH Big news this week! I finished all of Downtown Abby (all on the treadmill) and now I’m onto Hart of Dixie. It is so cute!!! I am really loving it!! Lemon’s voice though….WOW!!!!

That’s all I’ve got for week 10!! I’ll be back soon with an update on week 12!

Thanks for reading!





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