15 Weeks Pregnant!

And just like that, another week has passed! This week was filled with work, birthdays, dessert, pizza, cold weather, Grey’s Anatomy, and lots and lots of snuggles. : ) Everyone keeps saying, “How are you feeling?!?!” And I don’t really know what to say besides, “Great!!” I feel completely normal these days, and sometimes even forget that I’m pregnant. I think once the bump has formed and especially once I start feeling him kick, then I will start to feel like I’m actually pregnant! I have an appointment next week and I just can’t wait!! I love hearing his heartbeat and knowing he’s doing okay!

I did drink an entire cup of black coffee this past Sunday! That was super exciting! I didn’t love it, but I did enjoy it, and I’m thinking I’ll be back to my regular cup a day in the near future!

I thought of my mother in law all day last Wednesday because I wore a shirt and pair of earrings that she gave me! I love them both! She is the best!

Oh, the Valentine’s Day struggle: Chocolate every where! 😛

Jared tried the limited edition Starbucks hot chocolate this past week and said it was really good! I stuck to my regular caramel macchiato!

I am still watching Hart of Dixie on the treadmill and loving it!! I haven’t been doing much jogging lately because I get tired so quickly, probably because I’ve gained TEN pounds. (YIKES…..) I’ve been doing lots of power walking with an incline though, and that’s always been my fav!

I went to the mall this past weekend to look around, and I couldn’t help but try on some maternity clothes! One store had a belly that you could try on with your clothes, so I gave it a shot! It was a bit lumpy…Haha

I did a little bit of thrift store shopping for little man. I fell in love with this shirt!


I went to Target by myself on Friday, and then went with Jared again that night! I just love Target.

 I bought the prettiest planner ever!!

Jared got some new bluetooth headphones which he is suppppper excited about! Haha! Such a nerd.. 😛

I found the most amazing smelling candle EVER. I had to get it. I still haven’t lit it at home because I’m afraid to use it!! I want it to last forever! Haha!

 We had some McDonald’s ice-cream for dessert after our Target run. Their sundaes are the best!!!!

It has been a longgggg time since we last made sweet potato hash, but we brought it back this weekend! It was just as good as ever! Bacon is just so darn good.

I snuck of picture of this guy after he finished his run. He run’s 5K’s like it’s no big deal. Hey, be right back, I’m just gonna go run 3 miles. Seriously! I’m jealous! One day I will be able to keep up with him!

 Our friend Luke turned 30, and his wife threw a surprise party for him!

 This homemade Mississippi mud cake was to die for.

As if I didn’t have enough sugar at the party, the next day was VALENTINE’S DAY! The church gave us some little debbies, and of course I ate mine during service. Haha! This brought back great memories of my childhood fav – Zebra Cakes!

 We also got some pretty pink popcorn!

All I wanted for Valentine’s Day was to be home, chillin’ with my man, eating pizza! So he made it happen!! 🙂 I’m pretty easy to please, I think!

I have been wanting a new yoga mat for ages, and I found this Carrie Underwood mat at Dick’s Sporting Goods the other day and fell in love! It is the best quality! It’s super thick and I feel like it will hold up for a long time! I’m excited about it!

  Here I am testing it out for the first time! I actually just used it to stretch once I got off the treadmill, haha.

Yum, this breakfast was so tasty! I love omelets!

 This was a great dinner, too. We had cheeseburgers and fries, and managed to keep it pretty low cal! The only way that was possible was by portioning out the fries and using extra lean ground beef. It was delish!

Remember when my mom made me that awesome soup last week? Well I decided to make it myself this week, and it has been the most satisfying lunch ever! You can find the recipe here. It’s to die for!!!!

 I picked up a new book at the library yesterday and I can’t wait to begin reading it! I’ve heard nothing but good things about it!

And that’s all folks! As of today, I am 15 weeks, and supposedly Beckham is the size of a toilet paper roll, with no toilet paper on it! He’s growing!!!

I will be back very very soon! I have a really exciting piece of decor for the nursery that I can’t wait to share with you all!





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