13 Weeks Pregnant! Bye bye first trimester!

I’m finally all caught up with these posts! As of today, I am 13 weeks pregnant! New weeks begin for me each Wednesday. In this post I will share all of the things that happened this past week. It was a really fun week, but I have been so tired, still. I am hoping my energy will start coming back soon. Work has been very demanding and stressful, and it takes so much out of me. I’m sure that is a huge contributing factor to my sleepiness. That’s okay though, because we only have 75 more days of school! WOO HOO! Then summer!!!!!! I just cannot wait! I am going to be huge by then, and I’m so glad I will get to be home relaxing!

So, one week ago today, we went for my 12 week appointment. We got to hear the heartbeat and have all of our questions answered. Beckham is doing great, and I think his heartbeat was 180, if I’m remembering correctly. It was so awesome getting to hear it!! Jared is just the biggest support, and I’m so glad he comes to these appointments with me! He is the best.

When I got home later than evening, I found that our sweet neighbor PJ had left chocolates on our doorstep. How sweet is that?? All of our neighbors are just amazing! We really lucked out!

We had a date night at Cinco with my in-laws and my amazing sister in law, Micaela! It was so much fun! I love going out to eat with friends and family!

I ordered salmon! It was deeeeelish! I love salmon!

My mother-in-law also picked up some protein powder for me from Costco. I have heard such great things about this!! There are 21 grams of protein per serving!! That’s pretty great!!!

We made some Trader Joe’s Chinese for dinner this past week. This stuff is the bomb. This is the orange chicken and fried rice. Yum yum yum. Tastes just like take-out, but it’s way healthier!

  Ahhhh….I FINALLY had my hair colored!! It had been almost 6 months since I last had it colored!! How crazy is that!!!!!!! I love having the natural look of roots, but eventually it just gets ridiculous! Haha! We had to take care of this!! I was wearing my hair in a bun one day when one of my students said, “Mrs. du Plooy, how come your bun is blonde, but the rest of your hair is brown?” Haha. Oh jeez.

Some serious roots!!

YAY!!! Finally!

Ah, my stylist used this stuff on my hair after she washed it, and it was like MAGIC! I couldn’t believe how easily she was able to brush out the knots! I immediately ordered it while she was drying my hair. Haha. It just arrived yesterday! I cannot wait to try it at home!!

Woo hoo! Blonde again!


Aw, my favorite person was waiting for me at home when I got home from my hair appointment. I had been missing him. I knew he was surprising me with dinner, but I had no clue what it was…..

I was soooooo excited to find that it was HOMEMADE PIZZA! This man KNOWS me! He is so amazing. This pizza was unreal, too! We ate it on the couch and watched about 5 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy that night.

I finally had the chance to make a yummy smoothie with my new protein powder and it was delish! I loved it!!!!! I have made it a couple more times since! Jared really likes it too!


I went out to dinner with my girlfriends, but arrived a bit early. I ran into Ross to try on some clothes, and took a selfie in the dressing room. 😛 I didn’t like ANY of the shirts. I hate when shirts are short in the front and long in the back. What the heck! I want it long all around!!!!

I sent Jared this picture of Beckham saying hi. Haha. I cannot wait to get a bump!!!

I’m obsessed with this watch I found at Charming Charlie the other day. They have the best (affordable) watches! Love that place!

Aw, and then it was time to meet up with my ladies!!! These girls are the best! We ate dinner at Crossroads in Flowery Branch, and it was amazing! I told Jared we need to go back together. All of us loved our meals!! We had the best time together. I love these ladies. After dinner, we went back to Janine’s house and baked cookies and just chatted away!


The waitress said to Janine, “Your name isn’t Jessica, is it??” Haha! She thought she was JESSICA DUGGER!! Haha!!! We didn’t even realize we were having dinner wtih a celebrity!

I ordered a philly cheese steak sandwich and it was soo good. It wasn’t on the  menu, but I saw someone else eating it, and then I was just set on it. I had to have it!! Luckily the waitress said the chef was willing to make it for me! Phew!! 😛

That next day we had an engagement session in a big field with the sweetest couple ever. It was perfect weather, and we had the best time!


After the shoot, we grabbed some Costo Vida. I had a chicken salad with mango salsa and I loved it!!!!!!! The salsa was amazing!

I finally opened this cute notepad I found at the dollar section at Target. I think this was totalllllly worth $1!! I love it!

We got to meet our friends Kelly and Ryan’s newest addition, Sydney. She is just three weeks old, and she was soooo tiny and precious!!! We loved getting to visit with them and meet Sydney!


We started off the week with a scrumptious breakfast: Sauteed onions, kale, and Trader Joe’s Chicken Sausage. This is one of my favorite breakfasts ever!

  That pretty much covers everything leading up to week 13. Tonight we are just hanging at home and doing nothing. I love nights like that!

I hope you all are having a great week!! It’s almost the weekend!!! Kind of….Haha!

Be back soon!





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