Rocks Box // Get your first month F R E E !


Have you guys heard of Rocks Box?? This company is brilliant! Here’s how it works: Once you become a Rocks Box subscription holder, you take a style survey. Based on your survey results, you are provided with hundreds of pieces of jewelry to select from for your personal wish list. Once you have completed your wish list, your very first Rocks Box is shipped to your door, containing 3 of the items from your wish list!

Once you receive these items, you can choose to purchase them, or to simply wear them for a week or even a month! You are given a $10 credit each month which goes toward purchasing any of the jewelry. You can decide to wear your pieces for two weeks, then ship the pieces back in the same box they arrived in, and they will send you 3 more pieces! There is no shipping fee, because Rocks Box provides you with a bag to ship the items in along with a shipping label!!

You pay $19.99 per month to be a member, and you can exchange your pieces of jewelry as many times as you would like each month. If you wanted to get a new box each week, you could! It would still be $19.99 for that month.

Here’s the best news: If you would simply like to try this program out without having to commit or spend money, you can!!!!!! Once you sign up, enter the promo code duplooyxoxo, and your fee will be waived!!!! You will get one entire month free, and then you can decide if you would like to continue being a member. I think you should give it a shot! You’ve got nothing to lose!! And you will get to wear some super cute jewelry all month long! You can join here!RocksBox-2

This is the adorable box that the jewelry comes in.RocksBox-3 RocksBox-4 I absolutely love receiving mail, so receiving this Rocks Box in the mail was one of the most exciting things ever!! I love that you don’t know the exact pieces that you will get, so it’s a surprise each month!! RocksBox-5 RocksBox-6 RocksBox-7 RocksBox-8In the box, there is a description of each piece of jewelry and the cost to purchase the item. Also, you get a $10 credit each month to put towards the jewelry!RocksBox-9 RocksBox-10 RocksBox-11 RocksBox-12 RocksBox-13 RocksBox-14 As I previously mentioned, you are provided with the shipping label so that you do not have to pay any fees when you ship your box back. This is good for people like me who want to get as many boxes each month as possible! I love the thrill!!! 🙂RocksBox-15 Each piece of jewelry comes in its own little bag.RocksBox-16love these Jenny Bird flagstaff earrings. There are so fancy, yet you could wear them with an everyday outfit!
RocksBox-17 RocksBox-18 This is my favorite piece from this month’s box: My Slate Spiked Out Necklace. I could see myself wearing this with a basic v-neck, or with a fancy blouse!! I am obsessed!! I may use this month’s $10 credit to help me purchase this necklace so that I can keep it forever!!RocksBox-19 RocksBox-20 RocksBox-21The third piece that came in my box this month is this Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace. The color of the stone could not be any more perfect. I cannot wait to wear this out this weekend!! I already have an outfit in mind that I will wear it with!!

The survey asked me if I wore mostly gold, silver, or a mixture of both. Can you tell that I put down GOLD GOLD GOLD?! I love gold jewelry!!!

I am super happy about my experience with Rocks Box thus far, and I cannot wait to see the other items that arrive later this month when I send back my original box. Don’t forget, if you want to try Rocks Box for a month without having to pay, you can get your first month F R E E by using the promo code duplooyxoxo. Tell your friends so that they don’t miss out!



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