14 weeks – Our little rubber ducky!

Welp, I’m 14 weeks today! How crazy! In 6 short weeks I will be halfway through my pregnancy. That is so hard to believe!!

I am feeling super awesome lately! I literally have zero symptoms!! And the best news is that my energy is back!! Yippee! I’ve been staying up until 9:30 or 10 lately….How awesome!! I feel like Jared and I get so much more time together now. I am really enjoying pregnancy, minus the gaining weight part. I guess I need to just get over it, though. I need all you mama’s to tell me that the weight comes right off once the baby is here….Right??? Haha.

Anyway, supposedly Beckham was the size of a rubber ducky at 13 weeks. I don’t know what size rubber ducky they were referring to, but one of my students was carrying this ducky around at school so I had to take a picture in honor of Beckham.

My mom rocks. You know why? Because she is so thoughtful. For example: Every time she tries a new recipe and it’s a hit, she brings some over for me to try!! She made this creamy chicken wild rice soup this past week and it was unnnnnnnnnnnreal. Seriously!! Jared loved it too! Thanks mom!!

We went out for a Mexican date and had so much fun! We each ordered steak fajita quesadillas. I love going out with my guy!

I couldn’t finish my quesadilla so I packed it for lunch the next day. Ah, it was soo good even the next day!!! I felt so fancy eating this for lunch at work! 😛

Food food food!! We went on a triple date with some friends from our small group. We decided to go to Marlows because everything on the menu is delicious!! Jared and I both ordered burgers, of course, and they were deeeeeeeelish!!! My side salad was awesome, too!


I got to have a coffee date with my sweet co-workers/friends before work last Friday and it totally made my day! I love switching up my normal routine, and I especially love spending QT with good friends! We had a great time!


My students are the best, seriously. One of my kids is from South Africa, and his mom sent in this adorable South African outfit for Beckham. The elephant is holding a South African flag!! I just love it!!!!

Another reason my students rock is because they know I love minty gum and they always leave surprises on my desk like this! 🙂

My in-laws came by for a Friday night pizza party and they brought their puppy, Chelsey! She made herself right at home!

We all devoured this deep dish pizza!! We like to eat low calorie food!

This weekend, I got to go to my sister-in-law’s baby shower! Her 2nd baby boy, Colton, is arriving in about 6 weeks!!! I cannot wait!!!!

I stopped for some Starbucks on the way.

Is it bad that Starbucks makes me reallllllly happy??

The shower was so much fun, and it made me super excited about my future baby showers!


Here I am with both of my sister-in-laws…Lindsey is the pregnant one in the middle, and she looks so amazing! Can you believe she is about to pop!?

The party favor was this cute little bag with homemade sugar cookies inside! So thoughtful!

That same night, my friend Jessica and her hubby Adam came over for dinner. She is also preggers, and about 2 months ahead of me!! She brought fruit for dessert, because she is currently fruit obsessed. 😛 These strawberries were awesome!

Have you guys tried the white chocolate caramel clusters they have at Sprouts? Holy smokes. They are amazing!!!!! I told Jared we had to get some!!

We had some friends over for the super bowl and I made pigs in a blanket for the first time! I love these things, and they were super easy to make!

Jared got to watch the Superbowl and hold this precious baby at the same time!

This little guy came for the game too!! What a cutie!!!

Cutie #3. Boys boys boys!! I can’t wait to add our little boy to this fun clan! 

Oh boy, this was one of the prettiest skies I’ve seen in a while!!! Breathtaking!

We had tacos for dinner this week and I tried out these new soft taco boat looking shells….They were pretty yummy!! I’m not sure what the point is, but they taste good, and you can stuff them really full with lettuce, which I always do!

We did all of our meal preppin’ at the beginning of the week – This week it’s grilled chicken, green beans, and sweet potatoes for lunch! Yum!!

We also made a delicious frittata to eat for breakfast all week. I LOVE when food is already prepped and ready to go!!


I won some drawing at school this week, and my prize was this cute bracelet!! I was excited to win; I really never win anything!


Ahhhh, the snow this week was so pretty! My students LOVED it!!

Did you guys do the “raincheck” deal at Chipotle? We did!! Our dinner was 100% free!! We didn’t pay a cent! How awesome!


That pretty much sums up this past week! It was a lot of fun! We have a long weekend this weekend and I cannot wait!!!

I hope you guys are having a great week! I’ll be back soon!





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