The Wee Art Nook – 20% off custom made growth charts!


I think one of the first things new moms think about once finding out they are pregnant must be the baby’s nursery! I have been so excited about decorating Beckham’s nursery, and I’ve been very eager to get started on the decorating! We haven’t done much in his room, but we did receive our first piece of decor for the nursery from the amazingly talented Erin Sewell at The Wee Art Nook. The Wee Art Nook is a company based out of Canada that specializes in custom made home decor, ranging from family signs, pillows, Christmas decor, and growth charts!

Growing up, I remember my Grandmom marking all of the grandkid’s height with a pencil on the wall in the bathroom. It was so neat to look over the years and see how we had all grown. I knew that I wanted to have a way to track Beckham’s growth, too. Then, I found The Wee Art Nook, and discovered their amazing growth charts! I chose a color scheme that was very neutral, because I want the nursery to consist of mainly white and cream colors, but Erin can make a custom growth chart with any color. She can also personalize it by adding a name! I love all of her products.

I wanted to go ahead and let you guys see how beautiful this growth chart is because I’m just so excited about it! Of course, once the nursery is decorated, I will share another post and let you see how I incorporated it into the nursery. In the meantime, The Wee Art Nook would like to offer all du Plooy duo readers a 20% discount on all growth charts!! All you have to do is visit the Etsy page found here and enter THANKYOUDUPLOOYDUO at checkout!!  I love mine, and I know it’s going to be a special piece that will stay in Beckham’s room for years and years to come!

I was very impressed with how the growth chart arrived in the mail; It was layered in bubble wrap so that no matter how rough the delivery man was, it wouldn’t get damaged!
Img-1 Img-2 Img-3

My favorite thing about my growth chart is the rustic touches that give it the farmhouse look. Erin has a variety of growth charts in her shop, such as natural/rustic, grey, pink, green, and white, but she LOVES custom orders and will do just about anything a customer requests to make it fit their style! Her customer service is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Img-4 I plan to hang it on the wall, but not until we have started to decorate the nursery and I know exactly where I want it! These growth charts begin at 1′ and are meant to hang 12” off the ground. Also, each chart comes with a saw-toothed hanger attached to the back so you can hang it right away!! I love that! Img-6 Another fun fact about these growth charts is that Erin, the owner of The Wee Art Nook, hand picks each piece of wood that she uses, and then sands it down so that it’s just the way she wants it! I think it’s amazing that she pays such close attention to every single detail.Img-7 Img-8 Img-9 Img-10

I love love love this new piece, and it makes me really excited to start decorating!! I’m not quite sure where to begin, but this growth chart certainly gives me some inspiration and a place to start!

Be sure to check out The Wee Art Nook on Facebook and also visit their Etsy page to see all of the beautiful products! And don’t forget that you can get 20% off a growth chart of your own by using the code THANKYOUDUPLOOYDUO.

Please let me know if you purchase a growth chart! I would love to hear what you think, and I would really love to see how you use it in your house!

Thanks for reading, guys! And a big thank you to Erin at The Wee Art Nook for your amazing customer service and for creating a piece of art that I will treasure for the rest of my life!





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