12 weeks pregnant – Birthday + GENDER REVEAL!

 Woo hoo! Birthday week!! I am 12 weeks pregnant today and this is an exciting week, for more reasons than one!

8 days after I took the harmony test, I got a phone call at work and they said the results were READY! WHAT!!!! I got the call on my birthday, and it was the best gift ever! She said the baby was healthy and it was a low risk pregnancy! She also asked if I wanted to know the gender! AHH! It was so hard to say no!! I asked her to put it in an envelope, and Jared went and picked it up that day. This was on a Thursday, and we had a gender reveal party scheduled for 9 days later! AH! There was no way I could wait that long! So we bumped the party up to that Saturday! We wanted to wait to find out with all of our friends and family so that it would be more of a surprise! The anticipation was killing me!!  One of my students brought me my favorite chocolates on my birthday. Yum! The white chocolate truffles are the best!!  That night we had small group, but we went out for some deep dish pizza before hand!! This is literally the best pizza ever. We ordered a large so that we would have lots of leftovers!! 😛    Happy birthday to me!!!  Another student brought this birthday present for me and for baby! I just love it! How thoughtful!

 The day after my birthday, school was CANCELLED because of the “snow”! Hallelujah! How awesome! I spent the whole day prepping for the gender reveal party! I made tons and tons of desserts! Way to many, actually. Haha. A lot of it got thrown away! 
 When I wasn’t baking, I was chillin’ on the couch! I love being home!!   Peanut butter blossoms!! These are the BEST!!!
  We actually did get some snow!! It was so pretty!!  Here is the gender reveal cake!! Inside was either pink or blue icing!! The ladies at the bakery were so honored that they got to open to envelope first! Haha
 Ahhh…Saturday draggggged. We were sooo ready to cut that stinkin’ cake!!

 And eventually it was time to party!!! We set up a photobooth and took some fun photos!! Reveal-1 Reveal-2 Reveal-5 Reveal-12 Reveal-13 Reveal-14 Reveal-25 Reveal-26 Reveal-27 Reveal-31 Reveal-33 Reveal-35 Reveal-36 Reveal-38 Reveal-42 Reveal-47 Reveal-48 Reveal-49 Reveal-58 Reveal-67 Reveal-68 Reveal-71 Reveal-72 Reveal-73

And eventually we cut the cake!! AHHHH!!!! It’s a boy!!!!!!! We were very surprised because we’ve thought the whole time it was a girl!!! But we are sooooooo soo excited!!! We cannot wait to meet him!!  The next day we went out to look at some baby goodies, and we also grabbed a yummy breakfast at one of my favorite spots: Another Broken Egg Cafe!

   We also did some Target strolling with Starbucks in hand. That’s the best!

  We got some super cute outfits for Beckham. BECKHAM! Ahh! Our son Beckham! Because we are going to have a SON! How is this real life!? I think this is prettttty awesome…. 😛

 Aw, and just like that the weekend was over!! Monday night, Jared cooked a scrumptious dinner from my SkinnyTaste cookbook. It was delish!! We’ve made it a couple times, and it’s always great!!  
 The sky on Tuesday morning was amazing!  We went on a little Starbucks/Barnes and Noble date. We each picked out a baby book to read! Can you tell we are excited? Haha. Such dorks!


And that wraps up everything that happened this past week!! It’s been such a fun week! I had the best birthday, and the gender reveal party was something we will never forget. Thanks to all of you who came!

Thank you guys for reading! I will be back verrrrrry soon! I’ve got some fun maternity products I will be writing about soon! Can’t wait!





2 thoughts on “12 weeks pregnant – Birthday + GENDER REVEAL!

  1. EMILY!!!!!!! I don’t have facebook anymore and 2016 has been a whirlwind of REALLY fast moments. BUT OMGoodness!! You’re a mom to be!! Congratulations to you and Jared on the most awesome experience you guys will ever endure!! Thank goodness for your blog! Can’t wait to keep up with the DuPlooy’s and baby BECKHAM!! Congratulations!

    1. Heather! It’s so great to hear from you! Thank you so much for your kind words! We are so so excited about our newest addition! I hope you are doing great!!! ❤

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